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Magic is the primary source of power for Mages, and also their primary practice, there are three known schools which teach it that excel in the field, dubbed the Three Great Magical Academies.


Magic is the very power that people possess to stay in existence. Mages research and exercise this power that is deviated from the laws of the world. Which means, if one does not possess the power to stay in existence in that world or place, he or she may die, disappear, or lose control of themselves. Such mages become demons. It is not confined by logic or common sense and is thought to be generated by emotions and desires, therefore, it's noted that women are more commonly able to use it, though male examples do exist. It is worth mentioning that the male exceptions seen have been some of the most powerful mages that exist, including Arata Kasuga, Master Biblia, and Abyss Trinity. Body contact improves the sensitivity to magic.


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In the Trinity Seven universe, magic is both an energy and an art form that magicians utilize to achieve a desired effect. However, all mages appear limited to studying one of seven respective Archives. Within each archive are many Thema, which it appears mages can study more liberally. There appears to be a different amount of Thema per archive, additionally, a mage is not limited to studying just one of them, but usually picks one as his/her main. Each of these archives are centered around one of the Seven Deadly Sins, they are:

  • Luxuria (Lust)
  • Superbia (Pride)
  • Acedia (Sloth)
  • Ira (Wrath)
  • Avaritia (Greed)
  • Gula (Gluttony)
  • Invidia (Envy)


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Thema or Themes are the research theme by which a magician/Magus focuses their study of magic. Thema or themes are specific to each Archive. Magic from similar Archives, especially similar Themes benefit from seeing the progress of other magicians. Magic from an entirely different Theme, especially a different Archive cannot copy magic.

Luxuria, "Lust"[]

  • Vanitas, "Nothingness": A Thema which symbolises darkness and nothingness, able to consume and return all of creation to nothing. The essence of Magic, as well as all seven archives, can be utterly erased by this power. Users:
  • Abies, "Creation": This Thema allows the use of a Magic known as Outer Alchemic, which allows the user, via rules of material exchange, to create weapons for his/her own use. Users:
  • Everlasting: Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Luxuria Archive.
  • Terminus, "Terminal": Noted by Hijiri to be a very dangerous and ancient "Lost Thema", capable of even devouring Arata and his allies.

Superbia, "Pride"[]

  • Imperium, "Rule/Control": Arata's main Thema, this thema gives Arata the ability to copy and erase other magics. Users:
  • Iustitia, "Justice": This Thema allows access to the magic called Gehenna Scope, which primarily focuses upon reflecting other magics, as well as scanning them to counter them. Users:
  • Verum, "Truth": The details of this Thema and the magic it can produce are unknown. It was used by a mage defeated by Mira Yamana, who lost control and caused a Breakdown Phenomenon, summoning spectres in her wake.

Acedia, "Sloth"[]

  • Stagna, "Stagnation": This Thema allows the use of the Magic "Chrono Calculation" of the "Logos Arts" which primarily seems to allow the user to teleport themselves, in other words calculating positions in space-time. It also appears it can be used to absorb other people's magic and research, thus taking a "shortcut" towards improving their own. Users:
  • Ligare: This Thema allows the use of "Secret Numbers Art" of the "Logos Arts" which primarily allows its user to bind other targets.
  • '*Sanctus*: Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Acedia Archive.
  • '*Infrequentia*: Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Acedia Archive.

Ira, "Wrath"[]

  • Ruina, "Ruin": This Thema centers around the use of Chaotic Runes spellcraft, which is a spellcraft allowing the user to conjure the powers of the gods, specifically Norse ones, through use of runes. The user can use this power both offensively and defensively. Users:
  • Partum: Is one of Hijiri's additional Thema.
    • Hijiri Kasuga
  • Analysis: Is one of Hijiri's additional Thema.
    • Hijiri Kasuga
  • Cultura: Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Ira Archive.

Avaritia, "Greed"[]

  • Amicitia, "Friendship": This Thema allows the use of Yui's Archsymphony. This brand of magic specifically allows Yui to manipulate others through song, casting illusions or putting others to sleep, thus taking them into her dream world. She is capable of bringing people's physical bodies into the dream world, thus saving them from threats in the physical world. Users:
  • Sapientia, "Wisdom": Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Avaritia Archive.
  • Frux: Is a Thema stated by Yui to be in the Avaritia Archive.

Magus Characteristics[]

  • Magus who choose this Archive don't want much of anything. Yui stated before that all she needs is sleep thus there was nothing much that she really wanted. However, she now desires to live with Arata and her friends forever.

Gula, "Gluttony"[]

  • Fides, "Faith": This Thema allows the use of Mantra Enchantment, a spellcraft involving the use of runes over the user's body, strengthening them and/or manifesting their power into external forms, such as Arata's dragon. Its power is directly tied in with the user's emotions, the stronger they are, the more powerful the user. Users:

Invidia, "Envy"[]

  • Expectation: This Thema allows the use of Shamanic Spell magic. This magic allows its user to cast illusions and/or manipulate the wind, which compliments Levi's ninjutsu very practically, to such a point where it can become unclear whether she's using her magic or natural skills as a Ninja. Users:
  • '*faith*: Rogue's/Lugh's Thema allows her to move at light speed, called High Speed Luminescence Magic. Users:



Upon mastering 3 different Thema a magus earns the title of a "Trinity". It is also known that Rogue achieved the rank of Trinity by owning three magical armaments which are available only to those who've mastered a Thema. There is some suggestion that learning the Last Crest of an Archive, also conveys the title of Trinity.

In the case of Magic King Candidates, this is a very significant thing, as it allows them to manifest their Archive's true form, which resembles the "true" Magic Kings, such as Abyss Trinity and Astral Trinity, though only those who ascended by use of an "Element" have been observed doing this.

In the case of "Genuine" Magic Kings this is also the level wherein they can gain access to Magic King weapons, although it seems this doesn't apply to "Candidates" who ascended by use of an "Element" such as Rogue.

After mastering a fourth Thema and surpassing this level a "Genuine" Magic King can gain access to the "Trinity Form", essentially meaning that to a Magic King this stage is the milestone of their development where "Candidates" become true Magic Kings, without submitting to the "True" magic King within them; in Arata's case, Astral Trinity.

For normal mages, this title appears to come with some form of power up as well, for example, when she becomes a trinity Arin's Gae Bolg becomes Gungnir, essentially turning from a spear wielded by a legendary hero to a lance wielded by the king of an entire pantheon of gods.

It should be noted that while a mage can have multiple Thema, rarely do they change the magic they use, implying that they simply broaden the capabilities of their magic, or use the additional Thema to strengthen their main one.

3 Mastered Themas = Trinity

1 Mastered Thema but 3 Mythical Armaments/Weapons = Trinity

4 Mastered Themas = Trinity Form/Magic King


Very powerful mages are deemed Paladins, it is unknown what requirements are needed to reach this level however it is known that a fight between two mages of this class might endanger the world itself.


Cardinal is the second highest rank of mage.

Magus Mode[]

Magus Mode refers to the form a Mage assumes upon activating his/her Thema and powers, in this form, they are equipped with a type of magical uniform, which acts as a manifestation of their powers. Unfortunately, since Magus Mode is essentially a change of clothes into a magical uniform, dispelling the user's magic renders them utterly naked, this has earned Arata's Anti-Magic the nickname of "Stripping Magic".

Archive Manifestation[]

By combining the Trinity with one's Magic King Element it is possible to manifest the true form of their Archive and transform into a stage beyond "Magus Mode". Assuming this form makes the user very powerful, and gives them a likeness to the forms of the genuine Magic Kings.

  • Ira Manifestation - "Satan": this is the manifested form of the Ira Archieve, which gives Hijiri a very demonic appearance. The transformation into this form appears to cause her great pain however it also grants her great power, power enough in fact to fight the entire Trinity Seven at once. Satan is referred as the demon of Ira/Wrath. Users:
    • Hijiri Kasuga
  • Luxuria Manifestation - "Aeshma": The manifested form of the Luxuria Archive, assuming this form gives Lilith a rather immodest appearance. In this form, Abyss Trinity managed to use her power to rip open a gate to his world and regain his true power. It's not known whether Lilith can eventually learn to access this form on her own. Aeshma probably came from the name Asmodeus, the demon of Luxuria/Lust.
    • Lilith Asami(Forced)

This is also called Last Crest, the ultimate magic of each Archives, crowned with name of the demons of the seven deadly sins. In the ancient time, the magic kings defeated the True Demon King using these ultimate magic. But the magic is too dangerous for the world and the caster, so the use became restricted only to those who has attained the title of Trinity.

Trinity Form[]

Upon mastering four Thema and surpassing the "Trinity" Arata's Magus mode entered a state called the "Trinity Form", which is referred to by others as being a true magic king's appearance. Arata has not yet truly "mastered" all four of the corresponding Thema himself however, meaning this form can only be used when aided by the Trinity Seven's members and his two Grimoire, however, its power has shown to be on a level superior to even a Magic King wielding a Trinity of Thema.

After assuming this form, Master Biblia and Liber both seem to acknowledge Arata as a full fledged Magic King, and evidently, a marking has appeared on Arata's right arm. Due to the fact that he has not fully mastered the Logos Arts, formed by the fourth Thema in the set, this form is unstable and the mark on his arm seems to cause Arata significant burden.

The name implies that this is Arata's Magic King Form, but it is clearly separate from Astral Trinity.


As a Magician's Research of their "Thema" progresses they tend to lose control of their own magic and in turn lose control of themselves. When this happens they turn into Spectres, as such these are beings that were once magicians and were devoured by their own magic. Spectres come in literally all shapes and sizes, but always appear as a pitch black body, the weaker ones seem to be easily killed and vaguely humanoid. They can often appear as a result of Breakdown Phenomenon, specifically Yui's caused quite a few to appear.


Noted to be an illusion that's materialized, a very powerful Spectre in the form of a dragon. It's power is capable of resonating with that of Magic King Candidates. One such monster was summoned by Yui's Breakdown Phenomenon and was in fact so powerful that it took as many as five members of the Trinity Seven to bring it down. As powerful as this monster is however, it's noted that if a Magic King Candidate class mage became a Spectre, they'd be even worse than this. However, Lugh, Levi and Ryuhime themselves are strong enough to take one down each.

Breakdown Phenomenon[]

Breakdown Phenomenon are what occur when a particularly powerful mage, I.e. a Magic King Candidate or Paladin-class magic bearer, loses control over his/her magic, the results are devastating to say the least.

Breakdown phenomenon strike in various forms:

Arata's Superbia Breakdown Phenomenon forms an all consuming black sun, which erases everything in its range, destroying buildings and disintegrating entire human bodies, the only one known to suffer this fate and survive was Hijiri, who was in turn thrown outside of the world itself in the process. Astral Trinity can actually control this power, manifesting the "Black Sun" and subjugating it to his will. It is not known what normally happens to those killed by this power, which consumed Arata's entire home town and several weaker mages in Biblia Academy in the three times it has occurred.

Yui's Avaritia type breakdown phenomenon is much less openly destructive, instead placing everyone in its reach under its spell and forcing them into slumber. This phenomenon transforms her surroundings into a dungeon and summons Spectres to her location. This whole thing was ironically caused by Arata's phenomenon waking her up in the first place, meaning it happened like a domino effect.

Liese's Acedia type phenomenon was also fairly different from the above two cases, while she did summon Spectres, she also caused windows to shatter and could drain other people's magic power, the last part later became more dangerous due to Arata's Anti-Magic being absorbed by her. Liese, unlike the last two cases, seems to be able to control her phenomenon fairly well.

It can be assumed that the type of magic, as well as the mage's Thema, has influence over how the phenomenon effects its surroundings, but regardless, the phenomenon caused by their loss of control are always volatile and extremely dangerous. Arata's Anti-Magic can banish these phenomenon, however, other than killing the offending mage outright, no other methods are known to stopping it.