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Macro Spell & Exciting
Chapter 8 insert.png
Volume 02
Chapter 08
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age September 2011
Release Date August 9, 2011

Chapter 7


Chapter 9

Macro Spell & Exciting is the ninth chapter of the Trinity Seven series, released on August 9, 2011 in Monthly Dragon Age September 2011 issue and later compiled in the second volume on November 5, 2011.


Lilith and Arata stare at Levi in awe after she easily disposed of the demons, who tells them they should pick up the pace. 

Standard dungeon trap

Afterwards, as the group continues further in the dungeon, Arata comments that ninjas are amazing. Lilith agrees, stating that Levi's combat skills and abilities has made her within the top five strongest of the world. However, both Arin and Lilith notes that Levi is acting different than usual, most likely because of Yui. Suddenly, Levi warns them that they should proceed with more caution due to the traps set around their current location. Unfortunately, Arata had already triggered one, causing a boulder to start chasing them, much to his disbelief. Eventually, they run into a dead end, but Arin easily destroys the boulder with her Chatic Rune magic. An impressed Arata attempts to ask the Astil Manuscript to copy her spell. However, the Astil Manuscript is unable to due to process one being uncompleted. Lilith explains that his copying ability probably has some requirements to fulfill, although Arata is unaware of them.

As the party continues, they find themselves in a dark area where Liltih and Arata suddenly begin to feel something start pulling their clothes. After Arin casts a light spell, the culprits are revealed to be small shadow demons. The demons disintegrate after being touched by Arin's light, although Lilith is distraught by recurring experience. Arata comments that her magic is quite useful; Arin explains that her spells are recorded in her grimoire as macros. Arin then places a protective spell on Arata to guard him against the shadow demons. A grateful Arata thanks Arin, causing her to become happy. 

Later, the girls are fighting against more demons as they explain the process to using spells through grimoires. Arata then understands the reason he is unable to summon the gun from before, but Levi hopes that he can master the skill in order to save Yui, having high expectations for him due to her Thema, Exspecto.

Yui and dragon

The group eventually reach the lowest level, however Akio and Mira suddenly appear, having destroyed their way to create a direct path. As Mira and Akio leaves to eliminate Yui, Arata confronts them but Mira has no issues terminating him as well. Nontheless, Levi decides to fight them in order to buy time for the others to save Yui, to which Akio happily oblige. Although, their fight accidentally exposes Mira's panties to Arata before the group leaves. 

Arriving in front of Yui's room, they discover a large dragon creature encircling a sleeping unknown girl, who is revealed to be Yui[1].




  • Yui first appears in her true form.


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