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Luxuria Magus & Heaven's Gift
Anastasia cover ch45 MA.png
Volume 11
Chapter 45
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age October 2014
Release Date September 9, 2014

Offense Type & Pure Breed


Backstage & Chrono Gemini

Luxuria Magus & Heaven's Gift is the forty-sixth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on September 9, 2014 in Monthly Dargon Age October 2014 issue and later compiled in the eleventh volume on March 25, 2015.


In the middle of the night at the Headmaster's office, Master Biblia praises Selina for doing a good job as she returns the compliment as well. The two also discuss the matches between the Trinity Seven, although Selina is still surprised that Arata and her sister lost. The Headmaster notes that Arata was simply not in his best condition before recommending that they get some rest before tomorrow. However, the room abruptly trembles much to Selina's shock, but the Headmaster immediately understands the situation, realizing that the Royal Akarsha's Academy's Magic Research Tournament has begun. 

True Self

In the empty festival, Arata reunites with Anastasia-L again which Anna comments that their meeting resembles a date, which he agrees. Anna then explains that she wished for them to discuss in private since she will not be able to remain at the Academy for long. After the two settle down, a nervous Arata attempts to converse with Anna about her spirits. Anna reveals that the spirits are the root forces that build the world, similar to him, a Demon Lord who will destroy the world despite cherishing Hijiri and the Trinity Seven. She then questions Arata if he were to become the Demon Lord that will eliminate the world, what would he do? While he is confused, Anna next divulges that seventeen years ago, she also mastered Luxuria's Final Crest, much to his surprise before his Demon Seal activates.

As snow begins to fall, Arin and Yui are surprised by the sight from their dorm since they are seeing snow for the first time. However, Arin feels that something dangerous will happen soon.

Also observing the snow from inside, Lieselotte notes that she cannot sense Arata's magic anymore. Along with the snow's presense, she can assume that an unforutnate event has occurred, which is confirmed when she hears a noise outside. Nevertheless, despite not being at full strength, the Trinity Seven resolves herself to counter the ambushers.

Paladin vs. Trinity Seven

In a different location within the Biblia Academy, Akio and Levi confront Master Akarsha surrounded by several beasts. The former Spriggan had earlier sensed the Paladin's presense, although Akarsha's already predicted this. Furthermore, she also reveals the beasts accompanying her as Garms, immortal magical beasts that acts as pets to both her and her partner. Akarsha then confirms with Akio that during their battle, after realizing that the moment she began watching, the former Spriggan ordered the ninja to surrender the match. Likewise, Akio also assumes that Akarsha's organization is planning a scheme involving Arata which the Paladin verifies, stating that they will capture the Demon Lord Candidate. In response, Akio begins the fight, attempting to strike Akarsha, but the Paladin easily counters by summoning a sword at the Trinity Seven. Akio manages to deflect the sword, but is shocked when she witnesses Akarsha's grimoire, Ein Sor Aur. Subsequently, Levi also tries to join the skirmish, but the Garm beasts intervene, forcing the ninja back. After stating that Garms are stronger than Code D monsters, Akarsha continues her assault on the two Trinity Seven.

Monitoring the battle from afar, Hijiri and Master Liber discuss the strength of Akarsha, also known as Heaven's Gift, despite her youth.

After seemingly defeated by Akarsha's last attack, Akio and Levi suddenly appear to ambush their opponents, with the lformer defeating the Garms. Nevertheless, the Paladin remains confident, summoning eleven more magical swords, much to the shock of the two.




  • Master Biblia and Selina discuss the previous matches between the Trinity Seven, particulary the defeat of Arata and Lieselotte which occurred in Limit Release and Abyss Returns
  • Arata and Anastasia-L meet in the empty festival at night which they promised in Chapter 43.
  • When Akio and Levi confront Arsha, the Headmaster of Akarsha confirms with the former Spriggan that the two intentionally lost their match when she started watching which occurred in the previous chapter.