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Luminas & Satan's Rage
Arata Hijiri cover ch24 MA.png
Volume 06
Chapter 24
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Pages 28
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age January 2013
Release Date December 8, 2012

Game Master & Exodus


Fianna Knights & Invidia Magus

Luminas & Satan's Rage[1] is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on December 8, 2012 in the Monthly Dragon Age January 2013 issue and later compiled in the sixth volume on May 9, 2013.


Lilith scouts the lifeless town from an empty building before deciding that the group should rest in an empty room for tonight, to which Mira also concurs. While Arata is asleep, Akio notes that his magic is currently empty and she is unable to sense any activity from his grimoires as well. Mira responds that his current condition is proof of how dangerous his tranformation into the Demon Lord was, much to Lilith's surprise. Mira further state that the Demon Lord, Astral Trinity, was truly dangerous, frightened at the recollection of her recent encounter. Akio then suggests that perhaps the best course of action would be to eliminate him at the moment, although Mira is hesitant with her suggestion. Regardless, Akio states that she will not kill him since she likes him as well. Additionally, the girls at the Academy would chatise her for his demise. They nevertheless conclude that the Headmaster must be informed and create a plan to ensure such an event never happens again. Afterwards, Akio questions if the new grimoire was responsible for destroying the Royal Libel Academy. However, Mira reveals that  the Ilias Fragment was under orders from her master to bound the Academy in a different dimension and entrap Arata within the barrier, with the master in question being Arata's missing cousin, Hijiri . The three surmise that the cousin is a powerful Magus capable of forming pacts with multiple legendary grimoires at the same time. Futhermore, the fact that she was close to Arata, a Demon Lord Candidate, can not be a coincidence. 

Cousin's Reunion

Later during the night, while the girls are napping, a sleeping Arata begins to feel discomfort, calling out for Hijiri until someone unexpectedly holds his hand. Awakening as a result, to his surprise, he finds the real Hijiri standing before him. As the two happily reunite, Arata apologizes for being unable to prevent her from disappearing, although she insists that him becoming a Magus in order to save her is enough to make her happy. Nevertheless, Arata declares that he will save her at all cost by becoming stronger so that she will return to his side. Hijiri notes that he has realized they are enemies and that she also more powerful than him. Although Arata confirms her assumption, he also states that he also a strong Demon Lord Candidate. Regardless, he promises that he will reach her some day, to which Hijiri responds that she already knows and will wait until then. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Lilith who attacks Hijiri, much to Arata's disappointment. After verifying Arata's condition and her underwear being accidentally exposed, she refocuses her attention to Hijiri who remains unharmed much to her chagrin. As Hijiri greets Lilith as the youngest person to join Trinity Seven, Lilith senses that she too possesses a Demon Lord element. Hijiri confirms her statement, explaining that she recieved the element upon entering the Ruined World after being disintegrated by Arata's Breakdown Phenomenon. Using the Demon Lord Element, she gained the ability to transform a more powerful version of Magus Mode, Satan, the manisfested form of the Ira Archive. Lilith is shocked as manisfesting into a form of an Archive means that Hijiri has mastered three Themas:

  • Ruina
  • Baltan
  • Analysis

Arrival of the Wife

allowing her to become a Trinity. Horrified upon learning of her strength, Lilith decides to forego fighting her and instead chooses to shield Arata since his magic is completely gone for the moment. Before performing her final strike, Hijiri explains to her cousin that she will recover his magic and grimoires so that she can bring him back to life later, although Arata perfers that she not kill him regardless. However, after Hijiri attempts to eliminate them, they are instead stunned to find themselves unharmed and Arin standing before them with a spear. Arin comments that after hearing her husband's voice, she broke down time and space to protect him.



  • In the beginning, Arata is unconscious due to his magic being drained, with his grimoires in the same state as well. He had originally fallen under this condition in the previous chapter after escaping from Ilia's barrier.
    • Mira recounts Arata's state as a result of his dangerous transformation into the Demon Lord Astral Trinity. This is a reference to the events in Critical & Demon Lord where he had unexpectedly turned in Astral as a result of Mira and Sora's impending demises by Ilia.
  • Mira recalls that Ilia was under orders by her master Hijiri to entrap Arata within her barrier which occurred in Chapter 22.
  • During their short reunion, Arata apologizes to Hijiri for being unable to save her. He is referring to the incident before Administer & A Ring where Hijiri disappeared before him due to a Breakdown Phenomenon that was destroying their hometown.
    • Hijiri also mentions the incident during her transformation into Satan where she gained a Demon  Lord Element upon entering the Ruined World after being disintegrated.


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