Lost Technica and Problem Solving
ロストテクニカ プロブレム・ソルヴィング (Hiōgi to Ihen Kaiketsu)
Lieselotte Arata kiss ep7 AN
Episode 07
Studio Seven Arcs Pictures Japan flag icon
Premiere November 18, 2014
Opening Theme Seven Doors
Ending Theme ReSTART "THE WORLD"

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Lost Technica and Problem Solving is the seventh episode of the Trinity Seven series, broadcasted on November 18, 2014 on TV Tokyo.



The headmaster's grimoire, Solomon's Gate, has activated. Even high level mages go crazy if they stare at it too long. Liese escapes battle with the headmaster, and attacks Arata and the others, where she uses her ultimate secret technique, Final Crest. And then, the school in the West falls when Liese freezes time...[1]


Master Biblia solomons gate ep7 AN

Solomon's Gate

As Lieselotte stares in shock, Master Biblia reveals the spectacle she is witnessing is his grimoire, Solomon's Gate which only those with a certain amount of magic can see. Furthermore, even simply gazing at the grimoire for extended periods of time can cause those to lose their minds. As such, the Trinity Seven is forced to reduce her magic but nevertheless manages to defeat the Headmaster by enticing him with her breasts before begrudgingly continuing on.

Outside, the Headmaster comments on Lieselotte's growth, however he hopes that the others will also follow suit as well. Nontheless, he warns the Demon Lord Candidate that according to history, wicked mages have always been defeated upon receiving great power.

Elsewhere, Arata and Grimoire Security notice Lieselotte's presence but nevertheless continues his training to learn Akio's magic. However, the Astil Manuscript reveals that she has already completed the process to copy Mantra Enchant, much to their surprise. Due to the nature of the magic, the grimoire then transforms into her human form in order to teach Arata.

Arata mantra enchant ep7 AN

Mantra Enchant

In the infirmary, the remaining members of Trinity Seven sense the Headmaster's deliberate defeat unil Lieselotte suddenly arrives only to be ensnared by Levi's trap. Regardless, Lieselotte easily escapes before approaching her incapicated sibling Selina. After greeting one another, Selina proposes a wager against her sister that she will return to them if Arata defeats her, although Lieselotte sadly laments that she is unable to uphold that promise. Subsequently, the Demon Lord Candidate then prepares to steal the girls' magic when a dragon abruptly appears to bite her. The dragon is revealed to be controlled by recovered Arata with an updated Magus Mode, and Sora, the name Astil was addressed by Hijiri
Akio vision ep7 AN


Demonstrating Mantra Enchant to Arata, Sora successfully performs the magic while explaining the process to her master which requires willpower. Akio then reveals the spell to invoke her magic which causes Arata to witness a vision of a desolate area while a young Akio in a nun outfit prays with a smile. Afterwards, as Arata is confused by the experience, the Trinity Seven suddenly collapses.
Lieselotte Arata kiss1 ep7 AN

Seal of Victory

Upon completing his recollection, Arata states that he is able to perform Akio's magic before attempting to use the magic on Lieselotte. Although, this causes Lieselotte's blouse fall instead while revealing her breasts, much to her and Lilith's chagrin. As the two chatise Arata, the group notes that Levi is the only member of the Trinity Seven that Arata has been unable to render nude. Nevertheless, Lieselotte quickly recovers her magic and easily avoids Arata's attempts to claim her Demon Lord Element in spite of Sora's ability to foresee her moves. Fortunately, Arata is also able to protect himself from her attacks using Mantra Enchant as well. As such, Lieselotte then decides to cast the Final Crest of the Acedia Archive, Baal Peor, to seemingly stop time excluding herself, Arata and Sora. While she is unable to interact with those frozen, the Trinity Seven can easily use the spell on Arata to steal his magic again. Nevertheless, he remains resolute in order to rescue Hijiri while signaling to Sora his plan before attempting to reach Lieselotte. Halting time once more, Lieselotte believes that she has emerged victorious after kissing him, but instead she loses control of her magic upon discovering that a Mantra Enchant seal was placed on his tongue. Sora congratulates Arata of his idea to hide the seal in his mouth, although she is curious of the reason for his strong willpower which he reveals as his vision of the young Akio continuously praying.
Lieselotte farewell ep7 AN

Temporary Farewell

Afterwards, Arata comforts Lieselotte, stating that both he and the rest of the group desires that she return with them. Unfortunately, due to invoking her Last Crest, Lieselotte is unable to leave the stagnant world, yet she does not regret her decision for the sake of research, similar to Hijiri. Nevertheless, the Trinity Seven is grateful for their feelings before beginning the process to Arata, but Arata refuses to accept her decision, promising to liberate her.

As Arata declares once more that he will rescue Lieselotte, he suddenly finds himself in the normal world groping an embarrassed Lilith who punishes him.

Mira order ep7 AN

An Order

Learning of Lieselotte's fate, Selina and the group are disappointed by the event, but Mira questions Sora her master's progress on learning the incapacitated's Logos Art which the grimoire states as close. As such, Mira orders Selina to support Arata in mastering the magic in order to liberate Lieselotte from captivity. As the girls' praise Mira's decision, Selina and Arata resolve to work together to rectify her sister's situation.

Observing the scene, Master Biblia comments on Arata and the Trinity Seven's progress. However, his assistant arrives to confirm the revelation that another school had been destroyed by a group of evil mages called Iscariot.

Hijiri iscariot liber ep7 AN


Meanwhile, a lone figure resembling Hijiri walks through the ruins of a town.





  • Upon defeating the Headmaster, an annoyed Lieselotte states that she will defeat the remaining Trinity Seven to cleanse the feeling.
  • Prior to Lieselotte's arrival, Levi had suggested that they set several traps.
  • After witnessing Sora successfully perform Mantra Enchant, Akio comments that she feels discontent that her magic was easily implemented.
  • Following Akio fainting after passing her spell to Arata, Sora explains that the Trinity Seven was simply exhausted and would later recover with rest.
  • The dragon manisfestation of Arata's Mantra Enchant was explained to be influenced by the Code D Phantom from Yui's dungeon.


Akio Nao Akinari illustration

Nao Akinari Illustration of Akio

  • Continuing from the previous episode:
    • Lieselotte assaulted Biblia Academy before confronting Master Biblia until she was suddenly able to see the form of his grimoire.
    • Grimoire Security began training Arata to learn Akio's Mantra Enchant in order to defeat Lieselotte.
  • After being awakened by Lieselotte, Selina reminds her sister that she was responsible for her current state, referring to when Lieselotte stole her magic in Dream World and Sub-Administer.
  • Arata is able to retrieve his magic from Lieselotte which she originally stole in Dark Mage and Big Event.
  • Upon being confronted by Lieselotte's Baal Peor spell, Arata recalls his cousin Hijiri's disappearance from Administer and Third Selection.
  • On November 18, 2014, Nao Akinari released an illustration of Akio in celebration of the episode broadcast.


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