Limit Release & Abyss Returner
Lieselotte cover ch42 MA
Volume 10
Chapter 42
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age July 2014
Release Date June 9, 2014

Fervent Girls & Somata Distortion


Forbidden Fruit & Top Quartet

Limit Release & Abyss Returner[1] is the forty-third chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on June 9, 2014 in the Monthly Dragon Age July 2014 issue, and later compiled in the tenth volume on November 8, 2014. 


While Arin and Yui are shocked that Arata and Lieselotte rewinded time, the rest of the stadium are also just as surprised by the turn of events. 

Selina and Master Biblia discuss Arata and Lieselotte's spell, using magic on a similar level to a Last Crest to time leap Arin and Yui to the beginning of the battle. 

Arin trinity ch42 MA

The Trinity

Yui is frustrated that she only transformed into her Dream Form for a moment, although Arata compliments her normal appearance regardless. Afterwards, Arin declares that she will use her trump card, releasing the limit on Gae Bolg and causing the spear to transform into God King's Spear Gungir. Lieselotte notes that the spear now has the same presense as Hijiri, while Judecca informs Arata that an Anti-Demon Lord Weapon appeared, as well as a large increase in Arin's magic. Additionally, Yui casts a spell on Arin, further bolstering her magic level and satsifying the conditions to achieve the Trinity. 

Continuing to commentate, the Headmaster expains that in order to achive the Trinity, the goal of all mages, three Themas must be mastered. By upgrading her weapon along with Yui's support, Arin was capable of achieving the Trinity. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the Trinity Seven are surprised of Arin's achievement, while also remarking that the role of Ira fits her perfectly. 

Lieselotte and Arata discuss their next move in response to Arin's magic, although Yui and Arin become jealous of their closeness. However, since Arin cannot fully remain in her state for long, the two declare their upcoming assault. Realizing they cannot block Arin's attack, they decide to teleport away, but suddenly Arata's Demon Lord Seal activates, causing him pain in the process. As such, Lieselotte holds onto his hand, although she refuses to move. With no other choise, the two remain together while Arin's magic approaches them, however Arin reduces the strength at the last moment, resulting in a small explosion. While a stunned Arata gropes an unconscious Lieselotte, Yui and Arin are announced as the winners, much to the surprise of the Trinity Seven.

Anastasia-L dark side ch42 MN


Also observing the match, Hijiri and Lugh are astonished by Arata's defeat since they did not consider the possibility. In contrast, Anastasia-L is greatly amused by the situation despite her companion's protest his loss also affected their plans as well. Nevertheless, Hijiri decides that she will also settle the score with Arin over the position of the wife. Subsequently, Anna's group decides to depart, however, Lugh suggests to Hijiri that they eliminate the Akarsha's representatives. Suddenly, Lugh senses and blocks a large sword thrown at her, in which Anna's companion, revealing her face, compliments the thief on her skills.  Lugh remarks that she is the one of the strongest in the world, but her ambusher responds that she would be the strongest then as the headmaster of Akarsha. In the meantime, Hijiri discusses Anna how they should proceed until the atmosphere surround Anna turns sinister. Anna reveals to a wary Hijiri that her Thema is Terminus, a lost Thema of the Luxuria Archive, causing the Fallent Saint to recommend to her partner that they retreat which Lugh complies. Later, Lugh questions what Hijiri saw, but she instead states that they must formulate a plan or else Anna will overwhelm Arata and the others. 
Lilith Abyss Arata reunion ch42 MA

A Familiar Voice

In the infirmary, Arata visits Lieselotte where the two both apologize for losing the match until they are interrupted by Lilith and Selina. Afterwards, Lieselotte encourages Arata that he go watch the other matches while she sleep, although Arata wishes he remain. Lilith nevertheless insists that he observe and learn from her match and the group leaves Lieselotte to recover alone. 

During their departure to the stadium, Selina suggests Arata join the commentary as a guest, however, the group is unexpectedly by Abyss Trinity who greets the party.



  • Continuing from the previous chapter, after being cornered by Yui's spell, Arata and Lieselotte casted their Baal Peor spell that reverted Yui and Arin's Magus Mode.
  • After being reverted to her normal appearance, Yui laments the short duration she spent as her mature form. This is a reference to the previous chapter where she transformed into her Dream Form.


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