Lilith Asami
浅見 リリス (Asami Ririsu)

Lilith EP1 AN1

Lilith Manga Ch 31

Personal Info
Alias Lilith Azazel
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Color Red(formerly)

White(currently) Red (anime)

Eye Color Cyan
Measurements B89 W55 H89
Height 162 cm
Status Alive
  • Teacher
  • Demon Lord Candidate
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Outer Alchemy
Archive(s) Luxuria
  • Abies
  • Fall
  • Vanitas (vanity)
  • Anit-tank rifle
  • Handgun(s)
  • Bazooka
  • Flare gun

Laser Sentry Gun Laser Blasters

  • Rifle

Shotgun Machine gun Gatling gun

School Royal Biblia Academy
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 0
Anime Episode 1
Anime Yumi Hara (JP)

Allison Sumrall (EN)

Audio Drama Ai Kayano

Lilith Asami is the Trinity Seven of the Luxuria archive and user of Outer Alchemic, as well as a teacher at the Royal Biblia Academy. As the one who introduced Arata Kasuga to the magic world, she becomes one of his earliest allies and friends, watching and supporting him since their initial meeting.


Lilith Asami Anime Character Full Body

Normal Attire

Lilith is a young woman with long red hair that reaches down her waist, styled normally with a single strand of her bangs braided, as well as the sides of her hair pulled back and held together with a small basic clip. She is also particularly known for having a very well developed and curvaceous figure. Furthermore, Lilith is rarely never seen without her dark beret, with a few exceptions depending on the situation. Her attire, despite being a teacher, is the school female uniform, almost the same as her students, consisting of a white collared blouse, black jacket, plaid skirt, black thigh-high socks, and penny loafers. However, she wears a necktie instead, and leaves her shirt untucked, with shirttails sticking out below the blazer. When acting as a teacher, she will also wear round glasses as well. Arata has once stated that she is rather stylish.

Magus Mode: In Magus mode, her outfit includes a white, sleeveless collar blouse left untucked, a black tie and elbow length gloves. She also wears a dark short skirt and thigh-high socks, as well as penny loafers. Sometimes, she will also wear her glasses which acts as a targeting system. She also carries a sniper with her along with this mode.

Aeshma: The manifested form of the Luxuria Archive, Lilith's wear simply includes a dark cape with a long collar that barely covers her chest, black elbow-length gloves, and a simple white panty with straps to dark thigh length boots with white cuffs and tips. She can also perform a partial transformation which only summons the cape.

Personality Edit

Lilith has a very mature and responsible presence compared to most others, often playing the straight man in many situations. As a teacher, she tends to act strict and formal, believing in working hard to reach one's goals, giving her a bit of a reputation as an Ice Queen. However, in spite of her firm attitude, Lilith is also very kind and compassionate, caring deeply for her student and friends. Often times she tends to watch over others and provides guidance to support them. Feeling a sense of sympathy for Arata Kasuga's plight, she becomes willing to demonstrate her magic for him despite previously stating that magic wasn't something one should show off to others. Furthermore, during a battle, she becomes serious and prioritizes other people's safety over her own. When she was captured by her father, Abyss Trinity, in Sky Library, she was much more concerned with Arata's well being.

Lilith is also rather prudish, disliking actions or words of a sexual nature or implication. Usually, she becomes very embarrassed and uncomfortable whenever anything venereal happens. As a result, her research Thema lies within the Luxuria (Lust) archive and people often delight in teasing her, particularly about her body. However, she can get angry if pushed too much, chastising and even becoming violent depending on the situation. Additionally, because of her serious nature, she is often shocked and sometimes disheartened by many of her peer's nonchalant attitudes, occasionally having to force them to become focused. Nevertheless, Lilith enjoys being with her friends, becoming happy when they are all together. She has a deep trust in them, working with each other as a team effectively.

Notably, others have noted that prior to meeting Arata, Lilith was quite cold towards others but has since become friendlier.



Lilith Abyss Trinity farthest argol ch48 MA

Abyss Trinity sending Lilith to an alternate world.

Seventeen years ago, in an alternate ruined world, Lilith was sent by Abyss Trinity (Lilith's father) as an infant to the current world as an experiment to see if he could transfer a Magic King element to different dimensions.

As her memories were modified when she crossed between worlds and time, Lilith would not remember her true origins. Nevertheless, Lilith would live and study at an orphanage until she was scouted by Master Biblia due to her magical abilities. Eventually, she would become the youngest person ever to join the Trinity Seven, as well as join the staff of the Royal Biblia Academy as a teacher.


Outer AlchemicEdit

Lilith Outer Alchemic gun ep3 AN

Lilith's gun created from Outer Alchemic

Lillith's Thema's are Abies, Fall and Vanitas from the Luxuria Archive and her branch of magic is Outer Alchemic. Using the theory of equivalent exchange as her basis, Lilith's magic has the ability to transmute materials into different forms. So far, she has only used this to create weapons such as different types of guns. Additionally, her creations cannot be used by anyone but herself. Because Outer Alchemic requires a significant amount of scientific knowledge, Lilith's high intelligence allows her to master the magic, understanding all of the basic history and fundamental concepts from previous researchers. Furthermore, she has also stated that her magic is one of many different versions of alchemy. Outer Alchemic, in particular, requires her to activate a macro consisting of three stages to activate her spells. These stages, each that can be considered it's own separate magic, are:
  1. Comprehension - Understanding the composition of every material
  2. Deconstruction - Breaking the material into smaller components. Mastering this with Comprehension creates a small field of destructive magic in a much larger realm.
  3. Reconstruction - The final stage which allows her to perform alchemy.

However, despite the unlimited possibilities of her magic, Outer Alchemic also comes with a few risks. Namely, because alchemy is bound the theory of equivalent exchange, she uses her magic and soul as a cost to process her magic. If she uses too much, she risks turning into a monster. Nevertheless, Lilith has quite a large amount of magic, able to summon a large number of guns mid-air and fire them at will. 

Outside of her magic, Lilith is also quite athletic, being able to wield a large anti-tank rifle with relative ease. She has also demonstrated high proficiency in gunmanship, being a very adept marksman with a variety of guns. Furthermore, Lilith is a skilled tactician, able to develop a counter plan against an opponent's abilities even in the most pressing situations. During her team battle against Levi and Akio, she was able to quickly devise a solution against Levi's Sorcerer Mode using light and crystals to force the ninja out of the shadows.

Notably, Lilith is capable of transferring her magic to Arata through Lilim, which allows him to temporarily become a Paladin.

Due to her lineage from her father, Lilith possesses powerful magical power. As a result, she can easily become immortal and attain eternal youth.


The manifested form of the Luxuria archive, Lilith is the last key that connects this world together with all other worlds. Being a Magic King Candidate and coming from another dimension, she has the power to open holes between dimensions. Doing this allows her to draw out and maximize the power of a Demon Lord or Demon Lord Candidate. Initially, she was unable to control the form but has since then learned to freely transform at will using the Demon Lord Element within her. In this form, Lilith becomes capable of materializing floating laser blasters that can eliminate a Demon Lord Knight's attack. 


  • Realize - Using alchemy, Lilith can materialize any weapon from scratch.
    • Buster Mode - Lilith summons a large heavy weapon such as a anti-tank rifle or gattling gun.
    • Bloody Crystal[1] - Summons any number of crystals.
  • Helmick Buster - Wielding an anti-tank rifle, Lilith fires a large blast which upon contact creates a big explosion.
  • Telluric Buster[1] - Summons multiple guns in mid-air surrounding her opponents before firing them all at once.
  • Aeshma Section Release - Lilith partially transform into Aeshma, increasing her magic and strength.
  • Meteor Dragonar[2] - Absorbing Arata's magic using her Demon Lord element, Lilith is able to perform the technique by firing from her anti-tank rifle.
  • Realize: Buster Mode - Together with Arata in Paladin mode, summons and controls a laser sentry gun.
    • Meteor Buster - Fires an alchemic laser blast from a sentry gun capable of significanly damaging a Demon Lord.


  • Hermes Apocrypha - Lilith's primary grimoire that stores all of her spells, allowing her to perform Outer Alchemic magic. Furthermore, Hermes is also capable of becoming sentient upon absorbing Arata's magic which she adopts the appearance and mannerism of a child named Lilim.


  • Anti-tank rifle
  • Handgun(s)
  • Bazooka
  • Flare gun
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Machine gun
  • Gatling gun


  • Laser Sentry Gun


  • Laser Blasters


Royal Biblia AcademyEdit

Lilith Arata ice cream date ep12 AN

Lilith & Arata during their date.

Arata Kasuga - Lilith first discovered Arata while investigating a Breakdown Phenomenon site. As a member of Trinity Seven, Lilith was one of his first supporters, introducing him to magic and bringing him to her school, the Royal Biblia Academy. Although Lilith tends to be strict with him as his teacher, she enjoys being with him and interacts with him the most. However, she is sometimes surprised and even frustrated by his nonchalant attitude, often having to be the voice of reason. Even more troubling to her is his perverted behavior, usually becoming very embarrassed, and even angry at times, whenever he teases or does anything mischievous. Despite this, both of them care very deeply for each other's well being, willing to support and fight for one another. Whenever either of them is in danger, they have often worried about the other's safety over their own. Notably, Lilith's personality was originally described more of an "ice queen" prior to Arata's arrival. Over the time she spends together with him, she falls in love with him and becoming jealous whenever he shows interest in other girls. Likewise, Arata finds her very attractive, although whether or not he has romantic feelings for her is uncertain. Nonetheless, the two of them overall have developed a close friendship, even going on a date on one occasion.

Trinity SevenEdit

Arin Kannazuki - As members of Trinity Seven, Arin and Lilith are good friends, normally getting along with each other. However, Lilith is often times astonished by Arin's lack of common sense, usually having to correct and chide Arin for her behavior and actions. Despite this, Arin does not mind Lilith's strictness, although she does sometimes find it a bit troublesome. During battles, they are able to work together effectively as a team, trusting and caring for one another deeply. In spite of them both being close to Arata, this has not stopped them from remaining friendly with each other. Rarely, do they get jealous of each other and they continue to support one another.

Mira Yamana - Mira and Lilith are two of the more serious characters amongst their peers, often having to be the voice of reason in many situations. Normally, they get along well with each other, holding respect for one another's abilities and accomplishments. Before Mira joined Grimoire Security, she was mostly shy and distant from others. As a teacher, Lilith would watch over her and try to help despite Mira's resistance. Now, although Mira's position as head of Grimoire security occasionally puts them on opposite sides, rarely do let this cause them to hold a grudge against each other or hinder their friendship.  During skirmishes, the two are able to fight and support each other, caring for one another's safety when the other is hurt. Furthermore, though they both may have feelings for Arata, they still remain good friends.

Levi Kazama - Lilith seems to be excellent friends with Levi. Like Arata, Levi tends to do many perverted things, such as touching and groping Lilith's breasts from time to time. It is shown just like the rest of the Trinity Seven they have romantic feelings for Arata.

Akio Fudo - It's shown that Lilith and Akio get along with one another, even to the point of going to Akio's job to get food with Arata while on their date, implying a professional relationship of sorts.


Abyss Trinity - Abyss Trinity is Lilith's biological father who is originating from an alternate world. Upon destroying his own world, Abyss used Lilith as an experiment to see if he could transport a magical element from his world to another. While successful, Lilith would lose her memories of her father and true origins, while Abyss would eventually be summoned by the spriggins in Sky Library. They would not meet again until Lilith and her friends were sent on a mission to Sky Library, where he would abduct her and reveal her true nature. Despite being family, Lilith continues to view him as an enemy, resisting and escaping from him temporarily. While on the other hand, Abyss simply views her as a tool to retrieve his lost power from their original world. Eventually, Arata would save her and together she would help defeat him. This has changed, however. Since being defeated with the aid of Akio's mother's magic, Abyss Trinity's feelings towards his daughter have changed to a more fatherly direction, which embarrasses Lilith.

Hermes Apocrypha (Lilim) - As the master, Lilith normally utilizes Hermes Apocrypha to invoke Outer Alchemich, normally transforming the grimoire into her desired weapon. However, after Lilim becomes sentient, the teacher would eventually accept the child as her daughter despite being initially shocked by the sudden event, forming a close bond regardless of the relatively short duration of their relationship. Unfortunately, Lilim would willingly allow herself to return to her original state in order to protect her parents.



  • The name Lilith means "ghost, night monster" in Hebrew.
    • It can also mean "of the night" in Akkadian lilitu. This was the name of a demon in ancient Assyrian myths. In Jewish tradition, she was Adam's first wife, sent out of Eden and replaced by Eve because she would not submit to him. The offspring of Adam (or Samael) and Lilith were the evil spirits of the world.
  • Lilith shares the same name with the well-known succubus from Jewish mythology. Succubus is known to be lustful creatures, a direct reference to her Archive, Luxuria.
  • Lilith holds the largest breast size of the Trinity Seven as she has an F cup size.
  • Initially appearing in the chapter, Cracker & Third Selection, Lilith is the first member of the Trinity Seven introduced in the main story.
  • The name of her grimoire, Hermes Apocrypha, is a reference to the Hermes Trismegistus, the Greek and Egyptian god of astrology and alchemy.[3]


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