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Lieselotte Sherlock
リーゼロッテ・シャルロック (Rīzerotte Sharurokku)
Personal Info
Alias 無限魔人
Nickname(s) Liese
Gender Female
Age 19 ( physically )
Hair Color Blonde
Measurements B85 W56 H84
Height 155 cm
Status Unknown (preserved in Belphegor form)
Race Human
Relatives Selina Sherlock (Sister)
Location Royal Biblia Academy
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Logos Art
Archive(s) Acedia
Thema(s) Stagna
Grimoire(s) Unknown
School Royal Biblia Academy
Manga Volume 3 Chapter 11
Anime Episode 05
Anime Nao Tōyama (JP)

Shelby Blocker (EN)

Audio Drama Ayumi Fujimura

Lieselote Sherlock is the older twin sister of Selina and the Trinity Seven of Acedia. Prior to Arata's enrollment at the "Royal Biblia Academy", she vanished until reappearing before her friends as an evil mage. After being defeated and saved by Arata, Lieselotte has since become his friend and ally.


Lieselotte is a confident, seductive and playful young woman who is not above using her feminine charms to reach her goals. For example, when facing against the Biblia headmaster, she enticed him with her body to create an opening to defeat him. Ambitious and straightforward, Lieselotte is incredibly dedicated to her research; although she tends to hate working hard and prefers taking short cuts to reach her goals. As such, she is even willing to be deceitful to her own friends and family. She would join Grimoire Security with the intention of studying Breakdown Phenomenon to gain access to the Eternal Library before becoming an evil mage and later fight against her friends. She would even ambivalently choose to steal her sister Selina's magic even though her action would put her sibling's life in danger. Even so, Lieselotte proudly remains resolved to follow her own path, willing to take any risk to fulfill her desires. When pressured by Arata, she chose to use her Last Crest to win despite being aware of the great dangers of such an act. 

However, despite her questionable history, Lieselotte is actually a very kind and caring person. She still deeply cares for her sister and friends well beings. In spite of being enemies for awhile, she would treat them in a friendly manner, happily chatting and jesting with them. After being defeated by Arata, she became joyful after learning that they still cared for her. Since then, she has chosen to remain loyal to them, willing to fight and support them in dangerous situations. When prompted by Hijiri to choose a side, Lieselotte ultimately decides to stay with her friends. Subsequently, she has cheerfully continued to enjoy their friendship, often mischievously teasing and having fun with them.

During battles, Lieselotte can be very poised and capable, being very self-assured of her abilities, although she sometimes can become overconfident and be easily surprised by unexpected event. During those moments, she tends to get nervous and even depressed, but usually, she quickly recovers. Additionally, Lieselotte can also be quite crafty and calculating, analyzing her opponents weakness and unhesitatingly use it against them. She would manage to steal Arata's magic by using his desire to find Hijiri to catch him off guard. 

Notably, as indicated by her Thema Stagna or "stagnation" in the Acedia (Sloth) archive, Lieselotte is a very enterprising individual, essentially meaning she is not the type to stand still and do nothing.


Lieselotte is a young lady with long flowing blonde hair tied up in twin tails. Compared to her younger sister Selina, she has purple eyes and her body is much more developed, particularly her breast. 

Magus Mode: Initially her main attire, Lieselotte wears a simple dark neck choker, opera gloves, and a cape-like gown held together by two strings around her neck that mostly covers her chest. Additionally, she also wears a black mini short with a brown belt, stockings, and black thigh high boots.

Furthermore, Lieselotte is often seen with a black tablet that contains her research and that of those that she has stolen magic from, it is probably her grimoire.

During the Royal Biblia Academy Magic Research Presentation Festival, she wears a maid uniform.

Belphegor Form: When she returned to help Selina in the Dante's Gate, Lieselotte had transformed into demon-like form. She wears an even more revealing version of her Magus Mode costume, and has horns on her head. She also has a tattoo under her navel.



Lieselotte Sherlock her true name is Rize = Charlotte = Laplace is born in small town in Europe. When she was young she can get information and calculate it to make perfect conclusion. She and her twin sister Selina have had magic talent since they were children. Lieselotte is fascinated and desires to be able to calculate everything in the world. Selina, on the other hand, followed, But doesn't have an ambition as big as her sister. They are known genius in the city they live in. Liese, as a child, solved university-level mathematical problem just because she wanted more difficult challenges.

One day, they met with Master Biblia an acquaintance of their Uncle and Aunt , who invited both prodigies into magic school. Liese accepts without hesitation.

Unfortunately, their city is visited by a group of vampires, servants of Melione , who want to take the treasure Gleipnir, a grimoire left by Pythagoras that can control the Beasts and transcend dimensions. Children with magic talent , yet to become wizards is a delicacy for them.

In the ensuing events, the people of the city are turned into zombies. Master Biblia, being a Paladin who is not allowed to interfere with the happenings in the world, thus can't help when Lieselotte is attacked and is about to be eaten by one of the vampires, Lamia. At that moment, Lieselotte tried to access her assailant, calculating, and finally found Logos Art by her own calculation. This was the first time she had become a wizard as well as one of the Trinity Seven.

Lieselotte and Selina both enrolled at the Royal Biblia Academy where she eventually became a Trinity Seven and at some point she would also join Grimoire Security as the 2nd Seat. However, in reality, she had only enlisted to experience the Breakdown Phenomenon as much as possible in order to connect to the forbidden "Eternal Library."

Gula Breakdown

As part of a Grimoire Security mission, Lieselotte, along with Mira and Akio, travel to an average rural city in America to investigate a potential Breakdown Phenomenon. Despite their initial investigation yielding no results, they are assaulted at midnight in their hotel rooms by the locals who have become living corpses. However, the girls easily repel their onslaught, as well as discover that a Gula Breakdown Phenomenon which occurs after midnight is the cause. Locating the source to an abandoned church, they find an undead sister continuously praying and casting a spell, causing the Breakdown Phenomenon. After Mira vanquishes the sister, the three begin their back home for their next assignment, much to Lieselotte's dismay.

Eternal Library

On a stormy night, after classes finished early, Lieselotte and Selina would remain in the school library to continue their research while Lieselotte performed an experiment to access the Eternal Library. Her experiment caused a lightning bolt to strike, shattering windows and creating an avalanche of books. Lieselotte then disappeared and arrived in the Eternal Library where she gained the "Magic King's Element" that was sealed inside, becoming a Magic King Candidate. 

Some time later, she would meet Hijiri and Iscariot, as well as witness the future where Arata, as Astral Trinity, would subjugate the Trinity Seven and destroy the world.

Ghost of the Biblia Academy Arc

As the other members of the Trinity Seven and Selina got together to investigate the 'ghost' in the library, she suddenly appears in front of them as an evil mage. Despite being an enemy, she and Arata initially acted very friendly with each other, due to their similar perverted and laid-back behavior, as well as their dislike of work. She took an immediately liking to him, finding him interesting and amusing. She does not mind his perverted behavior, even playfully offering her own suggestive actions. Later, she successfully stole his magic by offering information on Hijiri if he joined her side which caught him off guard. She kissed him to suck all his magic away from him, leaving him weak and powerless for the time being.

Attack on Biblia Academy Arc

As Arata is recovering his magic learning Akio's Mantra Enhancement, she attacked the academy and encountering the principal. She eventually defeated him by using her female charm to get an opening on the headmaster to defeat him. She later then encounters the rest of the Trinity Seven. When she is on the verge of victory, Arata comes back from training to defeat her in her time dimension. After being defeated, Arata comforted and asked her to return with him to their friends. Unfortunately, her use of her Final Technique trapped her in her own time dimension. He promised her to master her magic, Logos Arts, to bring her back.

Iscariot Arc

During Ish Kerioth's attack on Biblia Academy, she is able to return by using her sister, Selina's body. Together with Arata and the rest of Trinity Seven members, they are able to defeat Hijiri.

Sky Library Mission Arc

She used her magic to help prevent Arata from turning into Astral Trinity after he acquired the Black Imperial Sword Judecca. She teaches him to master her magic so he could control Judecca at his own will. She was surprised when he allowed her to steal part of his magic, proclaiming that she is his friend no matter who she was and that he liked all sides of her. She helped him to master the Logos Art and subsequently bringing her back to the real world. She later then helped Arata to defeat another magic king, Abyss Trinity.

Spin-Off: Liese Chronicle

Sometime after Arata goes to Royal Akasha Academy to train himself under Ana and Master Akasha, Liese starts to see the world ruined. Master Liber confirms that this is caused by the alternate world and it will cause their own world to cease existing. Unfortunately only Master Liber who has the power to access parallel world, and Liese the time magician can detect this.

Master Liber offered to send Liese on a one way trip to a parallel universe to stop the cause and save the world. She will have to find her way back on her own after that.

In that alternate world, they called β World, Liese found some differences, namely Anastasia L took Lilith’s position as Trinity Seven of Luxuria and teacher/student. In this world, Liese is also not the Trinity Seven of Acedia, which position is taken by Aries, the descendant of Pythagoras, the ancestor of Logos Art. Liese herself is not sure what happened to herself who is originally from this world.

People who know she’s a witch from another world consider her as a threat factor and ordered her to be eliminated. Master Biblia even sent Levi to dispose Liese. Part of the reason is because in the β World, there had been time magic Destruction Phenomena, which brings the suspicion to the Acedia sorcerer from another world. Liese convinced them that she's here to save the world instead.

Liese's main suspect is the β World Liese; after all, during that period, she is an evil magician. She's been missing, and considering what she did herself, Liese suggested searching into the Eternal Library.

β World Liese is an evil magician, and although not of Trinity Seven, she had horn like her Belphegor Form and command the Hounds, monsters sealed in the dimensional gaps. After keeping Liese and Aries occupied in the Eternal Library, the evil Liese went back to steal Arata's Demon Lord Element.

Back when their city is attacked by Demons, instead of running to find Master Biblia, β World Liese and Selina returned to their mansion. There they found the Gleipnir in the secret room. Selina is killed by a vampire, and Liese, using the grimoire, defeated all the vampires on her own. She then use Mystic Fusion to revive Selina by fusing her soul with Gleipnir, but this put great burden to the still young Selina so Liese have to routinely perform maintenance.

Finally, after getting the power of Demon King from Arata, Liese managed to find a way to create a dimension where time stops eternally. She doesn't care if it means that the world will be destroyed as long as she and Selina can be together.


Logos Art

Lieselotte's Thema is Stagna from the Acedia Archive. Like many Acedia magicians who had appeared in the story, she practices Logos Art, magic branch that deals with time-space and calculation.

As such, she can teleport small distances instantaneously, allowing her to avoid almost any attack from ever touching her. She was nearly able to avoid a kunai thrown by Levi at her eye point blank and even completely elude a powerful wave of magic from Mira. Moreover, even if her opponent can predict where she will be, Lieselotte can simply continue warping at a rapid speed, although doing so will wear her out. Additionally, Lieselotte is also sent certain parts of her body to different spaces, enabling her to sneak up on others quickly. Lieselotte has also been shown to be very intelligent and proficient in analyzing her opponent, being able to quickly understand her opponents' magic and ascertain their weakness to exploit. Notably, this tactic of aiming for her enemy's weak point was taught to her by Mira.

Standing proof of her talent, Lieselotte's first use of Logos Art is from the time she became a wizard. To survive from a demon who tried to kill her, she need to calculate faster, even faster than limit of time. With that, she found Logos Art by her own calculation without having ever learned magic before. At full power. Lieselotte was able to freeze time in the whole island of Sky Library even without being there, and the only way to move objects is if the user is in a hurry or time will stop again.

Lieselotte's main ability is stealing the magic of others to strengthen her own, usually needing some sort of physical contact in order to steal their magic such as kissing or at least skin contact. However, if she consumes too much from an adversary, their life becomes in danger. Regardless, once she has eaten her opponent's magic, she can now use their spells as much as possible, even augmenting them with her own magic. In addition to snatching their magic, Lieselotte is also gaining access to any of their research, allowing her to understand their magic better and greatly expand her knowledge. Currently, she has stolen magic from the following:

  • Selina Sherlock - Upon stealing her sister's magic, Lieselotte is able to use the Ligare macro to bind her enemies. The spell is further strengthened by Lieselotte's own magic, being able to mostly immobilize Magic King Candidate level mages such as Lugh. Additionally, she gained access to Selina's research, using it to investigate her friend's current situation and the past. 
  • Arata Kasuga - During her time as a Magic King Candidate, Lieselotte was able to consume Arata's magic safely, strengthening her magic greatly, as well as gaining his magic negation ability. However, since losing her Magic King Element, she can no longer steal Arata's magic without feeling pain. 

Furthermore, Lieselotte has been shown to be physically adept as well, being quite skilled in close combat. Classified a melee type, Lieselotte's will often use her Logos Art magic to get close to her opponent and strike them at the right moment. She was able to knock out the Headmaster out of a window after luring him with her body. Also, due to her experience, Lieselotte is an expert in battles, able to remain calm and cheerful in even the most dangerous situations. While usually confident, she sometimes can underestimate her opponent, leaving her open to surprises although she typically recovers fast. Lieselotte has also demonstrated great teamwork with her friends, being able to work together as an effectively as a team. She has also demonstrated the capacity to sense magic from others. Even in a weakened state, Lieselotte is capable of easily defeating several Garms, immortal magical beasts.

Also noteworthy is that Lieselotte's magic is weak against direct attacks and traps; once easily getting caught by Levi's rope trap and having difficulties facing against Arata's Mantra Enchantment.

Magic King Candidate

Magic King Candidate

After taking the Magic King Element sealed in the Eternal Library, Lieselotte essentially turned into a Magic King Candidate, increasing her magic abilities significantly and even overwhelming the other Trinity Seven. In this form, two black wings of black particles appears on her back, similar to Arata. Also, as a Magic King Candidate, she can safely eat his magic being consumed herself. Her magic becomes even stronger and her wings grows larger as well. However, initially, due to her inexperience, she could not handle it properly, allowing her opponents to read her movements and making her susceptible to counterattacks. Nonetheless, she quickly learns to master the magic and even perfectly control her own Breakdown Phenomenon. During her Breakdown Phenomenon, all windows within the vicinity shatters and demons begin to appear, which she can control to do her bidding. Additionally, she can create a giant blob of matter to eat her adversaries' magic. Lastly, due to her increased magical powers, she is able to see the true form of the Headmaster's grimoire, Solomon's Gate.


  • Chrono Calculation - Lieselotte's main spell to invoke her Logos Art spell, usually warping to a different location. 
  • Analyze - Lieselotte quickly analyzes her opponent to find their weakness and how their magic works.
  • Chaotic Formula - Summoning magic. Lieselotte used this to summon Ayesha (Superbia specialist) into the pocket dimension to give training to Mira power up so she can help in fighting the Demon King.
  • Substitution Technique: Warp Version[1] - Combining her warping ability with Levi's Substitution skill, the two of them instantly switches place with another person together. Notably, Lieselotte in particular does not enjoy the name.
  • Baal Reincarnate - A time leap macro on the same level as the Last Crest. Lieselotte, together with Arata, reverses any nearby opponent's magic. Additionally, one of her eyes turns into a clock temporarily. 
  • Infinite Space-Time Prison - Based on the theorem of King of Numerals, a technique that can only be invoked with two masters of Logos Art. Together with Selina, the sisters combine their magic and draw their Numerals, ensnaring their opponent and breaking him/her down to the ends of space-time. Lieselotte's Numeral is Master Number 66[2].
  • Multi-Chrono Calculation - Utilizing the Gleipnir, Lieselotte connect to herself in multiple universe, practically freezing all of herself into infinite time and combine their calculation power. In order to stop Arata who has lost control and became Demon King, she freeze Arata, herself, and all version of her from other universe. In that infinity, she manages to outlast even the Demon King she has sealed.

Because of this feat she is titled the Infinite Demon (無限魔人), which Master Liber said, her talent might let her reach level of the True Demon King, or even the Arbiter of Heaven.

Last Crest
  • Baal Peor - The Lost Technica of the Acedia Archive and created by Pythagoras, the founder of Logos Art, Baal Peor endows Lieselotte complete control of "time" of all matter other than herself, essentially slowing everything to appear as if the world had frozen. She can freely choose which time to flow, but cannot interfere with anything other than herself. However, the risk of using this spell is that she may eternally be unable to leave, forever remaining in the ultra-high speed world. The name most probably originated from Belphegor, the demon of Acedia/Sloth. However, after she obtained Belphegor Form, she seems to be able to control the last crest with ease.


  • Unknown : A nameless grimoire in the form of a tablet PC that stores stolen information and magic of Magus' she steals from. 
  • Gleipnir : Universe Liese acquired the Gleipnir, grimoire of Pythagoras the originator of Logos Art. As grimoire of Acedia magic, it can operate on time and space, and even affect parallel worlds. Beta Liese used the grimoire to copy Selina's memory and made a Magic Fusion to revive her sister. Later, Liese used the grimoire to connect infinite number of herself from multiple universe in order to perform calculation that seal Arata who has became Acedia Demon King into a frozen time.  



In her manga debut, Lieselotte's chest size was similar to her twin sister Selina, but within a few chapters she now boasts the second biggest of the Trinity Seven with a size E, after Lilith's size F.

  • The anime would use her current size in her first appearance.
  • Lieselotte is one of the two girls who has kissed Arata on the lips, as well as being the one who kissed him the most on three different times.
  • From how she stated that Arata was the first boy she kissed this could mean she may have stolen other boys magic without kissing them like Arata.
  • Lieselotte is the most perverted Trinity Seven member and seem to really want to engage in sexual activity with Arata.
  • In the manga introduction to the Trinity Seven she was shorter then Arin most likely this was her height when she vanished
    • The anime would used her current height
  • It is stated that Lieselotte is an Arbitrator from another universe.
  • Lieselotte is similar to Lisesharte Atismata from the anime Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut.


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