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Previously known as Hohenheim, originator of the Outer Alchemy. She is also the original owner of the Hermes Apochrypha and creator of Last Trinity. Hohenheim upgraded herself into demon and become one of the Malebranche, calling herself Libik.

She first shows up in the 7th floor of the demon king's realm, bringing Last Trinity to attack Arata and Lilith and claim she wants to take Lilith's Demon King's Element, which is a lie and she is just testing them.

Libik invited Arata and Lilith into the deepest part of her library to avoid anyone eavesdropping on what they will be talking about.

Hohenheim and Pythagoras separated themselves from the Paladins, became demons, and finally joined the ranks of the Malebranche in order to destroy the True Demon King. Because their purpose is the same, Libik offered useful information to assist Arata. One of the information is that unexpectedly, half of the Malebranche betrayed and killed their master, Dies Trinity, to take over his power.

Her personality seems to be one of the less sinister among the demon generals. She doesn't have any problem with Arata using her past self's power through Hermes Apochrypha as his Paladin form. She lightly offered her body as compensation if Arata can't just take words of apologies for her testing them (offer he swiftly accept until Lilith and Lilim's protest) and she also asked if Arata want to try and destroy all the artificial demon kings she created.