Levi Kazama
風間 レヴィ (Kazama Revi)

Levi EP1 AN1

Levi Manga Portrait

Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Color Brown
Measurements B78 W54 H77
Height 148 cm
Status Alive
Race Human
  • Ninja
  • Magus
  • Student
Location Royal Biblia Academy
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Shamanic Spell
Archive(s) Invidia
  • Expectatio
  • Spero
Grimoire(s) Unknown
School Royal Biblia Academy
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Anime Ayane Sakura (JP)

Carli Mosier (EN)

Audio Drama Saki Fujita

Levi Kazama is a ninja and the Trinity Seven of Invidia, as well as a student at the Royal Biblia Academy. As a user of Shamanic Spells, she is considered to be one of the world's top three strongest super tricksters, one of the top five mages at fighting, and she herself stating that she is about the third or fourth strongest person in the world, she was one of Arata's earliest allies.


Levi has a short and slender build, with long brown hair which she commonly wears in a high pony tail held together with a shuriken-shaped hair ornament. Additionally, her bangs are usually parted to one side, mostly covering her left eye.

Her normal attire consists mainly of the Biblia Academy school uniform, with some unique differences, and her signature long white scarf with tassels that she always wears. While most students have the school jacket, Levi instead wears a vest version over a white long sleeve shirt with a plaid bow tie in a butterfly knot. On her lower half, she wears a plaid mini-skirt, brown loafers, a black sock that covers her right calve, and a black leg warmer that conceals above her left knee. She also has two leg bands, with the right band worn higher than the left, which is put on the leg warmer and around her knee. Occasionally, Levi will carry her katana behind her waist.

During her team battle against Mira and Lilith in the Magical Research Showdown, her normal attire is revealed to be her Magus Mode.

Sorcerer Mode: In her Sorcerer Mode, Levi dons a white skirt, a sleeveless shirt under a tail vest wrapped around by a black cloth. She also wears a pair black finger-less arm length gloves covered with white bands, white thigh socks with cuffs, and dark knee high boots. Additionally, Levi now sports a mask that covers the lower half of her face and wields twin machetes.  She also appears to have a new black scarf.

Personality Edit

Levi is an easy going, confident young woman, customarily declaring herself as a ninja and displaying her skills. She rarely does become agitated or nervous, typically acting casually in most situations. She is even able to remain calm and functions normally even while at a disadvantage. During her skirmishes against Lieselotte Sherlock and Lugh, she was able to calmly think and fight against them. Although, there have been times where she gets uneasy and even embarrassed. She is also quite kind and friendly, usually getting along with almost everybody. Even those who act hostile to her, such as Mira Yamana or Lugh, she will still act cordially regardless of their actions. Even though she was temporarily beaten by Lugh, she didn't hold any grudges and acted normally with her. Additionally, Levi can be quite playful and flirty, sometimes acting perverted to tease or trick her friends which amuse her greatly. Furthermore, she also enjoys observing them and watching them react in different situations. Overall, Levi appreciates her friends and cares deeply for their well being, supporting and watching over them.

Despite her mischievous behaviors, Levi has a serious side, especially when the people she cares about are in danger. During those times, she is very reliable, willing to fight and protect others when they are unable to battle. During Yui Kurata's Breakdown Phenomenon, Levi acted more seriously to save her, a change that didn't go unnoticed by others. Other times she can become focused is when she faces strong opponents such as Akio Fudo and Lugh.  

Furthermore, Levi possesses a strong but cold-blooded mentality, killing the most out of the Trinity Seven through assassination missions. She is even capable of killing friends if they become dangerous without hesitation while remaining friendly. On one occasion, after discovering she was trapped in Yui's dream, Levi decisively committed suicide in order to escape. Levi is also not above using her friend's weaknesses against them in battle.

A notable trait of Levi is that she won't become envious of anyone, and her strong point is acting independently without having any expectations of others, which is why she's a ninja and her research Thema is Expectatio in the Invidia (envy) archive. 



Much of Levi's past is unknown. However, same with the rest of the Trinity Seven, she is hinted to have experienced a hard life. At some point, she would enroll at the Royal Biblia Academy and become the Trinity Seven of Invidia, as well as achieve a perfect success rate in both missions and assassinations. 

Mahitotsuhime Edit

Before she joined the Royal Biblia Academy, Levi is worshiped as the Mahitotsuhime. Her eye can see the death of everything. Because of this, Levi is feared and sealed by the village, secluded from other humans. Levi herself also lose any interest in interacting with humans because she always knew their death.

The first person she opened up to is actually a girl who looks a lot like Charme, who is tasked to serve Levi's needs. Despite knowing about Levi's power, she still wants to become friends.

But the Shadow Ninja attacked Levi's village and killed everyone. After that, Levi lived with the Shadow Ninjas and become close to both Ryuuhime and Ryuuki.

First FriendEdit

Main article: Night Episode to Lost Memory: Apathy & Exterminate
Levi traps vol1 LN

Levi skillfully dodging Yui's traps

Summoned by the Headmaster, Levi is given a mission to befriend a cardinal class mage sealed in an underground dungeon. Although Levi readily accepts the mission, she also understands the Headmaster's underlying alternative of assassination if the mage becomes dangerous. Nevertheless, Levi immediately enters the dungeon, encountering numerous traps and deadly monsters on her path. The ninja easily outmaneuvers and defeats them as she heads to the center of the dungeon. Arriving in a room full of monsters with a young girl with the Phantom Cross Eyes, Levi is overwhelmed by a clown monster that appears faster than her and able to regenerate from her attacks. However, Levi eventually discovers that she is currently dreaming and commits suicide to escape despite the risks. Upon awaking, she sees the same girl and cautiously approaches her before asking the girl if she would become friends with her. Levi is once more dragged into the girl's dream where she meets Yui. Despite Yui's apathy towards the idea of friends, Levi manages to capture her interest for the sake of research while noting their similar philosophies.

Afterward, Levi would occasionally visit Yui alone in the dungeon, sometimes playing pranks on her as well. 


Shamanic Spell Edit

Levi's Thema's are Expectatio and Spero from the Invidia Archive and her branch of magic is Shamanic Spell, incorporating magic of nature with her ninjutsu and herself. This allows her to perform a wide variety of skills such as manipulating wind or creating illusions of great complexity. Levi uses many of these techniques to trick and confuse her opponents while attacking them in secret. Described as the one closest to nature, Levi has also been noted to be the reincarnation of the founder of Shamanic Spell. 

Additionally, Levi's physical and ninjutsu abilities are also very high, being able to perform many superhuman feats. Using her exceptional speed, she can throw a kunai for a certain distance, then outrun the weapon and catch it midair. Her endurance, which is considered to be one of her strong points, allows her to fight for long periods of time, even while injured. During her battles against Lieselotte and Lugh, she was able to pressure them despite having her left arm damaged on both occasions. Furthermore, she is a skilled swordsman, as well as being proficient with many other different types of weapons. In her fight against Lugh, she comes up with the idea of using threads to trap Lugh from using her light speed. 

Defensively, Levi has been shown to be very good in protecting herself against most attacks. When Lieselotte attempts to dispel the Trinity Seven's magic, Levi, along with Mira, are the only ones able to avoid her magic. Moreover, Levi is also an expert escape artist, being able to elude many enemies' traps. She once threw her own body so that she could escape Lieselotte's ensnarement. Along with all of these abilities, Levi is a very good strategist, able to calmly function independently in almost all dire situations. Her keen observation skills allow her to study those around her, discovering their weaknesses as well as diverting their focus onto something else. Her tenacity allows her to remain strong, and perform the necessary actions to win. On one occasion, she unhesitatingly took her own life to escape Yui's dream and even attempted to use Mira's feelings for Arata against her. Notably, as far as combat abilities, she and many others have stated that she is third among the top five strongest fighters in the world. Her magic and strength alone is capable enough to defeat a Code D Dragon single handily.

As a battle magus, Levi releases and manages her magic at all times. By maintaining her magic consumption at zero, Levi releases her magic all at once when fighting and defending.

Outside of combat, Levi is also quite adept at stealth and reconnaissance. Using her magic and physical abilities as a ninja, Levi is able to disappear and hide her presence in almost any situation. Mainly, she uses this skill to spy on other's activities and weaknesses. Levi can attach a thread to unsuspecting individuals to maintain awareness of their location. Additionally, as part of her ninjutsu, Levi is dexterous at setting traps without others noticing. She is also proficient in ventriloquism, able to throw her voice from another direction to confuse others.

Notably, Levi possesses an unknown magic similar to the Trinity that not even Radix, a legendary grimoire containing all knowledge, has a record of. 

Sorcerer ModeEdit

Upon transforming into her Sorcerer Mode, Levi removes her restriction on her magic consumption, granting her a second Thema, Spero, as well as an additional set of abilities, such as manipulating shadows. Levi is even capable of physically hiding in her opponents' shade, rendering her impervious to physical attacks as long as the enough shadows remain. Additionally, her blade can sever magic, allowing her to destroy defensive barriers. Levi also possesses the ability to disguise herself with another's appearance to confuse her foes.

Techniques Edit

  • Ninja Art Table Flipping: Bed Version - Levi flips a bed into the air.
  • Shinpuu Shourai (Rise of the Divine Wind) - Placing a scroll on her mouth, Levi summons a gust of wind.
  • Ninja Technique: Ceiling Rope Trap - Setting a snare without anyone noticing, whenever an enemy steps into her trap, the leg gets caught and the person is pulled upside down from the ceiling.
  • Ninja Technique: Shadow Thread Binds - Using razor sharp threads to surround a target, this prevents an opponent from making any movements or risk being cut. Levi can also utilize them into striking at a target.
    • Ninja Technique: Shadow Thread Bindings Sticky Version - Improved version of Shadow Thread Binds utilizes threads similar to glue which can stick to an opponent. Furthermore, Levi can manipulate the glue to bind or grope her adversary.
  • Ninja Technique: Illusion Conceal - Shrouding herself with a gust of wind, illusion copies of Levi appears to attack an opponent while the real Levi performs a series of attacks from various angles. Levi has stated this technique is a combination magic of friendship.
  • Secret Technique: Avidya Slash - Coming behind her opponent, Levi performs a series of slashes with her katana.
  • Ninja Arts: Super Dash - Levi performs a quick dash
  • Ninja Arts: Body Replacement Technique - A technique that allows Levi to switch places with a person or object.
  • Ninja Art: Shadow Thread Binding Chains - Instantaneously performs multiple cuts to a wide range of opponents.
  • Hidden Skill: Crescent Moon Slash - Leaping into the air, Levi performs a powerful slash capable of decapitating a Code D Dragon.
Sorcerer ModeEdit
  • Levi shadow hands ch55 MA

    Ninja Art: Thousand Shadow Hands

    Shadowless Slash[1] - Levi disappears and performs multiple invisible slashes. Additionally, this technique has an incorporeal edge, meaning her blade does not exist under any physical laws and allowing her to bypass barriers. 
  • Ninja Art: Thousand Shadow Hands - physically manipulates the surrounding shadows to constrict her opponents.
    • High Ninja Art: Thousand Hand Shadeless Slash - Manipulates the shadows to slash her opponents into pieces. 
  • Ninja Art: Discard Body - Creates a dummy body before disappearing into the shadows to deceive her opponents.
  • Secret Technique: Lightless Slash - Wielding both machetes, Levi spins mid-air to behead her opponent.
  • Imitation: Leviathan - An imitation of the Final Crest, Levi summons a large tornado enveloping both her and her enemies. The force of the winds is strong enough to cut any individuals within, including a grimoire and even Levi herself.
  • Substitution Technique: Warp Version[2] - Combining her Ninja Arts:Substitution Technique with Lieselotte's warping ability, the two of them instantly switches place with another person together. Notably, Lieselotte, in particular, does not enjoy the name.
Last CrestEdit
  • Leviathan - Levi creates four twisters to surround and destroy an opponent. However, this turned out to be a fake and the real technique is still unknown. It is revealed that Levi can only use Leviathan once, and she uses it to erase Ryuki Kashin's existence in their final encounter.
  • Shinpai
  • Ninja Arts: Shoadow Thread Bindings
  • Ninja Arts: Hidden Fantasy Technique
  • Leviathan (Fake)
  • Ninja Arts: Discard Body
  • Ninja Technique: Shadow Thread Bindings Sticky Version
  • Secret Technique: Lightless Slash
  • High Ninja Art: Thousand Hand Shadeless Slash
  • Imitation: Leviathan
  • Hidden Skill: Crescent Moon Slash

Weapons Edit

  • Katana
  • Kunai(s)
  • Threads
Sorcerer ModeEdit
  • Twin Machetes


Royal Biblia AcademyEdit

Arata Kasuga - Levi and Arata are good friends and allies. In their first meeting upon Arata's transfer to Royal BIblia, the two of them quickly got along with each other, easily trading banter due to their similar straightforward and mischievous personalities. Even currently, they have continued to enjoy each other's company, playing off one another. Levi is one of Arata's earlier supporter, protecting and guiding him as he learned magic in the beginning. During their rescue of Yui, she helps him gain control of his magic and motivates him to master his abilities. Since then, Levi has developed expectations for him and eagerly watches over him. Likewise, Arata greatly respects her abilities and appreciates her assistance. They both care for the other's well being, willing to fight for each other and work together as a team. Notably, Levi is the one member of the Trinity Seven that Arata has yet to seen naked; he considers her form to be his "final frontier."

Trinity Seven Edit

Yui Kurata- Out of the Trinity Seven, Yui is probably the closest to Levi due to their similar Themas. Levi doesn't put "expectations" on anyone, while Yui doesn't develop "friendship" with other people. Because of this, they have developed a close friendship. During Yui's seclusion, Levi would often visit her in the labyrinth, although she would also play pranks as well. The both of them also care very deeply for each other, willing to fight and protect one another. When Yui's magic became unstable and caused a Breakdown Phenomenon, Levi would become concerned and serious, even choosing to stand in Mira and Akio's way. Likewise, Yui became very emotional when Levi was severely injured by Lugh, unwilling to let Levi continue to alone. After Arata helped saved Yui, the two of them have continued to be good friends and enjoy interacting with each other.

Akio Fudo - Levi and Akio are good friends, but also rivals due to their mutual enjoyment of fighting. As a result, they have great respect for each others abilities and strength, always looking forward to challenging one another to settle their rivalry. During Yui's Breakdown Phenomenon, Levi would challenge Mira and Akio which Akio happily accepted. However, regardless of their competitiveness, the two of them would continue to get along. Their similar casual and carefree personalities allow them to remain friendly and enjoy each other's company. Lately, the pair would be teamed up for the school festival competition.

Arin Kannazuki -

Mira Yamana -

Lilith Asami -

Allies Edit

Charme Kirigakure - Charme is an underclassman of Levi from the Royal Biblia Academy who joins her mission to retrieve Murasame. The two first encountered one another when the Headmaster introduced Charme when he initially assigned the mission. Despite their lack of initial interactions, Levi immediately recognized Charme and the two would quickly establish a team although Levi was still suspicious of the reason Charme was included. Charme greatly admires the ninja for her reputation and strength as a Trinity Seven, although she was also quite surprised with Levi's perverted and easygoing nature. As such, Charme is often the more serious of the two but still trusts her upperclassmen's judgment. Likewise, Levi often causing Charme to become embarrassed, often commenting on her large bosom and even once suggesting they become familiar through the bath. Nevertheless, in spite of their short duration working together, the two care for one another, which Levi is willing to protect Charme from harm.

However, upon the revelation that Murasame resides within Charme, the weapon also reveals that she has placed her seal on Levi to steal the Trinity Seven's magic in order to regain her strength.


Lugh - As a member of Ish Kerioth, Lugh is an enemy of Levi during their attack on the Royal Biblia Academy. Due to Levi's injury and Lugh's overwhelming strength, Rogue dominates the majority of their fight, critically injuring Levi on numerous occasions. However, despite their affiliation, the two of them do not bear any ill will towards each other. During most of their battle, Levi would remain casual towards Lugh, even after being beaten by her. Likewise, even though she is somewhat puzzled by Levi's confidence and mischievousness, Lugh also acts nonchalant to the ninja. Furthermore, the two of them respect each other's abilities and strength. Although, Lugh did look down a bit on Levi, but became serious when Levi was able to pressure her.

Wu Xing Shadow Ninja ForceEdit

Ryuhime Kashin - As an associate from her past, Levi and Ryuhime would reunite during their pursuit of the Mythical Weapon Murasame. Notably, both were candidates for the position of the Trinity Seven of Invidia, although Levi would ultimately receive the title. Nevertheless, the two still respect one another, aware of the other's strengths and even willing to cooperate depending on the situation. Ryuhime, in particular, is quite determined to defeat Levi.



  • Levi is the only member of Trinity Seven that Arata has not stripped with his magic. This would later be reflected in many of the anime promotional materials where the other members were shown stripped while she was not.
  • Levi has been shown to sleep on the ceiling, using the blanket tied to the wall to prevent her from falling.
  • Levi's Final Crest "Leviathan" is a reference to the Biblical demon of the same name. Leviathan is often associated with the sin of Envy, Levi's Archive.
  • Prior to meeting Yui, Levi has successfully completed all missions assigned to her.
  • Out of the Trinity Seven, Levi has killed the most people as a result of her assassination missions.
  • In the light novel of Trinity Seven it's revealed that Levi isn't her real name. The same goes for Yui.
  • Levi and Lieselotte Sherlock were away from Royal Biblia Academy during the opening of Dante's Gate, yet they managed to get in. This may hint that Dante's Gate opens at multiple places at once, or that there may be other ways to enter.


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