Labyrinth and Magic Gunner
巨大迷宮と魔銃起動 (Kyodai Meikyū to Majū Kidō)
Episode 4 Screenshot
Episode 4
Studio Seven Arcs Pictures Japan flag icon
Premiere October 28, 2014
Opening Theme Seven Doors
Ending Theme SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING♪

Magus and Alchemist


Dream World and Sub-Administer

Labyrinth and Magic Gunner is the fourth episode of the Trinity Seven series, initially broadcasted on October 28, 2014 in TV Tokyo.

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A power leaks from underneath the school, Arata and the gang head down into the labyrinth to protect the school from the collapse phenomenon.

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Lilith Selina Arata sleep ep4 AN

A Sleeping Classroom

As the Academy continues to be repaired, Arata and Lilith commute towards their classroom while Arata is still shocked that he can copy other mages's magic before declaring himself as a great protagonist much to Lilith's chagrin. She reminds him that he is only copying the basics of the magic, requiring him to further research the magic. However, as they enter the classroom, the two discover all of the students have fallen asleep. Arata attempts to awaken Selina with little success, prompting him to suggest that the students are boycotting Lilith's class to Lilith's shock. Suddenly, Levi appears and states that another factor is causing the situation.
Arin Levi Arata Lilith Akio Mira Master Biblia meeting ep4 AN

Those with Strong Magic

In the Headmaster's office, Master Biblia announces to Arata and the Trinity Seven that the cause is a Breakdown Phenomenon that has caused the students to fall asleep with the exception of those with strong magic. As such, the Headmaster and Arata prepare to take advantage of the situation, prompting Lilith to punish them. Subsequently, Mira decides to leave with Akio to eliminate the Breakdown Phenomenon, but rejects Master Biblia's suggestion to cooperate with the others. Afterwards, the remaining members discuss more with the Headmaster about the Breakdown Phenomenon, which he further reveals that the source is powerful magic leaking beneath the Academy. The girls realize that Yui is the culprit while Arata recalls her figure to Lilith's chagrin. Master Biblia further discloses that Yui has lost control of her magic in the dungeon below the school that she inhabits.
Levi apocalypse ep4 MA

The End of the World

Inside a bizarre labyrinth, Arata comments that he is quite startled by the setting as he and the girls travel through the complex area. The current Trinity Seven explains that labyrinth was normal but the strange appearance is caused by Yui's awakening. As a mage that inhabits the dream world, Yui was sealed within the labyrinth due to her Cardinal level magic, placing her only second to the Headmaster. Furthermore, her magic is powerful enough that even the whole world would fall into slumber. Particularly, Yui most probably lost control of her magic after being affected by Arata's Demon Lord magic when they encountered one another, causing him to feel responsible. While Lilith assures Arata they can resolve the situation, Levi suggest they continue forward before Mira and Akio reach and erase Yui as Grimoire Security. Levi also recommends that the group transform into their Magus Mode as the labyrinth will become increasingly dangerous.
Levi demons ep4 AN

Among the Top Five

Later, the group encounters a crowd of demonic shadows that appear during the Breakdown Phenomenon. Arata then attempts to create a gun, but both he and the Astil Manuscript are unable to remember the process. Meanwhile, Arin places a barrier before Arata is able to summon a toy gun and tries to destroy the shadows to no success. Frustrated, he throws the gun at the ground, dispelling Lilith and Arin's Magus Mode in the process, as well as the latter's barrier. As the demons advance towards the group, Levi quickly eliminates all of the shadows. Continuing forward, the group discusses Levi's strength as one of the top five stronger mages in the world, as well as her relationship with Yui. 
Arata Lilith demons ep4 AN

Mischievous Demons

Afterwards, the party traverse through a dark section before Lilith and Arata suddenly feel themselves being touched. Arin thens uses a light spell, revealing the culprits to be small shadow demons that disintegrate by the light. Arata requests Astil to also try copying the magic, but the grimoire states the process has not been completed, revealing that certain conditions must be satisified. After the group contemplates the conditions, Arin casts a protective spell over Arata which he expresses his gratitude to her happiness.

Thereafter, as the Trinity Seven battle through the demonic shadows, the girls explain to Arata about the basics of grimoires and spells, since his magic is necessary to rescue Yui. The party then arrives at the final level before suddenly encountering Mira and Akio. The Grimoire Security members then proceeds towards Yui, however Arata tries to convince them to avoid erasing her. When Mira threatens to erase him instead, Levi intervenes to stall the two while Arata and the others head to Yui's location. As Akio and Levi prepare to battle, Arata accidentally witnesses Mira's underwear to her embarrassment.

Yui dragon ep4 AN

Yui & the Dragon

Arriving at Yui's room, the three discover a large amount of miasma coming from a dragon creature guarding Yui. Arata notes that her appearance is different which Arin explains that he encountered her ideal form in the dream world. Suddenly, the dragon awakens before causing Arata to collapse and develop wings again due to his magic resonating with the creature. The beast then begins to attack when Mira and Akio unexpectedly appears. The group is initially concerned for Levi's safety until the ninja reveals her presence, having formed a truce with Grimore Security to handle the Phantasmal Dragon. While the Trinity Seven supress the phantasm, Levi guides Arata in stabilizing his magic before discussing Levi's relationship with Yui and the concept of the Thema. Afterwards, Levi joins the battle as Lilith teaches Arata the process to use her magic. However, both Lilith and the Astil Manuscript warn Arata of the risk of using Outer Alchemic could result in him transforming into a more powerful creature than the dragon. Although initially afraid, he nevertheless decides to continue before Levi offers advice to summon the gun, including a kiss on his finger. As such, Arata manages to successfully performs the summoning of the gun, and obliterates the dragon. 

In the aftermath, a nude Yui awakens to discover herself surrounded by the group. Upon seeing Arata, Yui happily embraces Arata much to Lilith's chagin. Meanwhile, Levi contemplates Arata's potential, becoming interested in his future.

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  • Lilith Levi Arin Arata boulder ch8 MA

    Boulder Trap

    Prior to entering the labyrinth, Lilith objected to bringing Arata along, however the Headmaster insisted since he is capable of destroying Breakdown Phenomenons.
  • Upon learning his role in causing Yui's magic to be disrupted, Lilith did not originally console him.
  • Before descending the dark stairs, the group accidentally triggered a boulder trap until Arin handled the situation.
  • As Arata was about to shoot the dragon, Astil suggested Arata name his attack which he randomly chose Meteor Punisher.


  • Levi illustration Nao Akinari AN

    Nao Akinari Celebration Illustration

    Nao Akinari released an illustration of Levi on the day of the broadcast in celebration.
  • Discovered from the previous episode, Arata learned that he was capable of learning other mages' magic.
  • Upon learning the culprit behind the Breakdown Phenomenon is Yui, Arata recalls his first meeting with her in the previous episode.
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