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Labyrinth & Ninja
Chapter 7 insert.png
Volume 02
Chapter 07
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age August 2011
Release Date July 8, 2011

Chapter 6


Chapter 8

Labyrinth & Ninja is the eight chapter of the Trinity Seven manga, released on July 8, 2011 in Monthly Dragon Age August 2011 issue and later compiled in the second volume on November 5, 2011. 


A sleeping academy

Inside the Royal Biblia Academy, still being repaired, Arata remains astonished that he is able to copy the magic of others, even declaring that he will become the greatest protagonist ever. Although Lilith quickly rejects this notion, stating that they needed futher research into his copying ability as she enters her classroom.

However, to their surprise, they find all of the students had fallen asleep. Confused, Arata is unable to wake up Seliina before suggesting a mass boycott of Lilith's lessons, much to her shock. As Arata chastises Lilith for neglecting her duties, although she desnies his accusations, Levi appears and surmises the current situation.

Those unaffected

In the Headmaster's office, Master Biblia confirms the cause is the Breakdown Phenomenon to Mira, Akio, Lilith, Arata, Levi and Arin. With the exception of those with strong magical power, the majority of the students had fallen asleep. Nevetheless, the Headmaster and Arata decide to play some pranks on the sleeping girls, but Lilith immediatley rebukes them and demand that they stop messing around. Mira, losing her patience, decides to leave with Akio and destroy the Breakdown Phenomenon themselves. The Headmaster suggests that everyone work together, however, Mira refuses before leaving. Afterwards, Lillith then questions the Headmaster if the cause is the Breakdown Phenomenon, which he reconfirms, stating that there is a huge magical power overflowing from the academy's basement. A surprised Levi then asks if the source is Yui, the girl Arata remembers from his dreams. The Headmaster affirms this, stating that her magic has become out of the control, as well as revealing that she lives in a dungeon under the academy to Arata's disbelief. Regardless, Lilith is concerned about sending Arata, despite his strong magic, is still inexperienced. However, the Headmaster, noting that Arata has the ability to copy other magic and negate the Breakdown Phenomenon, requests that they take him with them.

Arriving at the dungeon, Arata is startled by the strange appearance of his surroundings, although Lilith states that this was average. Levi comments that the cause is also Yui whom is attempting to awaken. Levi further reveals that Yui is a mage that lives in the dream world which is also a part of her Thema and research. As such, she was sealed in the dungeon due to her Cardinal class magic, making her just below the Headmaster to Arata's amazement. Without her restraints, Yui's magic becomes dangerous for everyone, eventually causing the destruction of the world. Lilith also suggests that Yui may have lost control after meeting with Arata due to his Magic King magic, causing him to feel guilty. Nontheless, Levi recommends that they continue moving further before Mira and Akio reach Yui first. As members of Grimoire Security, the two would erase Yui due to being the cause of the Breakdown Phenomenon. Understanding the urgency of the situation, the group continues forward while transfroming into their Magus mode.

Levi disposing the demons

As they move further into the dungeon, Levi senses the appearance of demons, beings that appear due to the Breakdown Phenomeon from another world and consume magic. Arata attempts to recreate the gun from before, however, is unable to remember the process. He then demands the Astil Manuscript to turn into the gun, but it is also unable to remember the composition, much to Arata's annoyance. Meanwhile, Arin creates a barrier to protect them from the demons. Eventually, the Astil Manuscript is able to transform, but becomes a toy gun instead. Arata attempts to use the gun on the demonds, however, nothing happens. In frustration, he smashes the toy onto the ground, stripping Lilith and Arin in the process, much to their chagrin. Unfortunately, the demons begin to surround the group, as Arata had also inadverdantly removed Arin's barrier. Feeling responsible, Arata tries to protect them from the demons' onslaught, but Levi easily disposes of them before telling them to pick up the pace.



  • Lilith and Arin are stripped by Arata's magic for the second time.
  • Master Biblia breaks the fourth wall when he suggests that Grimoire Security working with everyone would make the perfect magical school manga.