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Judecca & World System
Lilith Arata cover ch35 MA.jpg
Volume 08
Chapter 35
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age December 2013
Release Date November 9, 2013

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Chapter 36

Judecca & World System[1] is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on November 9, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age December 2013 issue and later compiled in the eighth volume on April 9, 2014. 


As Akio and Lugh stare at Arata carrying Lieselotte, they attempt to warn him about the golem but the creature strikes before he realizes. However, Arata simply teleports away using Lieselotte's magic to Akio's delight. After handing Lieselotte to Akio, Arata then summons Judecca who appears in hids hands and confirms that he has completed the Trinity, recognizing the Demon Lord Candidate as her master. Arata next asks the weapon if she can defeat the golem which Judecca replies that she can completely eliminate the threat. Upon learning this, Arata begins to prepare while Lugh and Akio notices that his magic has vanished until he invokes his spell. 

At the Royal Biblia Academy, Arin and Yui sense the appearance of a magic in the atmosphere.

Elsewhere, Mira's girmoire unexpectedly cracks before she recognizes the source of the magic.

Within the Sky Library, Abyss Trinity also feels the abrupt surge of magic.

Lilith suddenly begins to convulse as a result of the large amount of magic.

The Power of a Demon Lord

After Arata finishes casting his spell, Lugh is surprised that nothing transpired, but Arata states that he has already defeated the golem as the guardian is destroyed suddenly, much to the girl's shock. Arata remarks that possessing Judecca has helped him control his magic, while Akio is still astonished that he is capable of performing a Paladin level technique. Arata and his grimoires explains the proccess to invoke the spell: 

  1. Arata casted Logos Art to momentarily stop time.
  2. Sora amplified the sword using Mantra Enchant.
  3. Ilia converted the sword's power into a projectile through Outer Alchemy.

Because of Judecca's abilities, they were able to complete the steps at the same time since Judecca will accomplish her master's desires. Lugh eagerly requests if she can touch Judecca, although Arata warns her against such action. Nevertheless, she insists on continuing as a result of her love for treasures. But upon contacting the weapon, Judecca binds the thief and erotically begins absorbing her magic. Afterwards, a worn Lugh comments that she can only marry Arata now which he does not resist the idea. Lugh explains that as his wife, she can possession of his treasures. Next, the group decides to travel to Lilith's position after Arata aslo scanned the area while using Judecca. 

Still running from Abyss, Lilith worriedly wonders if the magic she sensed belonged to Arata, but the teacher decides to nontheless continue believing in him. Unfortunately, Abyss unexpectly arrives, confirming that the magic was from a Demon Lord who had completed the Trinity while wielding a Demon Lord Weapon. The Crimson Demon Lord also explains that when one becomes a Demon Lord, those originally close to him or her begin to leave. As a result, they becomes isolated and begin losing their purpose and humanity before fullly transforming into the Demon Lord. Abyss believes that Arata's mind has already deteriated or even vanished, but Lilith insists that will not happen so easily. Despite his personality, he has remained the same regardless of the situation and she trusts that he will not change even after becoming a Demon Lord. Upon learning of his daughter's reasoning, an amused Abyss captures Lilith before explaining that all Magus' goal is to reach Akashic, the place where knowledge begins and ends. Furtheremore, there are infinite worlds within that are connected through karma. Each of those worlds are destroyed and reborn through the Demon Lords such as Abyss and Arata. A Demon Lord is initially born as a normal human, but their lives can be very different from each other depending on the world. In one universe, the Lord can be originally raised as a Magus such as Abyss or an ordinary being similar to Arata.

Fate between Demon Lord & Trinity Seven

Nevertheless, they will always encounter the Trinity Seven which starts the transformation into a Demon Lord. While the Trinity Seven may be massacred or controlled, the Demon Lord will still eliminate the world, completing his or her's fate. As the Demon Lord of Luxuria, Abyss decided to defy the system before destroying his world by bearing Lilith and sending her to an alternate dimension. Through using Lilith as a key to his original universe, Abyss can retrieve his true strength and dispose of the current world as well. As Abyss forcibly activates Lilith's Demon Lord Element, Arata unexpectedly appears and attempts to strike the Demon Lord. Abyss' dragon, Mushussu, tries to intervene but Arata teleports Akio above the creature and the former Spriggan defeats the dragon. Abyss retaliates by casting his magic but Arata manages to force him back using Judecca.

The Demon Lords Clash

Afterwards, Arata approaches a tearful Lilith, satisfied that he has not changed before hugging him. Arata apologizes and asks her if she was frightened which she confirms, worried that he will become less human while tranforming into a Demon Lord. In response, Arata promises that he will never change and that she can stop him if he does anything bad. For the time being, he returns his atteion to a recovered Abyss, wielding the Red Imperial Sword Caina, the weapon that destroyed Akio's hometown. In spite of the strength differences, the two Demon Lords begin to clash with their respective weapons.




  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Arata reappears before Lugh and Akio while carrying Lieselotte. In an attempt to contract with Judecca, the Demon Lord Weapon stated that he had not yet completed the Trinity and began forcing the Demon Lord within him to awaken. As a result, Arata was brought into Lieselotte's Frozen World to halt the process, as well as master her Logos Art magic. Upon successfully copying her magic, Arata was able to rescue Lieselotte and return to the real world.
  • After defeating the golem, the group decides to head to Lilith's location which Arata discovered while wielding Judecca. Lilith was originally captured by Abyss Trinity in Chapter 31 before escaping in the previous chapter.
  • During Lilith's insistence that Arata would never change in spite of transforming to a Demon Lord, a flashback of Arata requesting the Trinity Seven's support in defeating Hijiri in Chapter 28.
  • When Abyss Trinity recovers from Arata's attack, he is wielding the Red Imperail Sword Caina, which Akio remarks as the weapon that destroyed her hometown. The devastation of her hometown was first mentioned in Chapter 30.


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