Impel Arm & Trinity Process
Arata Judecca cover ch34 MA.jpg
Volume 08
Chapter 34
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age December 2013
Release Date November 9, 2013

Spriggan & Guardian


Judecca & World System

Impel Arm & Trinity Process[1] is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on November 9, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age December 2013 and later compiled in the eigth volume on April 9, 2014. 

Summary[edit | edit source]

Beserk Mode

While staring at the sealed Judecca, Arata then becomes aware of the golem approaching him and Akio. Lugh informs Arata that the girls will distract the guardians while he proceeds to retrieve the Demon Lord Weapon. Although, she requests that he give the weapon to her if she can use it. As Arata approaches Judecca, the seal breaks causing the sword to fall into his hand. However, upon contact, Judecca initially confirms that Arata possesses a Demon Lord Element, as well as his Superbia Archive and Imperium Thema. Akio suggests that Judecca is analyzing Arata to verify that he is capable of using the weapon. Meanwhile, Lugh, confronting the Sky Library security crystals, asks that he speed up the process. Unfortunately, after finishing her analysis, Judecca detects only his Luxuria and Gula magic, stating that he has not achieved the Trinity requirement. As a result, the Demon Lord Weapon initiates the Demon Lord Beserk Mode, causing Arata to partially turn into the Demon Lord. Lieselotte surmises that Beserk Mode is forcing the Demon Lord within Arata to awaken to use his full power. As Arata continues to transform, Akio recalls the destruction of her hometown before attempting to separate him from Judecca. However, Judecca easily repels Akio back, resulting in Lieselotte ordering Akio to use her camera. 


Upon pressing the camera, Arata suddenly finds himself in the Frozen World before Lieselotte greets him. After explaining that they had to freeze time in order to control his transformation, she notes that since the metamorphosis is still continuing despite time being frozen, this is only a tempory solution. Nevertheless, Arata forcibly separates himself from Judecca, returning him to normal despite Lieselotte and his grimoire's concerns. After Arata expresses his appreciation to Lieselotte, they then begin discussing how to help Arata achieve the last Archive. Lieselotte clarifies that he will copy her Logos Art magic but to ensure success, she will teach him personally, much to his eagerness and Ilia's reluctance. She further explains that since she can copy magic as well, she will consume some of his magic so his grimoires can analyze the processs. However, Ilia is concerned that Lieselotte's intentions is to steal Arata's Demon Lord Element again, which the Trinity Seven does not deny. But to Lieselotte's surprise, Arata states that he does trust her as his friend despite the former enemy being a villain. Regardless of her previous actions or affiliations, Arata declares that he accepts Lieselotte for being herself, causing the Trinity Seven of Acedia to happily embraces the Demon Lord Candidate in gratitude. Afterwards, the two then decide continue with the process, although Ilia insists that nothing perverted happen. Nontheless, Lieselotte removes her top since body contact to improve sensitivity to magic, and seductively approaches Arata with her current attire. With Lieselotte caressing Arata, the grimoires proceed with the analysis while Lieselotte provacatively explores his body. Sora confirms that the "Concept" analysis is finished, revealing that he needs to grasp the concept of the magic by learning the name and execution. Next, Ilia also verifies that the "Understanding" analysis is complete as well, requiring Arata to familiarize himself with the foundations by ascertaining the founder of the magic. Arata recalls learning the founder of Akio's Mantra Enchant, but is unable to remember when he learning Lilith's. Sora believes the teacher revealed the history of her magic during her lecture at the hot spring which Arata quickly realizes. Lieselotte states that Arata already knows the name and execution of her magic, as well as the name of the founder when she invoked her Last Crest. The last step of the process is "Reasoning", which requires her to steal a part of his magic. Unfortunately, Lieselotte begins to experience pain as she no longer possesses a Demon Lord Element to protect her. Nevertheless, Lieselotte discovers the nature of "Reasoning", which indicates that he needs to disassemble the magic. Arata is initially confused before Sora simply reveals that he needs to strip Lieselotte's Magus Mode in order to finish the process. 

Arata Returns with Lieselotte

Sora warns him that Lieselotte's magic may explode if he fails to properly complete the last step. But Arata already understands before requesting support from his grimoires which they readily comply by supplying him with their magic. Lieselotte informs Arata that she trusts him which he complies and promises to return her home. Invoking his magic, Arata successfully dispells Lieselotte's Magus Mode and completes the final process. 

Returning to the real world with Lieselotte in his arms, Arata confidently greets a surprised Akio and Lugh.

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Flashback[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Arata and the party discovers the sealed Black Imperail Sword Judecca after being accidentally forced into her room by a golem. 
  • While Arata is transforming into the Demon Lord by Judecca, Akio has a flashback to the destruction of her hometown which was first revealed in Forbidden Element & Aeshma.
  • In order to prevent Arata from completely turning into the Demon Lord, Akio uses Lieselotte's camera to freeze time, bringing him into the Frozen World. Lieselotte originally became entrapped in the Frozen World after invoking her Final Crest in Last Crest & Problem Solving. She would later return after Selina summoned her conscious into her camera in Sagas Arms & Sisters.
  • When Lieselotte explains that she will intake some of Arata's magic in order for them to analyze it, however Ilia accuses her of attempting to steal his Demon Lord Element again. This is a reference to the event in Dark Mage & Sub-Administer where Lieselotte stole his magic after bringing his guard down.
  • During the grimoires analysis of Arata's magic, several previous events are referenced for each process:
    • "Concept"
    • "Understanding"
      • Akio reveals the name fo the founder of her Mantra Enchant magic, Saeki Nomuo, in Special Training & Big Event
      • Arata eventually recalls Lilith's long explanation from Hot Spring & Alchemist where she revealed the name of the founder of her magic, Paracelus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. 
      • Lieselotte also remembers that she revealed her magic, Logos Arts, founder's name, Pythagoras, upon using her Final Crest in Last Crest & Problem Solving.
  • While stealing some of Arata's magic, Lieselotte begins experiencing pain due to no longer possessing a Demon Lord Element. Prior to Arata's enrollment at the Royal Biblia Academy, Lieselotte disappeared after entering the Eternal Library where she gained an Element, relevealed in Dark Mage & Sub-Administer.

References[edit | edit source]

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