Hot Spring & Alchemist
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Volume 02
Chapter 06
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age July 2011
Release Date June 9, 2011

Chapter 5


Chapter 7

Hot Spring & Alchemist is the seventh chapter of the Trinity Seven series, released on June 9, 2011 in Monthly Dragon Age July 2011 issue and compiled in the second volume on November 5, 2011. 

Summary[edit | edit source]

Levi & Selina eavesdropping on Arata and Lilith

At night in an inn during their school trip, Levi and Selina enjoy refreshments in their bathrobes until they overhear Arata begging Lilith from inside her room. As the pair continue to secretly listen, they begin imagining the two in a risuque scenario until Lilith discovers them. 

After the girls are punished by Lilith, Arata explains to them after discovering his magic, he is finally able to save Hijiri, causing Selina to becomes curious of Arata's reasons for becoming a mage. They then decide to listen to his story while touring the inn, although Arata also suggests going to mixed baths to which Lilith quickly rejects his proposal.

Later on, after Arata explains his past to the girls, Levi comments that Arata's reason for becoming a mage was quite surprising. However, Arin and Lilith remarks that Arata became too presumptuous despite learning to use his grimoire. Selina then questions if there was a way to save his cousin, although Lilith answers that there are no records of anyone being saved from a Breakdown Phenomenon ever. Arata recalls the Headmaster's words of meeting the Trinity Seven, especially violating them much to Lilith's chagrin. Nevertheless, Arata recounts that Lilith, Arin and Levi were members, while Selina reminds him of Mira and Akio. Inquiring of the remaining two, Selina mentions Yui, who never appears at school. However, Arata remembers meeting her in his dream, surprising Selina as Yui is a special mage that communicates with others through dreams. The last member is revealed to have disappeared before his arrival. Although he is unable to meet them all, Levi suggests that, for the moment, focus on the members he can meet. Approving her proposal, he happily and eagerly invites them to the mixed baths.

The girls enjoying a bath.

In the bath, Arata is disappointed that the girls are wearing swimsuits. Subsequently, Mira and Akio, already in their swimsuits as well due to using the bath prior to their arrival, remarks on his perverted nature before leaving. Nevertheless, Arata remains unperturbed but becomes worried when he will eventually need to approach them, especially with regards to their magic. Selina then suggests that he master his stripping magic by learning to direct the dispersal effect at a target. This gives him the idea of using a gun, prompting him to ask Lilith for hers. However, Lilith states that her gun is created by her magic, therefore no one else is able to use her creations. Arata next inquiries if he can copy her magic, but Lilith once again turns down his idea since they have different Archives and Themas. However, Selina would still propose meeting with the Trinity Seven to learn from their magic. Arata, agreeing with her idea, once again requests Lilith to show her magic, but she unexpectedly refuses, believing that magic is not something a person should show off easily. Nontheless, Arata continues to implore her to reconsider repeatedly, although Lilith remains insistent on her stance intially. But she becomes surprised after she finds Arata bowing to her, beseeching her that in order to save Hijiri, he would do anything and could not stand the possible harm that may befall on her. Lilith finally relents and agrees to demonstrate for him, causing him to happily hug her much to her embarrassment. After displining him, Lilith displays her magic by turning her grimoire into a pistol, revealing her magic as Outer Alchemic. As she gives a very long lecture of her magic, Arata promptly asks the Astil Manuscript to transform into a pistol using Outer Alchemic as well, much to Lilith's dismay. But to everyone's surprise, the grimoire easily transmutes into a pistol. Although Arata is enthusiastic, the girls are shocked and confused that Arata could perform alchemy. The Astil Manuscipt explains that it had simply rearranged Lilith's magic into one Arata could use. Upon learning this discovery, the girls realize that Arata is capable of mastering everyone's magic as they stare at him in awe.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Arata breaks the fourth wall upon becoming disappointed after finding the girls in swimsuits in the mixed baths. He remarks that the girls normally should display more skin for the readers.
  • Arata mentions previously meeting Yui in a dream which occurred in Chapter 4.
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