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High Level Girl & General Turn
Selina Lieselotte cover ch68 7M MA.jpg
Volume 16
Chapter 68
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi ShoboJP
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age September 2016
Release Date August 8, 2016

Acedia Rave & Observer


Void User & Witch Turn

High Level Girl & General Turn is the sixty-ninth chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on August 9, 2016 in the Monthly Dragon Age September 2016 issue, and later compiled in the sixteenth volume on February 9, 2017.


With the arrival of Pythagoras, Liese starts of creating a barrier using Chrono Calculation which was instantly consumed by one of Pythagoras's black hole of magic, Liese create another barrier that was also destroyed instantly by Pythagoras. Erecting her hands Liese casts Chrono Calculation to stop Pythagoras's rampage, Pythagoras breaks her spell telling her, her delay in Chrono Calculation had produced errors, Liese then states she has already taken that into consideration and casts another spell, which has the effect to turn back time (started by Selina) where Liese says it's called Baal Reincarnate to which Pythagoras exclaims it's surprise asking how she managed to create a composite spell of her own. Liese proudly exclaims that it's a spell born from the love between her and Arata. Pythagoras questions if by Arata she meant the True magic King. Pythagoras leaves stating an event outside it's calculation has occurred and if he's prediction comes true then the magic king candidate (Arata) could... Leaving those words behind Pythagoras vanished before there eyes while undoing the spell placed of Miglione, Liese pounders what Pythagoras said regarding Arata and the True magic King.

Meanwhile with the destruction of his weapons "Adamas Armaments", Melaconda instantly accepts defeat, Okta asks if it's really ok for him to accept defeat so easily, but Melaconda then tells her he was defeated after being challenged and there's no greater defeat, Akio then asks for okta's sister which he hands over Eis to Akio, Okta rejoices stating two of her sisters have been recovered. Akio thanks Melaconda for a good match to compare there strengths and asks if the others Malebranche are like him which Melaconda answers her questions saying there not, because of the differences in the Thema they study. Akio ask why the Malebranche are attacking her and the group, Melaconda explains they thought with the awakening of the Radix Astil the True magic king would take place soon after, but he has yet to awaken at that that they where somewhat confused, but the Radix Astil had received a command from the True Magic King, Akio seemed worried asking Melaconda if any other Malebranche had woken up before the Radix Astil to which Melaconda answers the one person who could have is Arbariccia

In the second circle located in Dante's Gate The battle between Lilith and Arbariccia rages on, Lilith creates some blasters using ....., blasting Arbariccia, but Arbariccia quickly counters it telling Lilith she hasn't yet mastered her Magic King element then cast's 'White Universe" to reflect the blast straight back to Lilith, but Ilia's dives in and took the blast for Lilith, faster than Lilith could even react Arbariccia appears at her backside casting "White Castling" she starts explaining how Mina gave up her life to trying to save Ilia's sisters and how stupid she was, in an emotionally charge state while holding onto her grimoire Lilith tells Arbariccia what a grimoire really is stating the importance of a grimoires as a mages partner and as family shouting she won't forgive Arbariccia and activating "Incinerate Buster Code Azazel" destroying Arbariccia "White Castling" those freeing her.

After the effects of Lilith's spell settles down, Lilith appears in a shocking new form.




Eis means one in Greek so does, Tettarese= four, Pente = Five, and Hex =sixs