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Hermes Apocrypha "Lilim"
Personal Info
Nickname(s) Lilim
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Pinkish-Red
Race Grimoire
Manga Chapter 74
Light Novel Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl
Movie Eternity Library & Alchemic Girl
Movie Rina Hidaka

Hermes Apocrypha, or Lilim, is the grimoire of Lilith Asami who becomes sentient after absorbing Arata Kasuga's magic and therefore considers the two as her parents.[1]


Upon becoming sentient, Lilim adopts the nature of an innocent child, often behaving in a friendly and cheerful manner. As such, she is quite cordial and open when interacting with others, although she is in particular attached to her master Lilith and Arata, whom she considers as her parents. Furthermore, Lilim is also compassionate and grateful to those she befriends, willing to even sacrifice herself to protect them from danger despite her sadness.


Hermes Apocrypha

In her original form as Hermes Apocrypha, the grimoire is a small brown book with a hexagram within a seal in the center, along with decorations on each of the four corners.

Upon transforming into a human, Lilim becomes a young female child resembling Lilith with red eyes and long white hair styled in double buns with a strand of hair braided on her right side. Her attire consists of a white collared tube top with a dark skirt over a pink skirt fastened by a large brown belt. Futhermore, she wears white opera gloves and thigh socks with brown loafers.



The Hermes Apocrypha was originally created by Hohenheim, the founder of the Outer Alchemic magic, who designed the grimoire to absorb the Demon Lord Candidate's magic which would awaken another of his creation, Last Trinity, within the Eternity Library.

After the demise of the father of alchemy, Hermes would eventually come into possession of Lilith Asami, the Trinity Seven of Luxuria.


As the original grimoire of Hohenheim, Hermes Apocrypha possesses knowledge of Outer Alchemic of the Luxuria Archive, containing all spells which can be utilized by her current master. Furthermore, the grimoire can transform into her master's desired weapon for combat purposes.

Designed to absorb the Demon Lord Candidate's magic, Lilim is capable of becoming sentient, able to act and deliberate independently from her master. Even while in a weapon form, Lilim can still communicate with others through her astral form. Additionally, Lilim will never age as she is essentially immortal due to being a grimoire.

Notably, because Lilim also possesses Arata's magic, the Demon Lord Candidate is able to retrieve the magic within her to replenish himself. Through connecting to her, Arata and Lilith can essentially transfer into a dimension inside of her. However, this act will cause Lilim to revert back to a normal grimoire until she once again recieves his magic.


  • Realize - Transforms into a specific weapon for her master to wield.


Lilith Asami - As the master, Lilith normally utilizes Hermes Apocrypha to invoke her magic which she transforms the grimoire into her desired weapon. Upon Hermes transformation into Lilim, the teacher was initially shocked by the sudden appearance, as well as Lilim addressing her as mother. However, Lilith would eventually come to affectionately accept the role due to the child's impression and personality. The two would quickly form a close bond with one another as parent and child despite their relatively short time together. Unfortunately, Lilim would revert to her normal state after returning Arata's magic to him which they would tearfully bid farewell to each other. However, both Lilith and Lilim would promise to reunite again in the future.

Arata Kasuga - Due to absorbing Arata's magic in order to become sentient, Lilim, as such, views the Demon Lord Candidate as her father figure, much to his surprise. Nevertheless, Arata would quickly come to accept the grimoire as his daughter, establishing a paternal relationship with her despite the short duration of their relationship. In particular, he would become grateful of her presence which allowed his friends to bond with one another. Futhermore, the two are willing to defend each other from harm and work together against a common enemy. Because Lilim possesses his magic, Arata can utilize her to replenish himself, although the grimoire will revert to her original form. But Lilim is nontheless willing to sacrifice herself to protect those she cares for, prompting them to promise to reunite in the future.

Hohenheim - The Originator of Outer Alchemy, he(?) was the one who made the Hermes Apocrypha and also installed its function of stealing the Magic King's power to awaken Last Trinity for his plans. Due to their bond of creator and creation, she is able to detect Hohenheim's presence within the same town when Arata and co. decided to take a break.

Arin Kannazuki- When Arin first met Lilim, Arin immediately adores her, holding an pillow with an heart printed on it with the text *yes* and even offering Lilim to call her *mother* though, Lilim denies this, saying that Lilith is her only mama.

Levi Kazama- Levi seems to be in good terms with Lilim, even offering her an lollipop, soon after that, she gets an nosebleed, explaining she is glad that she could experience an grimoire licking a *sweet* thing too.



    On January 18, 2017, the official Trinity Seven Twitter account released an illustration of Lilim by Nao Akinari in celebration of 37,000 followers.[2]


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