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Hell Bathtime & Demon Talk
Akio cover ch70 7M MA.jpg
Volume 16
Chapter 70
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi ShoboJP
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age November 2016
Release Date October 8, 2016

Void User & Witch Turn


Anticross Eye & Sacred Tag

Hell Bathtime & Demon Talk is the sixty-ninth chapter of Seven Magicians series, released on October 8, 2016 in Monthly Dragon Age November 2016 issue, and later compiled in the sixteenth volume on February 9, 2017.


After being separated from Arata and the others Sora was transported to a bath located a the lowest circle of Dante's Gate were she meets her mother Radix Astil. Radix tells Sora there need to share information, Sora asks if she wants her to fill her in on knowledge she hasn't yet acquired. Radix questions her, if her copy has knowledge she doesn't. Sora with a perverted look on her face begins to explain how she made a contract with Hujiri and met the Trinity Seven who can reach the Heavenly Judges.

While washing Radix's back Sora begins listing "The Seven Pieces Of Knowledge" and asks Radix what she would like to know, Radix answers everything.

Note: I didn't summaries everything because of how lewd the scenario was.

Meanwhile, back at the second circle of Dante's Gate, Lilith takes a bath with Mina and Ilia, Mina complements Lilith on her ample breasts making Lilith blush shouting at her for looking. After cooling down Lilith asked Mina what she meant by the Malebranche destroying the Magic King, Mina explains to Lilith that the seven Malebranches seem to have been aiming for the magic king element within Deus Trinity. So they made a plan to destroy the magic king. Ilia asks Mina what had happened to the magic king, Mina tells her after the magic king was destroyed he disappeared not leaving behind the magic king element and his soul is no where to be found.

After her battle with Melacoda both Akio and Okta relax at the giant sauna were a blindfolded Melaconda ask them if everything is to there liking Akio replies with a "not bad," and exclaims how the heat and breeze is good for beauty and for health, Okta agrees with her and compliments her on the amazing fight she had with Melaconda, Melaconda agrees stating how she broke the Adamas like the legendary "Demon Smashing Wisdom king" Gongen, Akio then agrees stating she felt like she brought out the feelings of her mother and other famous Spriggans. Melaconda asks what are they going to do Akio answers stating she's worried about Arata.

Back a the carve Liese orders a defeated Miglione to bring her more juice Miglione hurriedly brings it over and hands it to her, Liese immediately noticed Miglione mood and knew it was poisoned and tell Miglione she been working hard and hands it over to Miglione, after drinking it Miglione immediately goes unconscious. Selina notices a strange mark on the Liese's body, Liese asks her if it looks cool. Selina tells Liese how worried she was after she having used such huge spells and request her to use her magic power if she's having a hard time. Liese accepts embracing her. Liese tells Selina they need to meet up with Arata, she's having an unpleasant feeling.

At a bath in Rubine's house Arata receives a bath from Rubine and Judecca with Rubine at the back and Judecca at the front, Arata apologizes to Hijiri stating he'd learned about the adult world. Judecca explains that Arata can build up magic power when he feels good, Arata asks what had happened to Yui and Mira, Judecca then explains to him that Yui being the Trinity Seven of Avaritia who has no desire, so inside Dante's Gate she has unlimited power.

Somewhere within Dante's Gate a stuned Mira watches on, seeing Yui who easily kills two Malebranches.