Grimore Battle & Departure
Mira Akio cover ch61 7M MA
Volume 14
Chapter 61
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age February 2016
Release Date January 9, 2016

Dante's Gate & Radix Grimore


Sword Magus & Dark Castle

Grimore Battle & Departure is the sixty-second chapter of Seven Magicians series, released on January 9, 2016 in Monthly Dragon Age February 2016 issue, and later compiled in the fourteenth volume on April 9, 2016.


Radix immortal ch61 7M MA

An Immortal Enemy

After the detonation explosion, Radix Astil senses magic when Akio suddenly appears above and attempts to strike the grimoire. However, the impact renders Akio unconscious while an injured Radix has already begun to heal. Levi then abruptly reveals herself to slaughter Radix, but the grimoire nontheless recovers as well while completing her analysis of the Trinity Seven's magic. In response, the ninja invokes a large spell which Radix recognizes as similar to a Last Crest. While inside the confines of the false Last Crest, the two begin to take damage as the grimoire notes that she detects that Levi possesses a power that she has never recorded. As such, Radix casts a spell to destroy herself before Levi's spell can fully eliminate her. Upon reviving, the grimoire comments that she was astonished to encounter unknwon magic, much to Mira's shock. Subsequently, Lilith, Arin and Yui arrive as reinforcements before the rest of the partiy also emerges as well. Sora explains to Arata that Radix is her original source, resembling their relationship as mother and daughter. Radix orders the Astil Manuscript to return to her master since Arata is no longer qualified, however Sora refuses to comply, insisting that Arata will eventually dominate the true Demon Lord despite the low probability. Sora then suggests that her mother wait for them since after Dante's Gate opens, they will journey to the other side. 
Levi Mira Ilia Akio Arata Lilith Lieselotte Sora Arin Yui goals ch61 7M MA

Three Hundred Days Before Dante's Gate Opens

Satisfied that her daughter will eventually go to the Gate, Radix willingly decides to depart after warning Sora to accompany Arata. Although the enemy has retreated, the Trinity Seven contemplates Radix's overwhelming strength, similar to Demise's magic. Sora questions her master if he still intends to visit Dante's Gate which Arata confirms, stating the desire to reaffirm that she belongs to him. Upon hearing his answers, the girls also confirm their intentions to support him, although Lieselotte remains troubled. As the rest of the group returns to the Academy, Lieselotte holds Sora back to discuss an unknown matter.

Arata knight ch61 7M MA

The Return of Arata

Three hundred days after the incident with Radix, the Headmaster suddenly detects a powerful magic before Arata arrives at his office announcing his return.




  • Levi Lilith Arata Lieselotte Selina Anastasia cover MDA Feb 2016 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age February 2016

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age February 2016 issue featured Levi and Lilith, along with the covers of 13 and the Anthology, as well as poster of Anastasia-L.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Mira, Akio and Levi confront Radix Astil who arrived at Biblia to retrieve Sora from Arata. In retaliation, Radix casted a powerful spell that caused a large explosion.
  • After Radix's retreat, the Trinity Seven comment on her strength, nothing that her power was similar to when Ana was captured by Demise which occurred in Primary Decide & Save the World.
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