Grimoire Security & Abort
Chapter 3 insert
Volume 01
Chapter 03
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age April 2011
Release Date March 9, 2011

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Grimoire Security & Abort is the fourth chapter of Trinity Seven, initially serialized in Monthly Dragon Age April 2011 issue on March 9, 2011, and later compiled in first volume on July 7, 2011.

Summary Edit

Arin Arata observing ch3 MA

Observing the Demon Lord Candidate

In the middle of Lilith's class, Arata finds himself being observed quite obviously by Arin, much to his confusion and discomfort. Throughout the day, she continues to indiscreetly watch and follow him, even attempting to enter the boy's bathroom. Confronting her afterwards, Arata asks her for the reason why she is trailing him, to which Arin responds that she was watching the Magic King. Furthermore, she explains that she will become the partner of the Magic King (wife, mistress, or bride according to his preference), as will as revealing the Headmaster as the source of her information. As if on cue, the Headmaster suddenly bursts through a window, injuring himself in the process, while Arata and Arin choose to ignore him and talk with Lilith instead.
Arin magus mode ch3 MA

Arin's Magus Mode

Arriving at the nurse's infirmary with Lilith, Arin reveals that she was the culprit behind the recent entrapment of Arata and the others in his room. As per the Headmaster's suggestion, Arin explains that she had originally planned to cause Arata to create a Breakdown Phenomenon, but involved the others after becoming bored much to Lilith's dismay. After learning of the Headmaster's connection, Arata suggests beating the Headmaster, although Lilith has already placed him into the school's incinerator. Regardless, Lilith remains curious of the Headmaster's interest in the Breakdown Phenomenon. Arin, responding to her question, transforms into her Magus Mode, revealing her Thema as Ruina from the Ira archive. Furthermore, she also removes the Astil Manuscript's restraints on Arata, causing his magic to become beserk and create a Breakdown Phenomenon. Soon Arata begins to lose control and his magic causes the surrounding area to start breaking down into particles. Lilith warns Arin of the danger, however, Arin remains determine to continue her research, although she is surprised by the growing damages.

Meanwhile, as the school is being destroyed, Levi and Selina are startled by the destruction of the Breakdown Phenomenon, seeing a Black Sun in the sky.

Likewise, the Headmaster, having escaped from the incinerator also passively watches the Black Sun, comments that Arin may have gone too far and the school being destroyed may be a fun development.

Akio Arata elminate ch3 MA

Eliminating the Breadown Phenomenon

Suddenly, Arata grows a pair of particle wings as his magic becomes more unstable while Lilith and Arin watch on in concern. Lilith then transforms into her Magus Mode intending to stop him. However, Arin refuses to allow Lilith to harm her husband, as well as continue her research. But they are abruptly interrupted when Mira and Akio unexpectedly appear after destroying a wall, having quickly finished their suppression mission and returned early. Using her magic to halt the Breakdown Phenomenon, Mira orders Akio to kill Arata. Despite Lilith's objections, her and Arin's movements are sealed by Mira as Akio complies with her superior's orders. Asking Arata to not hold a grudge against her, Akio explains that defeating evil is her duty as she eliminates him.



  • In the original print, Mira's initial design did not include her current long hair and double ahoges. Her appearance would later be updated in volume 1 to match her current look.
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