Game Master & Exodus
Astral Trinity Ilia Hijiri cover ch23 MA
Volume 06
Chapter 23
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age December 2012
Release Date November 9, 2012

Critical & Demon Lord


Luminas & Satan's Rage

Game Master & Exodus[1] is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on November 9, 2012 in Monthly Dragon Age December 2012 issue, and later compiled in the sixth volume on May 9, 2013.


Astral Trinity Ilia Hijiri Sora ch23 MA

Astral Trinity, the Demon Lord

As Sora reveals the identity of the Demon Lord Candidate, Ilia, frightened by the figure before her, nervously calls out Arata's name. Astral Trinity, taking off his mask to reveal his face, confirms that she is correct before suddenly forcibly reverting Ilia to her true appearance, as well as releasing Sora from her imprisonment in the process. The girls are surprised by his destructive power, and are even more shocked by the appearance of a Breadkown Phenomenon. Mira is startled that not only has Astral created a Breakdown Phenomenon, but is also controlling the Phenomenon as well. Sora explains that the ability is a manisfestation of his Thema, Imperium, resembling the real Demon Lord. While Ilia remains shaken by Arata's transformation, Mira, reconstructing her Magus Mode, and Sora decide to try to stop him, much to Ilia's surprise. However, when they attempt to attack him, Astral easily dispells the girls' clothes, including Sora's despite being his grimoire. Neverthess, the Demon Lord approaches Mira, stating that she has potential within her and orders the Trinity Seven to submit to him. But instead, Mira slaps Astral, insisting that as he is not Arata, she has nothing to offer him. Sora notices that Astral is behaving strangely due to Mira's strike, using the chance to appear behind the Demon Lord and revert him back to Arata, remark that she prefers this version. When Arata arouses, he expresses his gratitude to Mira as he remembers prior events, noting that her smack had awakened him. Regardless, he remarks that they should focus on their situation as the area is collapsing due to the Breakdown Phenomenon. Sora reveals that the quickest solution would be to eliminate the linchpin of the barrier, Ilia. Despite the fact, Arata chooses not to terminate the grimoire, instead asking her the way to leave the area. Arata notes that while he would not mind staying with Ilia, he still wishes to meet with Hijiri. Furthermore, if they are unable to escape, he will also be unable to thank her, much to her surprise. Although Mira and Sora are exasperated by his actions, Arata recalls that she would take care of him whenever Hijiri needed to leave, expressing gratitude for her support. Sora questions if he should be friendly towards the one who tried to entrap him, but Arata points out that he still befriended another person who tried to have him killed. Vexed by his response, Mira states that she will remember his various comments when they return to Biblia to Arata's amusement. Happily understanding, Ilia agrees to his wishes and begins the process to leave the barrier. However, despite her attempt, the situation remains unchanged. Confused, Arata questions her on what happened, and Ilia explains that apparently she has lost control, much to his shock. Sora deduces that the cause is most likely the Breakdown Phenomenon Astral created. Arata is surprised that he was capable of producing the black sun and Sora explains that that is because Astral Trinity is a real Demon Lord. Arata then happily comments to himself that is quite the powerful Demon Lord much to Mira's annoyance. Meanwhile, Ilia watches in dismay that he can act so calmly despite their last method to leave is gone and they will soon disappear. Regardless, the three believe that the situation will resolve itself out to Ilia's shock. Arata futher emphasizes that he will settle the issue himself with the girls' help. Invoking his Magus Mode, he then successfully summons a rifle with his magic. Sora and Mira comment that his magic has grown stronger despite the previous events before preparing for their own attacks. Arata, extending his hand toward Ilia, asks her to come with them and join them, to which she happily agrees. Transferring her magic to Arata, Ilia is able to stabilize his magic as she is a support type grimoire. Launching thier individual spells together, the Breakdown Phenomenon is completely destroyed.
Mira Arata Libel Academy ch23 MA

Return to the Real World

Afterwards, Mira and Arata, worn and tired, find themselves in front of a ruined building where Lilith and Akio worriedly reunite with them. Arata suddenly collapses onto Lilith as Mira explains that he is exhausted from using his magic. Although, the two are more surprised by Mira's unexpected polite addressment of Arata, much to the Mira's embarrassment. Nevertheless, the group decides to return to Bilbia to allow them to recover. Akio carries a startled Mira, while also recalling a similar experience in their past. However, Lilith abruptly senses an unknown presence watching them, but is unable to detect anyone. Furthermore, she notices that Arata now possesses two grimoires, noting that he will have to explain to her the situation while she was gone.

From a distance, Hijiri, along with two other unknown individuals, observes the company from above, remarking that Arata and her are now enemies.




  • Arata transformation into Astral Trinity occurred in the previous chapter after finding himself powerless to save Mira and Sora from Ilia.
  • Ilia's true appearance is revealed after Astral forcibly casts his anti-magic on her. The grimoire initially appeared as Hijiri in Second Security & Dimension Trouble and even mentioned that her real form was more mature than Sora's in the last chapter.
  • Arata decides to not eliminate Ilia, instead expresses his gratitude to Ilia for taking care of him in the past. This is a reference to the reveal in Ilias & Adventure  where Ilia, prior to the Breakdown Phenomenon that destroyed the Kasuga's hometown, would occassionally substitue as Hijiri and care for him while the real Hijiri was away on missions. 
  • Convince by Arata to join, Ilia attempts to release the barrier only to discover that she no longer can control the barrier. Arata, Mira and Sora were originally entrapped within Ilia's barrier in Chapter 19 after the warping device was interfered by an unknown outside force.
    • Additionally, Lilith and Akio reunite with the two after the device malfunctioned which separated the original group in the same chapter.


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