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Forbidden Fruits & Top Quartet
Lilith cover ch43 MA.jpg
Volume 10
Chapter 43
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age August 2014
Release Date July 9, 2014

Limit Release & Abyss Returns


Offense Type & Pure Breed

Forbidden Fruits & Top Quartet[1] is the forty-fourth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on July 9, 2014 in the Monthly Dragon Age August 2014 issue, and later compiled in the tenth volume on November 8, 2014. 


A Fatherly Love

After Abyss greets his junior and daughter, a wary Lilith recalls that Arata defeated him which her father confirms that his body was destroyed. However, the Demon Lord also reveals that he managed to survive by fusing with his Demon Lord Weapon Caina, to the surprise of Lilith. Arata asks Judecca for an explaination which the Demon Lord Weapon describes as the weapon and master becoming one person. As such, Abyss ceased to be a Demon Lord and instead became an incarnation of Caina. Upon being questioned for a reason to such a drastic action, Abyss then states that he desires to watch over his daughter as a father, much to the chargin of Lilith. Arata and Judecca deduce that his last attack infused Akio's magic changed Abyss' heart to care for his family. Nevertheless, Lilith ignores her father's embrace to prepare for her match, although this does not bother Abyss in the slightess. Prior to departing, Arata encourages Lilith to perform her best, which she happily accepts despite Abyss' contempt. Aftewards, Selina approaches the former Demon Lord to make a request.

The Culprit

Outside in the empty festival, Anastasia contemplates her meeting with Hijiri, noting that they both witnessed the same things. However, Anna nevertheless desires a world where Hijiri did not have to fight against the person she loved. Suddenly, Sora approaches the Saint of Resurrection to confirm the cause of Arata's loss of consciousness during the festival was her. Anna verifies the grimoire's suspicion, revealing the true culprit as her spirit causing a disturbance. However, Anna also states because Arata's Demon Lord Seal was in a dangerous state, she would be able to save him. Although Sora points out that she is simply kidnapping him, Anna counters that regardless Arata will transform into the Demon Lord if he remains in the real world, especially when time limit is apporaching. Subsequently, Arata arrives searching for Sora before noticing the two together. Upong approaching the group, Sora warns Arata against Anna but refuses to explain further before returning to her grimoire form. Despite being confused, Arata converses with Anna about his earlier defeat while continuing to be mesmorized by her. Anna then makes a request to Arata to meet again after the second match which he agrees. 

The Second Match

On the next day, Selina announces the second match of the tournament between Lilith and Mira versus Akio and Levi. Along with Arata and Abyss as guest commentators, the group discusses the outcome of the battle, with Abyss fully supporting Lilith much to her embarrassment. While the competitors are surprised by the appearance of her father, Lilith apologizes to Akio although the former Spriggan does not mind since Arata helped her overcome her past. Meanwhile, Levi teases Mira, bothered by Akio's statement, although the ninja also warns her that she will use an advantage at her disposal. Upon the beginning of the second match, Levi attempts to strike her opponents but instead herself injured by a barrier that deflects physical attacks. Nevertheless, Akio quickly heals Levi's wound, much to the surprise of Lilith and Mira. Deciding to become serious, Levi connects to her Archive before charging toward the two once more, however, they also detect her magic is different this time. Activating her Thema, Levi abruptly disappears, before shattering the barrier while appearing in a new form.




  • Monthly Dragon Age August 2014

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age August 2014 issue that this chapter was published in partially featured Lilith from the anime, as well as Mitsuki from Recently, My Sister is Unusual. The issue also revealed character designs for Arata and the Trinity Seven, and staff credits.
  • When Abyss greets his daughter and Arata, Lilith recalls that he was destroyed by Arata which he confirms, referring to their last confrontation in Trinity Form & Saver Down where Arata defeated the Demon Lord in Sky Lbirary.
    • Additionally, Abyss states his desires to watch over Lilith as her father, much to her chagrin. The nature of their relationship was first revealed in Forbidden Element & Aeshma in Sky Library. Abyss' change of heart was theorized to be the result of being striked by Arata's final strike in fused with Akio's magic which occurred in Chapter 37.
  • Outside in an empty festival, Anastasia-L contemplates her meeting with Hijiri which first occurred in Chapter 41.
  • Sora confronts Anna as the culprit behind Arata's sudden loss of consciousness in School Festival & Stakes which the Saint of Resurrection openly admits.
  • Upon meeting, Anna and Arata discuss his earlier defeat by Arin and Yui, referring to his loss in the previous chapter.
  • Before the second match began, Lilith apologizes to Akio as her father is an enemy of the former Spriggan. This is a reference to Abyss being the cause behind the destruction of Akio's hometown which the Demon Lord confirmed in Parallel Shift & Vanitas.
    • In response, Akio states that she does not mind since Arata helped her overcome her past in Chapter 37.


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