Forbidden Element & Aeshma
Lilith cover ch31 MA.jpg
Volume 07
Chapter 31
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age August 2013
Release Date July 9, 2013

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Chapter 32

Forbidden Element & Aeshma[1] is the thirty-second chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on July 9, 2013 in the Monthly Dragon August 2013 issue and later compiled in the seventh volume on December 9, 2013.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As an unconsious Lilith is revealed to possess a Demon Lord Element, Ilia reports that Lilith's life is safe for the moment, but her magic has become unstabilized. Sora suggests that Lilith's condition was due to the previous attack precipitated the awakened the ELement within her before the group decides to temporarily move to an abandoned building. 

The Mysterious Figure in Sky Library

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure observes the group from an undisclosed location who recognizes Lilith. Later, inside the building, Ilia wearily announces that she has finished stablilizng Lilith's Demon Lord Element and accepts Sora's offer to rest. While the security cyrstals continue to patrol the area outside, Arata once again questions Sora if Lilith does indeed have an Element within her which Sora confirms. She states that the Element only recently awakened, suggesting that it has been sleeping inside of her for awhile. Additionally, during the battle against Hijiri, the Element became slightly active after she borrowed Arata's magic and later fully activated when she was struck by the crystals' magic. However, due to Ilia's aid and Arata's talisman present, Lilith's Element is no longer unstable and processing normally. Lugh then reveals that she was able to understand the crystals while being under their control. The crystals target thieves, capable of firing laser beams that can disrupt individuals' magic, even causing them to eventually destroy themselves.

What does the Crystal Say?

Arata next asks her for a translation of the crystals words, which Lugh claims to them being excited for their next meal and eliminating the Demon Lord Candidate, much to Arata's disbelief. Regardless, Akio suggests that they should move since the crystals are closing on them. Arata notes that he finds Akio calling him brother strange while under that form. Akio offers to continue using that designation, but he declines due to a certain someone already addressing him with that title. Afterwards, Lugh summarizes that since Lilith's condition is poor, the crystals will eventually locate them and eliminate Arata with excitement. The Demon Lord Candidate suggests that he act as a decoy to allow Lilith and Ilia to be transported to a safer location. However, Akio discloses that the magic lift which can return them to the surface is at the center of the Sky Library. Lugh remarks that she is quite familiar with the Library before realizing that Akio is a Spriggan. Spriggans are guardians of ruins and fortresses containing powerful treasures, but Akio states that she is no longer one sine of the Library's weapon destroyed her hometown. As such, Akio's Thema is Fides, or faith, since she continues to believe in salvation despite her past. Upon learning of Akio's life, Arata then realizes the source of her strength. However, Lugh interrupts their conversation as the crystals have become closer to their location. Because Akio's current form cannot fully utilize her power, and they crystals possess anti-magic similar to Arata's, Lugh offers to defeat the crystals using her Ildanach magic, but requires her collar to be removed. While Arata is initially hesitant, Lugh promises that she will eliminate crystals, and not betray them as well. The group decides to free Lugh and after retrieving the key from Lilith, Arata unlocks Lugh's collar, allowing her to use magic again. Lugh quickly destroys the crystals, however subsequently declares that she will terminate the Demon Lord Candidate as a member of Iscariot since she fufilled her promise to destroy the crystals. While the group is unfazed by Lugh's betrayal, she then attempts to launch an attack, but her movements is suddenly restricted by Selina's camera containg Lieselote who request Akio bring her along. Lieselotte's bindings tightens and prevents Lugh from escaping, causing the thief become quite stimulated by the thought of being abused by the Demon Lord Candidate. As a result, Arata demands that she be obedient or continue to be violated, to which Lugh agrees. 

The Crimson Demon Lord of Luxuria

Upon being liberated, Lugh again announces her deception, but Akio simply restricts her again. After awhile, Lugh finally submits and the group proceeds to search for a path to the surface. However, the sky unexpectedly darkens and the atmosphere becomes chaotic without warning. The party also senses something is apporaching them, as well as the presense of a Demon Lord Element before a hooded figure arrives riding a dragon creature. However, despite being on their guard, Lilith is suddenly teleported next to the figure who introduces himself as Abyss Trinity, the Crimson Demon Lord of the Luxuria Archive. Lastly, Abyss reveals that he has come to retrieve his daughter, Lilith Azazel.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Lilith was injured by Lugh, mind-controlled by Sky Library's security crystals, which revealed that a Demon Lord Element was within Lilith.
    • Additionally, Akio is also still in her child form as a result of overusing her Gula magic.
  • Sora theorizes that the Demon Lord Element first became active after Arata transferred his magic to Lilith during the battle against Hijiri in Chapter 28.
  • While Ilia manages to stabilize Lilith, Arata's talisman was also noted to have helpful as a secondary power source. The talisman was originally a gift from Arata during their data in Chapter 29.
  • Akio reveals that she is a former spriggan, abadoning the profession after her hometown was suddenly destroyed which was shown in the last chapter.
  • As mentioned in Chapter 28, Lugh was captured after being defeated the Trinity Seven and later had her magic sealed so that she could join the mission. Due to the situation with the security crystals, the collar sealing her magic was removed so that she could eliminate them.
  • Lieselotte is shown to have also accompanied the party to Sky Library within Selina's camera. After Arata left to join the mission, Lieselotte mentioned feeling uneasy about the investigation and requested Selina to perform a task, which was later revealed to store Lieselotte in her camera.

References[edit | edit source]

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