Fianna Knights & Invidia Magus
Hijiri Arin cover ch25 MA
Volume 06
Chapter 25
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age February 2013
Release Date January 9, 2013

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Chapter 26

Fianna Knights & Invidia Magus[1] is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on January 9, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age February 2013 and later compiled in the sixth volume on May 9, 2013.


Arin Hijiri Lilith Arata ch25 MA

Arrival of the Wife

Arata and Lilith are surprised by the sudden appearance of Arin, who is confronting Hijiri. Arin explains that after hearing her husband's voice in distress, she traveled through space and time to protect him. While Lilith is shocked by Arin's feat, the Trinity Seven of Ira suggests that her arrival was the result of Arata calling for her. Additionally, her possession of the Demon Spear Gungir, the weapon once used by Scathac, founder of Chaotic Rune magic, which can nullify magic from the Ira Archive, may also have been a factor as well. Suddenly, Akio and Mira arrive to save Arata, with the latter addressing Arata formerly which does not escape the notice of Arin who suggests that Mira has become softer much to her chagrin. Meanwhile, Hijiri sadly comments that Arata has become increasingly similar to the Demon Lord by summoning Arin. However, she also notes that since Arin is with them, Biblia Academy will have trouble defending itself from members of her organization, Iscariot, and chooses to leave instead despite Arata's objection. Lilith and Arin presumes that Hijiri teleported to Biblia using the same magic Arin used to arrive at their location. Although, Arin was only able to come to Arata's side because he called for her. Despite being unable to understand, Arata nevertheless thanks Arin for protecting him. Furthermore, Mira also concludes that Hijiri and her comrades were responsible for the destruction of Libel Academy and is currently en route to Biblia as well. However, Lilith is concerned for Arata's welfare due to his lack of magic, but he nontheless insists that they return since Biblia is defenseless without the majority of Trinity Seven. The girls agree as Levi and Yui are the only ones remaining, even with Selina's support. As the group returns to the warping device, a weak Arata asks Hijiri to wait for them.

While Biblia Academy is in flames, Levi is struggling against Lugh, a master of Luminescence Technique, who praises her strength. Likewise, Levi also commends Lugh, although the latter notes that if Levi is the third strongest in the world, then she is the second. The ninja does not disagree, revealing that with her left arm damaged, she is unlikely to win. Although, Lugh states that she has also been using one arm during their battle as well. Meanwhile, Master Biblia has been openly cheering for Levi, despite the Trinity Seven's preference that he help her. Unfortunately, he is unable to support her due to the second member of Iscariot. Suddenly, Levi is notified by Yui that she has finished bringing the student population into her dream world. Levi, in turn, updates the Headmaster of their status, who is relieved since they can rebuild the school, but cannot revive the students.

Inside the Yui's room, as the students are nervous about the outside world, Yui comments that their situation is looking bad. Selina questions as to why Master Biblia does not fight alongside Levi, to which Yui explains along with Lugh who is stronger that the Trinity Seven, she also senses from the second hooded figure to possess incredible magic that may even be on par with the Headmaster's, much to Selina's shock.

Levi Lugh battle ch25 MA

Levi vs. Lugh

Yui continues to encourage Levi, believing that Arata and others are returning. Lugh notices that Levi has become determined, although Levi states that she is simply stalling for time since she expects Arata to eventually come help. However, Lugh remarks that judging from the ninja's eyes, she deduces that Levi does not really someone will arrive to assist her. The Trinity Seven of Invidia confirms her conclusion before casting a spell that creates several illusions of her. Unfortunately, Lugh easily dispatches them but the real Levi appears behind her, almost managing to strike her several times. Master Biblia comments that she was quite close, before Lugh realizes that her neck has been cut, unaware of when she received her injury. The Iscariot member is curious how Levi managed to keep up with her speed, but quickly realizes that Levi herself does not even know. Regardless, Lugh also decides to become serious, launching several strikes toward Levi who is unable to dodge her onslaught, leaving her gravely injured. 
Levi final crest ch25 MA

Final Crest of the Invidia Archive

While Master Biblia is concerned, Levi insists that she is fine and can continue as she is a ninja. However, Lugh states that none of Levi's techniques can harm her since she 

is the equivalent to light. Although Levi admits that Lught's speed renders her spells useless, she will nontheless demonstrate how cunning ninjas are. While Master Biblia becomes concerned after quickly realizing her intentions, Levi confirms his supiscion and begins starting her spell.

From Yui's Dream World, she begs Levi to stop while Selina is shocked by her plan to use the same course of action with her sister. 

As Levi is about to execute her spell, Lugh questions her if she is prepared to die although she is nevertheless excited. Levi then announces her spell as the Final Crest of the Invidia Archive.





  • Lilith Hijiri cover Monthly Dragon Age February 2013

    Monthly Dragon Age February 2013

    Despite being serialized in Monthly Dragon Age for two years, the issue of this chapter, February 2013, was the first to feature Trinity Seven characters, Lilith and Hijiri, on the cover.
  • This chapter begins with Arata and Lilith surprised by the appearance of Arin which occurred in the previous chapter after she protected them from Hijiri's attack.
  • Arin explains that she was able to break through time and space in order to reach Arata partially through the Demon Spear Gungir. The third chapter of Night Episode to Lost Memory recounts how she came in possession of the spear.
  • After hearing Mira address Arata formerly, Arin remarks that Mira has become softer much to Mira's denial. Their relationship originally improved in Chapter 21 after revealing her past to Arata. Additionally, Mira's kinder attitude towards him was first also noted in Chapter 23.
  • Mira concludes that Hijiri and her comrades from Iscariot, were responsible for destroying Libel Academy. The Royal Libel Academy was first revealed to have been destroyed in Last Crest & Problem Solving.
  • As Levi begins to cast her Final Crest, Selina remarks that the ninja is planning on doing the same course of action her sister did. This is a reference to her twin sister and Trinity Seven of Aceia, Lieselotte Sherlock, who also invoked her Final Crest in Spell Succeed & Lost Technica against Arata.


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