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Fervent Girls & Thaumaturgist
Anastasia cover ch41 MA.jpg
Volume 10
Chapter 41
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age June 2014
Release Date May 9, 2014

Vial Killer & Duel Start


Limit Release & Abyss Returns

Fervent Girls & Thaumaturgist[1] is the forty-second chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on May 9, 2014 in the Monthly Dragon Age June 2014 issue, and later compiled in the tenth volume on November 8, 2014.


Defeating the Dragon

As the first match begins, Arin and Yui both transform into their Magus Mode, with the latter also creating a large barrier over the entire stadium. Lieselotte warns Arata that Yui's barrier was create by a great amount of magic that not even she, including Ilia, is able to analyze it. Nontheless, wielding Ilia, as the rules state that only one grimoire can be used, as a rifle, Arata prepares to attack. However, Yui and Arin combine their magic to form a barrier as Arata unleashes his anti-magic, but the girl's barrier easily dispells his magic, much to the surprise of Arata and Lieselotte. 

Meanwhile, Mira and Lilith, observing the match, discuss about Arin and Yui combining a Divine Song and Holy Seal to block Arata's anti-magic. The two are then joined by Akio and Levi to also spectate, as the purpose of the tournament is to learn from another's magic research. Nevertheless, the group are concerned of the Demon Lord Seal on Arata's hand becoming unstable. Furthermore, the girls also sense a something foreboding with the tournament, but can only hope nothing unexepected will occur.

Meeting of Saints

Elsewhere, Hijiri and Lugh are walking through a corridor while the thief is concerned for her partner's wellbeing. Suddenly, Lugh senses someone before Anastasia-L and her companion reveal themselves despite using magic to hide their presense. However, Lugh states that even if they cloak their presense, she can still feel their treasures, particularly from Anastasia's companion. Subsequently, Anna and Hijiri formerly introduce themselves to one another, although the atmosphere becomes tense when they begin discussing Arata, much to the fear of their partners. Hijiri declares to the Saint of Resurrection that she will not receive the change to fight against Arata since she herself will remove the Demon Lord's powers. Although, Anna unexpectedly praises Hijiri for her thoughtfulness towards Arata while their companions comment on which Saint is more popular. As the parties bid farewell to each other, an eavesdropping Sora contemplates on their conversation.

Rewinding Time

Returning to the match, Arin nearly strikes Lieselotte who manages to avoid her strike, but instead finds herself caught by one of Yui's dream beings. However, Arata quickly uses his anti-magic to free Lieselotte before the two regroup themselves. Lieselotte remarks that the match is going poorly for them to the surprise of Arata due to not reading the rules. She explains that the tournament is based on points determined by the audience towards the team with the more interesting research. Due to Arin and Yui combination barrier against Arata's anti-magic, as well as the latter's large barrier, they are currently ahead. After Selina and the Headmaster commentate on the current situation, Yui announces that she will invoke one of her aces, transforming into her dream form. Lieselotte notes that Yui's Cardinal magic has increased even more, as Yui can utilize her full strength within her barrier. Next, Yui summons a meteor shower to bombard her opponents, forcing Lieselotte and Arata to invoke their ace as well by combining their magic. As a result, the spell reverts Arin and Yui to their normal appearance by rewinding time.



  • While observing the first match, the remaining Trinity Seven discuss their concerns over the Demon Lord Seal on Arata's hand which he received in Trinity Form & Saver Down.
  • Yui's hairstyle in her Dream Form originally had her bangs tied in contrast to the current side tail.
  • Yui states that the name of her Meteor Symphony spell was based from the attack Arata used to save her, Meteo Punisher. This is a reference to the event in Magic Gunner & Shooting where Arata invoked the spell to defeat the Dragon during Yui's Breakdown Phenomenon.


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