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Faunaria Road
ファウナリア・ロード (Faunaria rōdo)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Pink
Status Alive
Race Celestial being
Affiliation Arbitrator
Relatives Unknown mother
Maris Stella (step-mother)
Archive(s) Light Arbitrator
Thema(s) Moderation (Sacred Chest)
Manga Chapter 108

Faunaria Road is one of the Heavenly Arbitrators. She is the Arbitrator of "Light" and her Sacred Chest is "Moderation". Her Pillar Symbol is "Capricorn". She is the first Arbitrator to be introduced along with Maris. She is friendly towards Maris, and is the one who raised her. Especially since they are most seen working together as a team.


Faunaria is kind, friendly girl, and aggressive at the same time, she also is quick to lose her temper. She doesn't interact much with her fellow Arbitrator, either way she enjoys being there. She is shown to care very deeply about each of her Arbitrator companion safety, especially for Maris. She didn't seem pleased that the Trinity Seven will replace the missing Heavenly Arbitrators as candidates. She is also confident in her abilities and knows her limits, but tends to get carried away which causes her many troubles. Like all the Arbitrators, Faunaria does caries her missions. Unlike Maris who always hangs with her she does show emotions, jokes. Despite her overall attitude she enjoys being with Maris which Maris loves to tease her, using fake lies. Maris always watches her behavior.

Faunaria has a very tragic past with traumatic events, having all her family, clan, hometown destroyed being the lone survivor. However thanks to Maris guidance and tutelage, she changed and would value her friends. When in battle she enjoys fighting her opponents, she also doesn't care about the damage dealt in the surrounding area, and would land without manners. Since she from a Celestial ancestor of the Arbitrator, she tends to look down on the mages of the earthly world, which is why she hates Master Liber, and when Aetheria accepted Trinity Seven to become Heavenly Arbitrators candidates hence being earthly mages.

In truth Faunaria's keeps her real personality deep hidden, as she is a crybaby, she cares about her fellow Arbitrators and nothing else. She cries very easily if she saw one of her friends is even bleeding a little. As shown when Maris confronted the goddess by herself, a very dangerous act, even though Maris choose this by her own will to save Faunaria. Faunaria reluctantly refused for Maris to do so, and her tears wouldn't stop.


Faunaria has a long black hair with twin bunny look, that she ties them, giving her the look of a bunny girl. Which is originally Maris used to fix it for her, since then it became a habit for her. Her attire is similar to a combat girl armor clothes, which she wears it all the time even when not fighting.

When in Heaven's Realm, Faunaria wears a black jacket, and a coat beneath it. She keeps her twin bunny hair costume tied.


Faunaria's resolve to become strong reaches Maris.

Faunaria is from the clan of the Celestial people. However all the people, her family and the village she was in was wiped out, making her the sole survivor. Faunaria then hid in a box when she was a child and remained hidden there until Maris found her whom she thought she will kill her as well. However Maris hugs her and informs that she came to protect her at the request of Faunaria's mother as well as she was lifelong friend. Maris confirms so and informing her more that she will be the one to raise her from now on. Faunaris's resolve was strong that she claims she wants to be strong, and not to be defeated by the Demon King, all other Arbitrators, and even the goddesses. Maris thought that she might be the one to break the curse on them Arbitrators, Maris informs her that she will raise her to be stronger than anyone. Maris then tells her that she can cry for the loss of her family and the people she spent with them. Faunaria then cries in depression.

At some point Maris was teaching Faunaria how to read, change clothes, giving them new ones and fixing her hair, which ends up looking similar to a bunny girl.

Many years have passed and in heaven, Maris with Aries lived a normal happy peaceful life. Maris acts as a motherly figure towards her. Which Aries notices and Maris tells her she can also be her daughter if she wants to. They all smile in the end.


Faunaria with Maris descend to the earthly world.

She is first seen descend next to the earthly world along with Maris to Royal Biblia Academy with strong force, but they landed on a vast land of only mountains, making the coordinates a bit incorrect, but Maris says otherwise that it is the perfect coordinates. Maris informs her that It is Biblia Academy, and Faunaria states that the Great Demon King has already been defeated. Maris though says then that if that's the case they are just in middle of mountains. Finding it as she making fun of her, Faunaria calls her "Muki". Maris then points her finger to a far building informing Faunaria if they go there then it's perfect. However, Faunaria quires her if that's just a lie or not. Maris states that she never lied to anyone ever since she was born. Both of them then are approached by Master Liber and Lugh.

Faunaria and Maris confront Master Liber and Lugh.

Faunaria insults Liber.

Faunaria looks upon her, as she tells her, that even Liber has finished the role of not being a child of god. Liber then asks them their reason for coming here. Maris tells her that eliminating the Great Demon King who will revive the Goddess of Darkness, as this is their common understanding. Faunaria agrees so, and to beat anymore. Liber informs both of them, that he has already acquired the "Black Emperor Flame Sword" and all that remains is to wait for self-destruction. Faunaria thinks it's faster to them this way. Yet Liber informing her, they have a plan, Faunaria saying it's the same in the end so there is no problem. Liber more informs here about the Jaga, which the anti-demon king weapon made by the concubine, via sacrificing Hijri, she entwined the Demon King in the best condition, wanting them to take some time and wait. Faunaria is puzzled by this, as on the other hand she doesn't care either way.

Faunaria then proceeds to insult her as her Holy Arbitrator. As she is a normal mage born in this world, a disposable like a piece of paper, and them Arbitrators have nothing to worry about. Maris as well insults her, by questioning her if she were emotional about the Great Demon King, since Liber was determined to save him. Angered, Lugh draws her sword, stating that they won't be defeated easily, as well as not to say that their best friend is a disposable like a piece of paper. Maris then inquires if she is going to give them an opinion like a god born a toy, furthermore that Liber's "pet" is not disciplined.

Liber then speaks that it's seems that the sorry concubines were completely influenced by the mage on the ground. Faunaria feels it's the right thing that she should leave this world and cure it in the heavens. as Liber thought so, as she releases an enormous wave of magic, she asks them if they want to go crazy warning them by receiving the total sound. Maris says otherwise thinking that she lost her sanity. Lugh draws her swords, as both of them prepare to battle.

Faunaria prepares to fight.

Faunaria finds it exciting, as it's a preparatory before their fight against the Great Demon King. Maris orders her to finish it in 10 minutes, but Faunaria comments it doesn't matter how much. As Maris doesn't participate, Faunaria announces her start of the battle. Faunaria shines one of her finger brightly creating a huge crater, it was so bright that it attracted both Royal Biblia Academy and Royal Akasha Academy. Liber manages to defend herself and Lugh. As both of them prepare for battle, both Liber and Lugh exceutes their Thema at the same, forming a magic formula on the ground. Maris informs Faunaria performing one on the ground, the archive connection consumes less magical power than the sacred horse connection. Faunaria finds it, it's more like endurance than strength, as well that it doesn't make sense if they're knocked down all at once. She is advised by Maris that Liber is the leader of the Arbitrator class "Archbishop", underestimated her wisdom is a bad idea. Faunaria is confident in her strength, finding Lugh is the first one attacking her.

Faunaria injures Lugh badly.

Faunaria nearly finishes off Lugh.

Faunaria then shines one of her finger, injuring Lugh right arm. She continue to shine another finger which injure Lugh right leg badly. Faunaria explains it's natural to see light. Having a hard time against Faunaria, she manages to see light around Faunaria, as well as the shining finger. Lugh also figures out that each time her finger shines, she is attacked. Faunaria then injures Lugh eyepatch badly, losing her right eye, giving Lugh the only choice to predict her attacks. Faunaria continues to attack, now shining two fingers which keeps injuring Lugh, which she is at a huge disadvantage. Faunaria notices that she used one hand, Maris informs her she could've avoid it little by little, whom Faunaria finds it amazing. She resumes the battle and Faunaria finds it eager to try it again, as she rips Lugh to shreds. Lugh manages to survive and avoid fatal injuries, when Faunaria fires a light line, Lugh manages to dodge it at the last second. Though she thinks to herself that in her state, she can barely avoid any more attacks, and Lugh is annoyed at Maris spectating.

Maris advising Faunaria, because Lugh seems to have a lot of battle experience, she is avoiding a few life injuries. Faunaria thinks that her "buddy" is teaching her, seems cheating. However Faunaria finds it intriguing, and switches her tactics. Faunaris uses all her fingers, shining them, and boasting about her position the Arbitrator of light. Multiple thread of light keep attacking Lugh but she dodges them, however she finds it homing threads, Faunaria calls it the thread of light that which is completely invisible. One of them injure Lugh leg as she is immobilized unable to move, the other light threads nearly injures Lugh, but she is saved by Liber Evil God Army.

Faunaria uses thunder to finish off Liber Evil God Army.

Liber bleeding after receiving Faunaria thunder attacks.

The battle then is switched to Liber, while Lugh is resting, upon Liber advice. Maris considers fighting as she's been doing nothing but observing for nearly an hour. Faunaria finds it a lie, yet again Maris tells her directly that she never lies to her. Liber attacks Faunaria with her Evil God Army. Faunaria though connects to her "temperance" and executes her Thema, unleashing multiple powerful thunder strikes around the area which took out the Evil God Army. She finds it fine as long as she can beat them, while Maris on the other hand gives her a perfect score if she was concerned about her being there. Faunaria makes fun of Maris such as she's not good because no one can apply magic to her. Though she mentions that physical attacks can hit her, such as Faunaria light threads, she can be damaged. Both of them, then go check on Master Liber, finding her bleeding and injured, as well unable to move. Liber complements Faunaria, she tells her to apologize and she will forgive her. However this only annoys Liber as she uses her blood with Lugh and connects to her Thema to transform into her Adult Form of Liber. Surprising both Maris and Faunaria. Maris finds it, how this is "Prince Liber". As Faunaria mentions her seriousness now that she is Prince Liber the Archbishop Arbitrator.

Faunaria light-based attacks are rendered useless.

Faunaria injures Liber.

Adult Liber summons her Evil God Army. Confident she has the advantage, inquiring if she can still conquer them. Faunaria see's them as normal, and not a big deal, she tries dealing with them with her light threads. However Faunaria is surprised her attacks had no effect, Maris mentions that she forgot to tell her that Light and Thunder-based invalidation techniques are being deployed throughout Liber and her Evil God Army. She shouts at Maris, as she should've told her sooner. Then the Evil God Army tentacles nearly tears all Faunaria clothes, but she manages to escape noting that she had a terrible experience. Faunaria thinks hard that her attacks have no effect anymore. She glances over Maris who was simply watching but she gives her no response, she then says that she stopped being alert. She starts attacking Liber with light-physical attack range whom she informs her that she's better at this one in the first place. She manages to deal a damage to her arm but it immediately heals back. Faunaria notices that her fast healing ability, giving her a warning that she will start hurting her as many times as she wants faster than her recovery speed. Faunaria manages to tear off her her clothes, damaging her.

Lugh having the upper advantage on Faunaria via her speed.

Lugh slashes Faunaria.

Liber agrees she's not so good at physical attacks. She regenerates her clothes but changes her tactics. She breaks the seal of the Arbitrator and controls Lugh, giving Lugh a temporary boost of strength for ten seconds. Lugh then suddenly slashes Faunaria elbow, fast enough without even Faunaria noticing her. She continues to attack Faunaria who is unable to see her speed. Lugh then attacks her with super-high-speed world for 10 seconds making it endlessly long. As Faunaria is on the defensive, unable to counterattack, she gets angered, mentioning that an Arbitrator like her who is wearing heavenly clothes, should never look down more than hostile. Teaching her how to be an Arbitrator, Faunaria unleashes a huge amount of destructive magic of her Sacred Chest Temperance.

Faunaria admits defeat to Liber.

Liber then connects to the Holy Archive, forming a magic formula, to which Faunaria attempts to counterattack, and Maris describes it as the art of Tenma made by predecessor Azazel, that of which can attack the heavenly people to destroy those who belong to heaven. Due to the technique Liber used, Faunaria admits it made her lose the battle. Liber, admitting it worked well, and Faunaria says even in the second round. Maris approaches Liber and raises a white flag, admitting their defeat. As Maris apologizes for making a fool of her as well as Hijri, she forces Faunaria to apologize as well, much to her dismay, though she does apologize in the end. Liber accepts their apology and reverts to her original form, as her time has ran out. Liber tells them both that she inadvertently fought, asking them if it was wrong, but Faunaria says if she's tired she can't get rid of the Great Demon King. Faunaria then wonders along with Liber and Maris, whom Liber mentions the remaining mages must protect this world.

Maris teases Faunaria.

Later in the heavens, close to Arbitrator Headquarters, she is walking by side of Maris in a hallway. With a bored face, she mentions it was just a trip to the outside, and Maris make fun of her of how she was made into a messy delon delon, to which Faunaria says she doesn't want to be reminded by that. They then notice Aries in the end of the hallway. Maris tells Aries if she came to pick her up, and she invites them both to a meal solicitation. The trio then decide to shower, they go to one of one Arbitrator building to a shower room. Faunaria then asks Aries, if she is liked by anyone, and she refuse to answer. Maris says to her that she is affirming her attitude and facial expression.

Faunaria states she doesn't have a favorite person, and never been interested in men. Maris teases her that she is curious about women, making Faunaria flustered as she doesn't have such hobbies. Aries mentions how good friends are both Faunaria and Maris, envying them. Faunaria tells her that she is a friend, but Maris mentions that she and Faunaria aren't friends, to which Faunaria finds it a lie. An Arbitrator Messenger suddenly barges in, informing the trio that there is an urgent matter. Faunaria quires the information, and the Messenger tells her one of the Arbitrators who has been away from the heavens for a long time has returned and a meeting is held.

Faunaria is being watched by Maris.

All the Arbitrator then welcome back Master Biblia, with Faunaria just commenting that "Your that Biblia". Later he introduces a three candidates to become a Heavenly Arbitrator. Faunaria is not interested, as she wonders why would Aetheria accept mages from the earthly world. She thinks to herself that there is a shortage of human resources. As Maris keeps an eye on her, as Faunaria is still dangerous.

Faunaria insists on fighting the Nornil Giant Pillars.

Later at a small room, she with Maris and Harukage enjoy tea together. She, along with the rest of the Arbitrator are having a meeting with Aetheria explaining about the danger of the Goddess of Darkness revival, as well as the appearance of Giant Nornil Pillar in their dimension. Faunaria asks Maris (after she explained everything via her projection sphere) about how strong is the Nornil Giant. Getting a response from Maris, that if she mess up, she can't even beat one pillar with her current strength. However she insists on beating one, Harukage explains to her, that during the Great Magic War there were almost no strong human resources. When Maris was ordered to project that the there was a consultation for cooperation regarding the shortage of human resources in Heaven, Harukage glances at Maris, and she sighs. Just then Deus Trinity appears in Maris projection sphere, introducing himself to those who is yet don't know him, including Faunaria when she saw him.

Faunaria dying to know who researched the possibility of subduing a Nornil Giant Pillar.

He offers his help to him, having a serious conversation between Aetheria, when she asks him if there is a chance he would fall into the goddess side. Deus Trinity only admits that she's frightening, Aetheria then doesn't consider him a helpful factor. Though Aries says otherwise that without his help there chance of winning against Nornil Giant Pillars are 0%. After some confusion she later accepts his help, and all the Arbitrator watch him via Maris projection sphere as he destroys one of the Giant Nornil Pillars, surprising Aetheria. When Harukage mentions there was a research report that it is now possible to subdue one of the three pillars of attacking on the contrary. Faunaria was dying to know who did the research, and Master Liber answers her that he's a man who can't really eat. Aetheria finally give her final command, which is, the heavens will also do their best to subdue the remaining two pillars of Nornil Giants. As well as orders all the Arbitrators to move to the Twilight Library.

Faunaria with Maris and Aries head to battle.

Faunaria then is seen in high spirits with Maris and Aries beside her. Before the battle of the gods she says it's time for them to go to the frontline. Maris tells her there is no need for Faunaria to do that, as she will be staying, much to her annoyance. Maris teases her that of course they are in the frontline, though Faunaria finds it one of her lies. Aries interrupts them that they have to depart, and the trio descend to the earthly world.

Faunaria slices Nornil Giant monsters.

Faunaria later is flying on a steel platform as she quickly kills monster of Nornil Giant Pillars Skald. As she keeps on slicing them, and tells the Heavenly troops to dispose of them, however instead they call her cute and complimenting her, which embarces her. Maris opens a communication channel, and makes fun of her that this is happening because everyone was able to see what's under her skirt when she was fighting, Faunaria becomes flustered more. Maris then informs her to go to take care of the 100 enemies that she already marked for her, which Faunaria finds it easy. She slays them quickly, and Aetheria notes that Faunaria is doing a good job though that's only because she can fly, but the problem is about the monsters who fall into water. After Maris creates an ice barrier to fight on ground, Faunaria tells Maris now it seems they can somehow manage Ulzwiad first wave. Maris says however it doesn't give Faunaria time to rest. Aetheria later contacts Faunaria, the other Arbitrators, the allies that Skald has began to meddle with space-time. Faunaria notices the Heavenly troops who are with her are acting strange, and suddenly they attack her. Angered, Faunaria destroys and kills all of them. Aries then teleports next to her and Faunaria demands an explanation.

Faunaria and Aries watches Arata and he winks at them.

Aries informs Faunaria that the three goddess's remaining has begun to meddle with space-time, and so the Heavenly army memories have been meddled with so they are not protected by brainwashing attacks. Faunaria deduces the situation that weaker magus and Heavenly people are already brainwashed. Faunaria asks what should they do, now that the enemies are increasing in numbers, Aries informs her that the Arbitrator head, the allies, and the consultants of the Heavenly army are all biding time for them to regroup. Faunaria is curious about those allies she mentioned, Aries points her finger towards Arata and Deus Trinity whom are they destroying the enemies quickly, which surprises her and Aries. Arata winks to both of them, much to Faunaria chagrin but Aries thinks it must be her usual habit.

Murakumo takes the lead.

Still with Aries observing above, a huge explosion occur, which they both notice. Faunaria asks the cause of that, and Aries tells her that it's a blow from Arata among the innumerable heavenly soldiers who became enemies. Murakumo then flies above them, saying that she will go first, and Faunaria shouts at her that she wants to go as well. Later after Arata and Deus Trinity destroy the last Nornil Giant Pillar, she along with Aries watch as it evaporates, and the heavenly troops celebrate their victory.

Later, Faunaria along with the the other Arbitrators stand together. Aetheria announces that the goddess has finally appeared. Master Liber mentions that she did take her friend's body as her host, Faunaria wonders which friend is she talking about. Suddenly a strong magical torrent surround the Arbitrators, which injures some of them. Although Faunaria is unaffected, Maris and Aries are knocked behind her. Faunaria stand in front of Maris and Aries and shields them. When Aetheria and Harukage uses their best move to attack the goddess's, Faunaria is stunned and impressed at one of the highest rank Arbitrator attacks.

Aryan figures out why Faunaria is unaffected.

Maris manages to regain her footing, which relieves Faunaria, as she leans her hand on Faunaria's arm. Faunaria is shocked, when she sees her infected with few black crystals on her body, as well as Aries. The goddess suddenly arrive behind Faunaria, whom she notices that she's immune to her attack. This promotes Faunaria to jump back. The goddess finds it a true beauty and smiles when both Aetheria and Harukage are being confined in black crystal. Faunaria wonders what's going on, as she carries the unconscious Maris. When Liber mentions that the erosion was severe to both Aetheria and Harukage is due that they had been connected to their Cloud Archive, Faunaria doesn't understand well, as she is connected and nothing happened to her. The goddess listens to this, and finds out why Faunaria is immune to her erosion attack, asking the latter if she is a cursed child.

Liber and Murakumo urges for Faunaria to escape.

Liber and Murakumo urges for Faunaria to run away to the Great Demon King, as they hold the goddess down. Faunaria is hesitate to leave them behind, but they leave it to Aries to take Faunaria and run away. When Aries takes flight and run away, Faunaria shouts out their name out of concern.

Faunaria then notices that Aries face has already been eroded with black crystal. Though Aries smiles, and says that she will protect here, and Faunaria starts to tear up. Maris regains consciousness and requests Aries to let her go. However Faunaria, refuses to let Maris become another victim of the goddess and cries. But Maris touches her cheek, she tells Faunaria that she got a person to raise a child, and becoming her guardian and friend. She reminisces their time together, when Faunaria was a child, as Maris teaching her how to read, giving her new clothes, and changing them for her. They even remember the time when they were in heaven, eating together with Aries prior to the battle with the Nornil Giants.

Maris final words to Faunaria and a smile.

Maris reveals the truth about herself to Faunaria that, an unreasonable memory was written to her, the original spellbook. However Faunaria doesn't want Maris to leave her, saying a farewell in such a serious manner. Maris tells her that it was an unexpected joy to have a sad and regrettable farewell. Maris tells Faunaria, that she will sure meet her again and live strong, before finally giving her a very gentle smile for the first time. Aries then let go of Maris, Faunaria cries heavily shouting Maris name and Aries looks away, she tears as well in sadness.

After Aries lands next to Arata, she requests him to help Faunaria. However after a while, the erosion starts to spread on Aries's body, covering her in black crystals, she hugs Aries tightly, pleading not to leave her, being her last friend left. Aries could only smile and pats on her head before being confined in black crystal. Faunaria is devastated at this, and even hugs the crystal shouting Aries's name. She hears Arata's answer when he says the worst future can be turned around, but she says Maris and Aries, including all the other Arbitrators are all gone. She asks Arata if in the future Arata predicts, that if it is possible to defeat the Goddess of Darkness, and save both Maris and Aries.

Faunaria prays for Arata to win.

Despite Faunaria's hatred for earthly mages, she has no other choice but to rely on them, and asks Arata if he can help Maris and Aries. Arata optimistically says that's why he's here for, and asks for help, he bumps fists with her, and tries to wipe out her tears. She tells him he can't connect to an Archive in his location, and Mira says if they use the Cloud connection, it will be the same. However he says thanks to Levi, it's been fixed and Yui along with Liese use a limited Last Crest. Faunaria only watches as Arata and the co. along with Deus Trinity managed to reconnect to their Archive. Faunaris is surprised that all of them figured out how to deal with the Archive Erosion technique. Faunaria prays for Arata to win, he tells her to pray alongside Mira for his voice to reach Aryan with, and swears that he will save Aries and all the other Arbitrators. Faunaria cries and repeats 'Yeah..Yeah'.

Faunaria along with Mira and Selina are horrified at the sight of everyone deaths.

Faunaria closes her eyes and prays to even her ancestors Senzo, that it's okay now, even if it's just a moment, to protect him. She even says Arata's name for the first time, to please help her. As Arata is about to face the goddess, in her mind Faunaria thinks that it is the silence before the duel, and she's nervous. She then slowly opens her eyes, saying that she has to look at it properly because a great battle will start from now on. Faunaria says that something caught her eye, and she is given a tissue by somebody, whom she thanks for. She wipes her eyes, and questions herself as to why is it so quiet even though they still didn't start the war, Faunaria looks on the tissue and sees blood remains, surprising her. Once she opens her eyes, she is horrified by the sight. As everybody is bleeding on the ground, dead bodies of everyone. The goddess behind her and says that she is welcome, as it is revealed that she is the one who gave her the tissue when she thanked the person. Faunaria is beyond speechless, as Arata is seen stabbed by his own sword, the goddess announces that it is her victory. Saying to the remaining survivors, including Mira and Selina that she will let them choose whether to be quietly wound up as it is or be one with her. Faunaria starts to scream very loudly, as she falls into despair.

After that both Faunaria and Mira are confused, horrified at the sight they saw, since it happened in an instant. Aryan then walks on their dead corpses and explains to them that she simply defeated all of them with sheer power, as well it wasn't in an instant as she fought each one by them one on one. She furthermore explains that Arata's power can bring everyone feelings and power into one, so she had to isolate him by killing everyone around him, which horrifies Faunaria even more.


Arbitrator abilities

Finger shine

Faunaria is the Arbitrator of Light, she can form light in her hand. She is the fastest arbitrator, because she can be as fast as light itself, even seemingly teleport. Even thunder strikes. When she starts to fight her fingers begins to shine very brightly. Her fighting style is attacking from a distance using light and thunder based attacks.


  • Finger Light - All of Faunaria hand shine, which strikes the enemy at invisible speed.
  • Finger Shine - Faunaria chooses one of her fingers to shine, then it turns into a deadly invisible sharp shards weapons.
  • Finger Light Wire - This is Faunaria Physical attack instead of of using strong finger lights, she sprouts light wire on short range, although the wire seems too small and weak it still damages the opponent. Because the attack isn't stronger as the others, Faunaria can use this technique in quick succession.
  • Finger Light Beam - One of her finger shines, turning into a light beam capable of stabbing the opponents, if not dodged.
  • Homing Multiple Finger Beams - All of Faunaria fingers shines and shoots lasers in the shape of an arrow that won't stop moving until it hit the target.
  • Finger Light Net - All of Faunaria fingers shines, then sprout light threads forming a net to protect herself and her allies.
  • Light Bomb - Faunaria shines her first finger brightly creating a very big light sphere bomb, resulting in a huge crater. The light was very bright that it attracted Royal Biblia Academy as well as Royal Akasha Academy.
  • Thunder Travel - When Faunaria and Maris traveled to the earthly world to Royal Biblia Academy, she used a powerful thunder that scared and nearly killed nearby animals, and destroyed the field that was in range.
  • Light Emperor Thunder Slash - Faunaria ultimate technique, via the use of her Thema, multiple powerful thunder strike forms in the sky which strike down the opponent. Maris even admitted this technique could've hit her, a fellow Arbitrator. Lugh couldn't even move, and Master Liber bleeding all over her body.

Her Sacred Chest is Moderation, she can connect to the Cloud Archive to execute her Thema. She is also very fast, being the Arbitrator of light making her as fast as light itself.

Faunaria is immune to the lethal Archive Erosion technique that Aryan uses to confine others in black crystals, whenever they connect to their Cloud Archive, and is the only one who is able to survive it. The goddess speculates this is due she is a cursed child, since she comes from a celestial clan.

Other Abilities

Faunaria seems to able to fly under an platforms if she channels her light in her feet. Other than that she hasn't shown any other abilities.



Maris Stella - Faunaria was raised by Maris at the request of Faunaria's mother. Maris and she acts as a motherly figure for Faunaria. Both of them are always together. Maris mostly loves to plays around her by fake lies teasing Faunaria, Maris sometimes make fun of her around her despite Maris close apathetic serious nature such as how she lost miserably against Master Liber. Because they are always together, Aries even thought that they are friends, despite the latter denying such thing, even though Maris think it's another lie. They don't interact much in the Arbitrator Headquarter, though Maris does keep watch over here. Overall both of them are true friends and in good terms. Maris has said to her that she gave her so many memories despite being only a grimoire, which made Faunaria cry. In truth she cares about Maris more than anything else, to the point being concerned of her safety even in wars above her own. To Faunaria Maris is someone who is irreplaceable person and cares for her more than anything, this is because she was raised by her ever since childhood, and is the person who made Faunaria who she is right now.

Aries Chaldea - They knew each other along time ago ever since she was young, both of them are very good friends. She is one of few of Faunaria's friend due to Aries solitude attitude. Both of them joke and tease each other around. Aries is jealous of her due to her having Maris as a friend though the latter denies such things (one of Maris lies). Faunaria is a good friend towards her in truth and one of the few Arbitrator she interact with and talk with each other. Aries considers Faunaria a true friend, even close to family, she even pointed out that she would protect her in need. Faunaria was devastated when Aries turned into black crystal, and even hugging the crystal itself.

Master Liber - Although hence she insulted Hijiri fate and her as a Holy Arbitrator. She fought a long fight with her nearly killing each other, even forcing Liber to use her adult form but in truth the whole fight was not as a threat or some of the sort. Even though she is an Arbitrator as well but they barely talk if never. When she was very injured and bleeding, Faunaria told her to apologize even though she refused, yet she admitted she is a true Arbitrator of light. However still being an Arbitrator too, Faunaria cares about Liber, and didn't want her to be another one of the goddess victim. Liber even gave her the chance to escape.


  • She with Maris are the only two Arbitrator who seemingly work together always, even in Arbitrator Headquarter Maris keeps an eye on her silently.
  • According to Maris, she is the one of the most dangerous Arbitrator.
  • Out of all the Arbitrators, Faunaria had the most tragic past. Having all her people killed and being the sole survivor of her clan.