Dream World and Sub-Administer
夢の世界と第ニの魔王候補 (ume no Sekai to Daini no Maō Kōho)
Mira Akio bath ep5 AN
Episode 5
Studio Seven Arcs Pictures Japan flag icon
Premiere November 4, 2014
Opening Theme Seven Doors
Ending Theme SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING♪

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Dream World and Sub-Administer is the fifth episode of the Trinity Seven series, initially broadcasted on November 4, 2014 in TV Tokyo.



The girls are running in their exercise outfits, with the boobs swaying to and fro. Arata's heart races. Everyone's having great time, and then a ghost appears in the library. Arata and the gang go to check it out, and are forcefully transported to the "Eternal Library". There they find the lost Trinity Seven![1]


Yui Arata Arin Lilith bed ep5 AN

Come On

Upon awakening, Arata discovers both Yui and Arin nude asleep in his bed. While he remains unsure of his next course of action, Lilith arrives to retrieve him but becomes shocked by the situation until Arata requests that she join them much to her chagrin.

Outside during gym class, Arata admires the girls in their gym uniforms, especially Yui and Arin who are quite affectionate towards him, as well as Lilith. The group is then approached by Mira and Akio, where the former warns Yui that despite the previous incident being resolved, Grimoire Security will remain vigilant against Yui and Arata. Meanwhile, Selina, surprised by the gathering, declares that the Trinity Seven has begun a fight for Arata until Lilith arrives. Although Lilith denies the possibility, Levi suddenly appears to continue her battle against Akio much to Lilith's shock. As the two invoke their magic, Arin also joins, eventually prompting Yui to transform into her Magus Mode as well. Selina becomes excited to witness Yui's Magus Mode and Arc Symphony magic for the first time when Yui then casts a spell.

Arata Yui friends ep5 AN


Suddenly finding himself in Yui's room, Yui in her dream form welcoms Arata once again. While the other girls have fallen asleep, only Mira remains awake having used her Gehenna Scope to reflect Yui's magic before departing. Afterwards, Yui attempts to kiss Arata but he insists that they become more familiar with one another much to her disappointment. Subsequently, Arata discusses her Thema friendship which Yui confirms that she is not close to anyone. Nevertheless, Arata suggests the two of them become friends to her happiness. Before they decide to return, Yui plants a kiss on Arata's cheek before once more expressing her gratitude for rescuing her.

In the normal world, while Yui and Arata remain asleep, the other girls not that he has currently encountered six members of the Trinity Seven. However, the last member's location remains unaccounted, but Selina remains hopeful that Arata can change the situation since he managed to rescue Yui.

At night, Mira ponders in the shower until Akio abruptly startles hers. Afterwards, the two relax in the bath while discussing the recent Breakdown Phenomenon and the Demon Lord Candidate. Nevertheless, the members of Grimoire Security resolve to eliminiate the impurities.

Later, during a storm, an unknown female student resembling Selina calmly strolls through the halls as windows shatter.

Lieselotte ghost ep5 AN

The Ghost

In the aftermath, students gather around the remains of the previous night's destruction as Arata arrives at the scene. Lilith explains to him that apparently someone broke into the Academy when Grimoire Security accuse him of being the culprit since there were traces of a Breakdown Phenomenon. Suddenly, Yui appears but denies any involvement since her Breakdown Phenomenon would cause the population to fall asleep. Mira concludes that neither Arata or Yui was the cause, but notes that the magic resembles the one in the library.

Arata and Yui question Arin about the library since Yui was asleep during the event. Levi reveals that a ghost appeared in the past during a storm after school where a pair of twin sisters were studying the library. However, the windows suddenly shattered causing an avalanche of books, but more importantly, the elder sister had disappeared. Since then, people occassionally witnessed the missing girl on rainy days much to Yui's fear. Nevertheless, Arata remains resolute on investigating the issue.

Arriving at the library, the group joins Mira and Lilith where Arata explains his intentons on investigating the matter with the ghost. Although Mira initially refuses, she eventually relents when Arata notes that he should be present if a Breakdown Phenomenon is involved while Akio sleeps. He next notices Selina and approaches her, but before she can explain the reason for her presence, the atmosphere changes and envelops the party.

Lieselotte steal ep5 AN

The Trinity Seven of Acedia

Unexpectedly finding themselves in an unknown location, the group realizes that they were teleported into the Eternal Library. Suddenly, Arata is pushed away by Selina from a surprise attack only to discover a girl resembling Selina. The other girls recognize the culprit as Lieselotte, who greets them before attempting to steal their magic. However, Levi and Akio intervene while noting that she has become an evil mage. The girls explains to Arata that Lieselotte Sherlock is Selina's elder twin sister, as well as the figure behind the ghost who attempted to perform a forbidden experiment in the Eternal Library. Furthermore, Lieselotte is the former second in command of Grimoire Security and the Trinity Seven of Acedia. As Lieselotte announces her intention to steal the party's magic, Mira demands her reason for abadoning them and commiting a taboo. In response, Lieselotte simply explains that her actions was for her research, which was also her motivation for joining Grimoire Security to study Breakdown Phenomenons. 
Lieselotte magic king candidate ep5 AN

Demon Lord Candidate

Lieselotte then again attempts to steal Arata's magic, but Selina manages to help him avoid her ambush. Selina states that as a practitioner of Logos Art as well, she can calculate Lieselotte's next location much to the elder sister's happiness. As the other girls prepare to battle, Lieselotte begins to discuss with Arata about taboo magic before swiftly appearing behind Selina and stealing her magic. As Selina collapses, Lieselotte's magic increases while revealing that she has become a Demon Lord Candidate as well.





  • During the gym class, Yui teasingly placed Arata's hand on her breasts prior to Mira and Akio's arrival.
  • Before Mira warned Yui, Lilith arrived earlier while Akio and Arata formerly introduced themselves to each other.
  • Bath scene between Mira and Akio:
    • The reason Mira was distraught was that she had eliminated another magician that had transformed into a phantom earlier before.
    • Their conversation had occurred before Arata's arrival to the Royal Biblia Academy.
    • Levi appeared to tease their relationship.
  • When Mira interrogates Arata for the shattered windows, he reminds her that a Black Sun would appear for his Breakdown Phenomenon.
  • Prior to Mira's questioning of Lieselotte's motives, Selina originally questioned her first which Lieselotte simply responded that an evil mage's appearance was cool.
  • After Selina thwarted Lieselotte's second attempt to steal Arata's magic, Akio attempted to retaliate although Lieselotte still managed to avoid her attack.


  • Yui illustration Nao Akinari AN

    Yui Illustration

    On the same day of the broadcast, Nao Akinari released an illustration of Yui on his Twitter in celebration of the episode.
  • Arata's rescue of Yui from the previous episode is mentioned during Mira's warning and Yui's room.
  • After Yui summons Arata and the girls into her world, only Mira remains awake due to reflecting the magic with her Gehenna Scope. Arata recalls that she had stripped him before which occurred in Magus and Alchemist


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