Trinity Seven Wiki
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Affiliation Malebranche
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Dragon Orb
Archive(s) Invidia
Thema(s) Studium
Manga Chapter 12 (Levi Ninden)

Dragunazo is a member of Malebranche, as well as the founder of Dragon Orb, the magic that Ryuhime Kashin and Ryuki Kashin uses. Her nickname is the "Roaring Fangs of Destruction". She, along with Albalisha, Gurafia, Gatolhog, Falfarea and Libik rebelled against the True Magic King 17 years prior to the start of the series.




She appears in front of Ryuki in the form of a skeletal dragon with what appears to be an eye in the middle of her forehead. Due to her lack of appearances in the manga, it is unclear if that is her original form or a manifested one.


When she “upgraded” herself into a Demon, Dragunazo placed a trap for her own descendants the Shadow Ninja clan. She left a magic every Shadow Ninja clan member want to achieve. Dragunazo then waits for her descendants to achieve the magic and enter another dimension to become her food.

After Ryuki's initial death after her battle with Levi Kazama, Ryuki finds herself in a dark lake with many bones floating about her. There, Dragunazo appears in front of her and demands that she served under her. Ryuki's answer was to use the abilities of Mahitotsuhime's left eye, which she took along with her when she died, to "see" Dragunazo's "death", allowing her to crush Dragunazo easily and consume her magic and soul.

Dragunazo was the first known member of Malebranche to be killed, although Arbalishia said that by that time, Dragunazo is so heavily injured after their fight to kill the True Demon King, so it’s implied that she’s in a weakened state.


Dragon Orb
As the founder of Dragon Orb, she has the ability to consume the souls of others in order to enhance her strength further.