Demonic Threat Suppression
Lugh Levi Ryuhime Charme Homurahime Itsukihime Sakaihime Sumihime ch4 cover LS MA
Volume 01
Chapter 04
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Sutarō Hanao
Publisher Yen PressJP
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age March 2016
Release Date February 9, 2016

The Common Front of the Mages


Chapter 5

Demonic Threat Suppression is the fourth chapter of the Levi Ninden series, released on February 9, 2016 in Monthly Dragon Age March 2016 issue, and compiled in the first volume on May 9, 2016.


Ryuhime dragons ch4 LS MA

Code D Dragons

As the dragon confronts the party, Ryuhime orders the members of her Shadow Force to attack, however their magic is repelled by a barrier of electricity protecting the demon. Levi and Lugh soon join the skirmish as well but the ninja eventually concludes that their efforts is meaningless against the barrier, noting that the Breakdown Phenomenon has strengthened the monster. Despite sensing an abnormality with her hand, the Trinity Seven suggests switching their approach by targeting the barrier's affinity's weakness of wood, which coincidentally is the element of Ryuhime. As such, Ryuhime then proceeds to eliminate the dragon in a single strike using her Dragon Orb magic, flaunting her strength towards Levi. However, the ninja directs her apparent rival's attention to the arrival of three additional dragons much to the chagrin of the leader of the Wu Xing Shadow Force. Nontheless, despite the arrival of even more enemies, Ryuhime decides against escaping with Charme and instead commands her team to eliminate the minor demons while she focuses on the dragons. Along with Levi and Lugh, the three prevent one another from being inflicted by the dragons' magic prior to finally defeating each one individually. As Charme admires the trio, she suddenly begins to convulse while an unknown voice speaks to her to choose one of them to wield Murasame, prompting the girl to recall a scene from her past...

At the Royal Biblia Academy, Charme watches Levi interact with her friends from afar...

Charme Lugh Levi Ryuhime Murasame ch4 LS MA


Observing the Breakdown Phenomenon is still continuing, the group concludes that the dragons were not the source before Levi notices Charme's declining state. Quickly checking her companion's condition, however, upon contact, the Trinity Seven unexpectedly finds herself unconscious with a Demon Lord Seal on her hand. An emotionless Charme then reveals that she had stolen the magus' magic, originally placing her element during their initial encounter. Utilizing the magic of a Trinity Seven to recover her strength, Charme then reveals that she is the Mythical Weapon Murasame after summoning the blade from within herself. While Ryuhime is overwhelmed by the weapon's power, Lugh demands that Murasame peacefully surrender to her but Charme swiftly incapacitates her instead using one of Levi's Shamanic Spell's techniques. Noting that she is not fully in control of the magic, Charme decides to withdraw until their next meeting as the weakened ninja is unable to prevent her departure.




  • Lieselotte cover MDA Mar 2016 MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age March 2016

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age March 2016 issue featured Rias Gremory from High School DxD along with a poster of Lieselotte.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, as Ryuhime interrogated a captured Charme, the two are interrupted by the appearance of a Code D dragon before being joined by Levi and Lugh.
  • After stealing Levi's magic, the Murasame personality within Charme reveals that she had originally placed her seal during their initial encounter when the ninja prevented her from falling in The Girl of the Stealth Magic.
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