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Demon Lord Knights or Demon King Knights (デーモンキングナイト, Dēmonkingunaito) are knights who have powers nearly equal to the Trinity Seven. They were chosen willingly to undergo a forbidden ritual which turned them into knights, removing their human persona. Unlike all the previous Demon Lords, the Demon Lord Knights do not possess souls. They currently reside in Demise World.


Originally, they were all human mages, but they undergone a ritual which requires four talented mages to do so. With each one possess unique ability to their own, in their former human lives. After becoming a Demon Lord Knights, the summoner gave them two tasks to complete. The first to eliminate Anastasia-L whom called the 'The traitors Saint' because she sealed Demise. The second task is to revive Demise. Having faith in them doing so. However as time passed each assassin failed to do so, and befriended Ana.

At some point they built a massive crystal which shows events that is happening, as well as meeting Altana Magnus. Unknown to them that she was performing experiments. Seeking power and revenge against Ana, the Arbitrator gave Pandora a forbidden weapon.

Unfortunately, all the Knights along with Altana, Lilith and Ana have been trapped in the school. Fortunately because of Lilith and Ana possess the same Thema, they were able to escape the trapped dimension by using their Last Crest.

However, a cost have been paid at both parties, for the Knights they became "deceased" and how many years would have passed they won't age, remaining at their youth. But are still alive. Pandora as well has the power to summon all four of them at any time she wishes. They chose to remain in Demise World and protect it, in case something happened. Altana has stayed as well but she sealed their memories of them meeting her.

Member & Specialties

The switch to activate the armor.

All the Demon Lord Knights have a technique that only them can use. However the technique is so dangerous that it takes over their bodies and use it as their own, which corrupts them. This was given to them upon their summoning. After conquering the armor presence they can use it without it taking over their bodies, each one has the shape of a diamond.


Pandora - Also known as Mirror Silver Pandora, has the ability to summon all the Demon Lord Knights at will. As well summon anti-Demon Lord bodies which rivals their own.

Patricia Caesar - Also known as Demon Lord Knight of Crimson Crack, Aradis when the armor takes over her body. The leader of the Demon Lord Knights.

Yumegaya Chris - Also known as Demon Lord Knight, Azaria of Ryomo, takes over the mages body and uses to control her own.

Suiten Inori - Also known as Demon Lord Knight of Ischuria of Green Sky, takes over the mages body, however in Inori case is different. As she can use the armor full power without losing her sanity due to her multiple personalities.

Mamiya Yorun - Also known as Demon Lord Knight of Volea of Blue Dream, the armor takes over the user body and uses as her own. Out of the four she tried her best to resist the armor control and remain calm.

Armor Features

The Demon Lord Knights can fully transform themselves into a full armor covering their entire body except for Pandora who has the ability to summon Knights.

All the Demon Lord Knight has a unique technique which only them poses called Demon's Gift (魔王能力, Maō nōryoku) These Demon Gifts are their special techniques that they use once the armor takes control. For example Inori's Demon Gift is to petrify the opponent to stone, Yorun's Demon Gift is to substitute others by changing their appearance or hers. For a last resort, all Demon Lord Knight has a unique technique and can only be executed by the cooperation of all four of them by connecting to their Archive. They name the technique Four Heavenly Demon technique. Giving other user to access to an armor as well as a new Demon's Gift.


  • All the Demon Lord Knights have lived approximately over 30 years old yet their age remain the same when they were at school.
  • Even prior to becoming Demon Lord Knights they possessed incredible magic powers.
  • All of the Demon Lord Knight become violent with a sadistic attitude seeking enjoyment in tormenting others when the armor takes over and corrupt them.