Date & Talisman
Lilith cover ch29 MA
Volume 07
Chapter 29
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age June 2013
Release Date May 9, 2013

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Chapter 30

Date & Talisman[1] is thirtieth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on May 9, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age June 2013 issue, and later compiled in the seventh volume on December 9, 2013. 


While the Royal Biblia Academy is being repaired, elsewhere in a city, Arata explains his reasons for asking Lilith to come with him. Lilith then questions Arata on their destination, although Arata is unsure himself since he has not explored the city since enrolling. As they decide to have Lilith become the guide, Selina, Yui, Levi and Arin are observing the two from a distance. 

Watching from afar, the girls are curious and jealous of Lilith and Arata's date. Regardless, they agree to continue following the couple secretly.

Lilith asks Arata the reason why he wanted to go shopping and the latter replies that he wished to repay the Lilith for her care, as well as the fan service she provided, much to the teacher's embarrassment and chagrin. Additonally, Arata is reminded that he has ocassionally received large amounts of money on his desk. Lilith explains that the Academy will pay Magus based on the type of cases they solve. However, since Magus need magic equipment and resources for their research, the funds are usually quickly spent. As such, she recommends that he spend on himself, but Arata insists that he has already decided how to spend his money, although, he is still unsure of what he wants to buy. Lilith then suggests that he treat her to a meal and the two begin heading towards a restaurant.

Meanwhile, the four girls again jealously declare the two are on a date, before deciding to also follow them inside the restaurant. However, Levi recognizes the store, recalling that certain people were inside as well.

Upon entering the restaurant, Arata and Lilith are greeted by Mira in a maid outfit who is greatly surprised by their appearance who explains that they wish to eat. After examining Mira's outfit, Arata thanks her for the view, much to Mira's embarrassment. Lilith next asks Mira if the reason she is working is for a magic tool. Mira confirms her question, revealing that she wishes to stock up on anti-magic amulets and magic storing talismans. Lilith explains to Arata that anti-magic amulets can protect the user from an opponent's magic while magic storing talismans reserve small amounts of magic that can be used later. Mira's grimoire, Book of the Mirrored Lands", contains a large reserve of magic and her Gehenna Scope magic allows her to perform magic without tools. However, due to events at the Royal Liber Academy, she does not wish for a repeat of the incident. Later, Akio, dressed in a chef's outfit, arrives and greets the group, offering to cook for Arata and Lilith free of charge as an apology for being unable to help at Liber. The two decide to accept her offer, before Mira leads them to their table. While watching Mira work, Lilith comments that they do not usually see this side of her student in spite of Mira's bashfulness. 

Yui Levi Arin Selina Lilith Arata date ch29 MA

The Date

Afterwards, Arata and Lilith continue to enjoy their date, visiting several restaurants and treating themselves to snacks while their spectators also follow them.

The two eventually stop for a break where Arata apologizes to Lilith for having her show him around, but Lilith insists that she was able to relax and have fun as well. Arata then thanks her for being worried over him since the incident with HIjiri, as well as supporting him despite being a Demon Lord Candidate. However, she reassures him, admitting that he is a Demon Lord Candidate, and may eventually rule the Trinity Seven, as well as destroy the world. But likewise, he had also accepted them as his friends despite being normal. Therefore, she believes the Trinity Seven, including herself, all like him regardless of his perverted side, much to his embarrassment.

From afar, the four onlookers have become tired and weary after trailing the couple. Although, Arin and Levi discuss the previous battle against Hijiri, particularly when Lilith pierced Hijiri's barrier. They recall Hijiri's reaction from being confident to her realization about Lilith. As such, the two conclude that there is something unusual about the teacher.

Lilith present ch29 MA

A Special Present

At the same moment, Arata also discusses with Lilith about the fight against Hijiri, remembering his expeirence passing his magic to her. In spite having of being exhaused of magic, he had felt his entire being, not just his magic, being drained, as if she was using the Demon Lord Element within him. Nevertheless, he then reveals that he has a gift for her, requesting that she close her eyes. Although embarrassed by his instruction, Lilith chooses to close her eyes, apparently expecting him to kiss her. However, she is instead surprised to find him presenting her an amulet. Arata explains that he had bought an anti-magic amulet from a shop they visited earlier to protect her from enemy magic. Although Lilith may not require the amulet, Arata reveals that he does not wish to see her hurt and that she stay the same, causing her become quite joyful at his gift. After Lilith thanks Arata, they are startled to discover the trailing girls, who reveal themselves as having stalked them the entire time. Since the girls are hungry, the group decide to dine at Mira and Akio's restaurant.




  • During Arata and Lilith's date, the Royal Biblia Academy is shown being repaired by various Magus. The Academy was originally destroyed by Iscariot in Chapter 25.
  • Mira reveals that she applied for the maid job so that she can purchase anti-magic amulets and magic storing talismans to avoid the same incident that occurred in the Royal Liber Academy. The incident Mira is referencing is the event in Ilias & Adventure where she lost her clothes due to Ilia's barrier.
  • Arata, Lilith, Arin and Levi make multiple mentions to the battle against Hijiri from the last chapter. In particular, Hijiri's reaction and Lilith's method to defeat the Demon Lord Candidate is explored in detail, especially regarding the Trinity Seven of Luxuria's true nature.


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