Dark Mage and Big Event
悪の魔道士 と学園襲撃 (Aku no Madōshi to Gakuen Shūgeki)
Lilith Arata magic ep6 AN
Episode 06
Studio Seven Arcs Pictures Japan flag icon
Premiere November 11, 2014
Opening Theme Seven Doors
Ending Theme SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING♪

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Dark Mage and Big Event is the sixth episode of the Trinity Seven series, broadcasted on November 11, 2014 in TV Tokyo.


Liese, the last Trinity Seven, appears in the Eternal Library bearing a demon lord seal, making her a demon lord candidate, as well. She tries to entice Arata to join the evil mage side to help save Hijiri, and kisses Arata while he's unsure what to do. Arata has his magic stolen from him, and Liese decides to attack the school.[1]


Lieselotte candidate ep6 AN

Demon Lord Candidate

As Lieselotte displays her recently acquired magic, the group is shocked by the revelation that she has become a Demon Lord Candidate. Meanwhile, Arata becomes concerned over a weakened Selina when the Demon Lord Seal appears on neck where Lieselotte bited her. Lieselotte defends her actions, believing that the desire of any mage is to become the Demon Lord. Nevertheless, Lilith insists that Lieselotte should achieve that through hard work, but the latter states that she would rather ignore the process to reach her goals, similar to Arata. However, while Arata admits that he prefers using a shortcut as well, he dislikes stealing magic from his friends before confronting her. Although, the Astil Manuscript warns her master that Lieselotte is stronger, Arata nevertheless chooses to continue and transfroms into his Magus Mode. Unfortunately, Lieselotte is already aware of Arata's magic through Selina's research after stealing her sister's magic. Noting that their magic is similar, the Trinity Seven of Acedia offers Arata the chance to join her, even revealing that she could help him rescue his cousin Hijiri. Arata is shocked by her knowledge of Hijiri when Lieselotte suddenly approaches him.
Arata Lieselotte kiss ep6 AN

A Stolen Kiss

Akio and Levi attempt to interfere, but Lieselotte easily rebuffs them before kissing Arata. Afterwards, Arata begins to weaken as Lieselotte erotically reacts to stealing his magic. Subsequently, her magic further increase before the evil mage decides to experiment with her new strength by casting anti-magic on the remaining Trinity Seven, causing their clothes to fall apart with the exception of Mira and Levi. Levi then begins battling Lieselotte as Mira analyzes her magic, which the Demon Lord candidate excitely accepts their challenge. The Trinity Seven of Invidia attempts to stike Lieselotte, but the Demon Lord Candidate barely avoids the ambush while also inflicting her own damage on the ninja. Next, Lieselotte then binds her opponent's injured arm, but Levi still manages to escape the entrapment. The two discusses Levi's chances of victory, but the skirmish had allowed enough time for Mira to finish her analysis of Lieselotte's magic. Following complete, Mira unleashes a devastating magical blast, but ultimately fails to damage Lieselotte in the slightest.
Levi Lieselotte victory ep6 AN

A Temporary Victory

Meanwhile, the remaining group observes the battle while noting that Arata will probably be safe due to Astil's protection, but Selina's life is in danger due to losing her magic. Although Lieselotte has become stronger after stealing his magic, Arata nevertheless refuses to remain passive, but the Trinity Seven reminds him about her offer on Hijiri. While Arata remains uncertain regarding Hijiri, Lieselotte's magic begins to become unstable which does not escape Mira and Levi's notice. Arata then declines her offer despite his desire to save Hijiri, as Selina was currently more important. However, Lieselotte states that she will not allow them to escape, but Levi then chooses to continue their skirmish. Although the Demon Lord Candidate is confident in her speed, she becomes shocked to discover Levi is able to outmaneuver her teleportation when the ninja manages to destroy both of her wings. Levi reveals that because Lieselotte had yet to master her recently acquired magic, the wings were causing her speed to decelerate. Understanding the situation, Lieselotte chooses to retreat, promising to return after stabilizing her magic.

Afterwards, the party is transported back to the library but the situation remains dire as Lieselotte will have mastered Arata's magic in their next confrontation. Although reluctant, Mira decides that Grimoire Security will train Arata before Lieselotte returns to his surprise.

Mira Akio training ep6 AN


Outside of Biblia Academy, Mira informs Arata that his strength is required to defeat Lieselotte. As such, both her and Akio will train him to copy the latter's Mantra Enchant magic. Although Arata is still unaware of the process, Akio nevertheless begins the session to his concern.

Elsewhere in the Academy, Lilith visits Selina in the infirmary where Yui is stabilizing her magic. Afterwards, the girls discuss Arata's training with Grimoire Security, contemplating if Arata will finish before Lieselotte's arrival. However, an injured Levi arrives to warn them that they may not very much time.

Meanwhile, as the session continues, Arata continues to remain uncertain on his next action until Akio's following strike causes him to accidentally fall and grope Mira. Upon realizing the situation, Mira punishes Arata before Akio compliments him for avoiding her attack, although she has not yet fully recovered. Nontheless, the two encourage him to discover his own magic before resuming the training.

In the infirmary, Levi reminds the group that a mage's Thema is the opposite of their personality. Since Lieselotte's Thema is Stagna, she probably will not remain indolent when suddenly the windows shatter, implying her arrival.

Shadow creatures appear throughout the academy, causing panic among the student population. 

Lieselotte Master Biblia lessons ep6 AN


Two female students are assaulted by several of the creatures which causes their clothes to strip while having their magic being absorvd. The Headmaster then intervenes, defeating the demons and rescuing the students. Thereafter, he reviews the situation with his assistant, happily noting that the Academy is in trouble. While the Assistant secures the corridors, Lieselotte confronts the Headmaster, decarling that she will defeat him before ordering the demons to attack. However, Master Biblia easily disposes of the creatures and begins to lecture Lieselotte on using magic to battle after suddenly embracing her. Deciding to become serious, Lieselotte binds the Headmaster, but to her surprise, the Paladin reveals that he can invoke spells simply by speaking. Effortlessly removing the bindings, the Headmaster continues his lectures while Lieselotte can only admire his strength. Suddenly, she is able to witness a demonic gate appear behind Master Biblia.





  • When Lieselotte offered Arata to help locate Hijiri, she had accused him of preferring to play with other girls instead of rescuing his cousin. As a result, Mira ordered Akio to eliminate them both while Lilith requested Levi to protect Arata.
  • When Arata decides that they should escape, Arin, Akio and Yui suggests their way of breaking out with disastrious results.
  • When Mira initially declares that Grimoire Security will train Arata, Akio interprets her statement as making his death appear as an accident.
  • The infirmary scene occured after Arata's training began.
  • After Arata accidentally landed and groped Mira, she would in response pummel him enough to induce amnesia before warning him to never remember.


  • Lieselotte illustration1 Nao Akinari

    Celebration Illustration

    Before the broadcast, Nao Akinari released a second illustration of Lieselotte in celebration on his Twitter.


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