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Dark Mage & Sub-Administer
Chapter 12 insert.png
Volume 03
Chapter 12
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age January 2012
Release Date December 9, 2012

Chapter 11


Chapter 13

Dark Mage & Sub-Administer is the thirteenth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on December 9, 2011 in the Monthly Dragon Age January 2012, and later compiled in the third volume on April 5, 2012.


Demon Lord Candidate

As Lieselotte becomes excited at the chance of stealing Arata and the Trinity Seven's magic, Selina asks her sister for a reason. Lieselotte simply responds by asking her little sister if she thinks she looks cool. Mira then interjects and demands Lieselotte give a reason for leaving and committing a taboo. Lieselotte answers that she did it for her research, which was also her objective upon joining Grimoire Security in order to study Breakdown Phenomenons. Suddenly, Lieselotte attempts to attack Arata once more, however Selina helps him avoid her again, being able to calculate where she will teleport. Lieslelotte becomes overjoyed of Selina's growth, although frightening her twin in the process. Akio then abruptly strikes Lieselotte, but she manages to avoid her attack. Levi and Lilith also join Akio in order to stop Lieselotte. Meanwhile, Arata admires and comments on Lieselotte, much to Lilith's chagrin. Lieselotte begins discussing with Arata about the role of magic before swiftly stealing Selina's magic. After Selina collapses, the group senses Lieselotte's magic starting to to increase. As Lieselotte recounts retrieving a Demon Lord's element upon entering the Eternal Library, wings made of black particles appear from her back, surprising the group. Around the same moment, a seal of the Demon Lord appears on a weakened Selina, confirming that Lieselotte has become a Demon Lord Candidate. Lieselotte defends herself as becoming the Demon Lord is the ultimate desires for any Magus, however, Lilith retorts that the position should only be attained after years of studying and research. Nevertheless, Lieselotte declines this method, declaring that she prefers reaching her goals in the least amount of steps. Arata agrees with her view, but dislikes her actions of stealing her friend's magic prior to transforming into his Magus Mode despite the Astil Manuscript warning him that she is stronger than the opponents he had faced before. Lieselotte becomes surprised that he can use Outer Alchemic and begins reviewing information about him from Selina's stolen research, being able to also gain the research of those she consumed magic from. 

Lieselotte stealing Arata's magic

Lieselotte then invites Arata to join her side, proposing that he would be able to find Hijiri more quickly. Arata demands that Lieselotte explain how she knows of Hijiri, however Lieselotte agress to tell him if he accepts her offer, catching him off guard she suggest that he prefers playing with the girls than rescuing his cousin. Mira and Lilith sends Akio and Levi respectively to impede Lieselotte, but they are precluded by Liesotte's wings. Lieselotte subsequently kisses Arata, stealing his magic as well and further enhancing hers in the process. Exhilirated by her new abilities, Lieselotte next uses her magic over the girls, causing Akio, Yui, Arin and Lilith to be stripped of their clothes. Mira and Levi are the only ones to paritally avoid her attack, becoming determined to defeat Lieselotte. Nontheless, Lieselotte accepts their challenge, proclaiming that she will prove she is the strongest of them all. 



  • Lieselotte is the first of the Trinity Seven to kiss Arata directly on the lips, as well as her personal first.