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Dante's Gate & Radix Grimore
Sora cover ch60 7M MA.jpg
Volume 14
Chapter 60
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age January 2016
Release Date December 9, 2015

Ready Champions & Fireworks


Grimore Battle & Departure

Dante's Gate & Radix Grimore is the sixty-first chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on December 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age January 2016 issue, and later compiled in the fourteenth volume on April 9, 2016.


Vision of a Dark Future

In an empty dark hall, Master Liber begins chanting while slitting her wrist to summon her grimoire before witnessing a dark vision where Arata and the Trinity Seven have been brutally slain. Suddenly staggering from bleeding in her eye, Liber comments that in the future, the Trinity Seven will be defeated even before reaching Dante' Gate.

At Biblia Academy, Sora compliments the taste of her dish while dining alongside Arata and Ilia. The grimoires note that Arata has managed to stabilize his magic, giving him a sense of appreciation for the Demon Lord Element since he was recently was unable to control his abilities. Subsequently, the Sherlock twins arrive to join them, recalling that Sora possesses two Elements from Lieselotte and Lugh in the past. However, when Arata questions the nature of the Demon Lord Element, Sora reveals that the Element is a power from another dimension through Dante's Gate. Furthermore, the true Demon Lord rests within the deepest levels.

In a dark dimension, Radix Astil approaches Dante's Gate when Melacoda, the leader of the Malebranche, determines if her purpose is to retrieve her manuscript, which she confirms. Radix states that her other self should not serve a powerless Demon Lord Candidate before leaving.

Inside the Headmaster's office, Mira, Akio, and Levi meets with Master Biblia to discuss the possibilities of enemies targeting Arata since Dante's Gate will open in three hundred days. While the girls are determined, Biblia reveals that according to Liber, an enemy will soon arrive at the Academy. Although skeptical of Liber's information, the Trinity Seven nevertheless depart to prepare for the upcoming battle.


Outside, Akio comments on the high degree of Mira's preparations, however the latter remains vigilant, determined to rectify their previous performance during Akarsha's assault. Suddenly, Radix appears before the girls, who note that the grimoire resembles Sora. After introducing her identity and intentions to retrieve Sora, Radix attempts to move, only to be struck by one of Mira's barriers, but her injuries quickly heal. Mira demands Radix's reason for reclaiming Sora, which the grimoire reveals that she is necessary for reviving her master, the Demon Lord, regardless of Arata's will. Furthermore, since the Demon Lord Candidate is merely a vessel for her master, he no longer has a purpose due to no longer possessing an Element. As such, the two opposing sides prepare to battle which Radix begins by removing Mira's remaining barriers. Next, all three members of the Trinity Seven attempt to strike the grimoire with little success, but Radix is suddenly surprised by Levi in Sorcerer Mode who destroys her defense. Following through, Levi then beheads Radix, however, her headless figure continues to cast a spell which engulfs the ninja in flames. Fortunately, the Trinity Seven of Invidia manages to avoid the spell while Radix returns to her normal form. In response, the grimoire invokes a powerful magic that causes a large explosion in the Academy.





  • Monthly Dragon Age January 2016

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age January 2016 featured Lilith along with Eda from Demonizer Zilch.
  • During their meal, Sora remarks that Arata has fully regained control over his magic, referring to the loss of his Demon Lord Element when he transferred his power to Anastasia-L in Primary Decide & Save the World.
  • While discussing the Demon Lord Element, the group recalls that Lieselotte had possessed on in the past, referring to the events in Dark Mage & Sub-Administer.
  • Before confronting Radix, Mira states that they should avoid underestimating their enemy since they performed poorly during Akarsh'a Underground Magic Research Tournament Festival. This is a reference to their battles during Akarsha's tournament which initially began in Aeshma Slave & Fourth Gate.