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Criminal Girl & His World
Hijiri cover ch28 MA.jpg
Volume 07
Chapter 28
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age May 2013
Release Date April 9, 2013

Chapter 27


Chapter 29

Criminal Girl & His World[1] is the twenty-ninth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on April 9, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age May 2013 and later compiled in the seventh volume on December 9, 2013


Trinity Seven Prepare for Battle

After Arata finishes adressing Hijiri, he then makes a request to the Trinity Seven to lend their strengths so that he bring Hijiri back. However, before they can continue, Lieselotte happily greets a surprised Arata who recognizes the former enemy by her bust size, much to Selina's chagrin. Their reunion is then interrupted by Lugh who comments that they are ignoring the fact Arata touched her breast, although Levi explains to her that his goal is to perform perverted acts to all Magus, despite the one in question's soft denial. While Lilith is chatising Arata, Lugh is stunned that Hijiri's Demon Lord would also attempt to make her his mistress, to which Hijiri admits he is quite skilled in those type of situations. Afterwards, Arata again proceeds to face against Hijiri, both stating that they will not hesitate to fight one another. The two then continue to connect to their respecitve Archives with the Trinity Seven following the same course of action as well. 

Meanwhile, Master Biblia and the third member of Iscariot, revealed as Master Liber, are observing the situation from above. Biblia comments that if he, a Paladin, were to fight against one of the same class, the world would be in grave danger. As such, the two decide to continue to watch the fight between the Demon Lord Candidates. 

Hijiri starts the battle with casting a spell, although Mira is able to cancel the attack after analyzing her Themas. Impressed, Hijiri notes that Mira's Gehenna Scope magic was effective against her and Arin's Chaosic Rune magic. Suddenly, Akio surprises Hijiri from behind, but Lugh attempts to defend her comrade against the ambush. However, to her astonishment, Lugh finds herself overwhelmed by Akio's kick due to Yui's Arch Symphony magic greatly enchancing the Mantra Enchant magic. With her last Mythical Armament destroyed, Lugh is defeated and faints as a result. Using the opportunity, Levi and Lieselotte then attempt to strike Hijiri, however the Demon Lord Candidate's barrier defends her from their onslaught. Hijiri explains that her spell can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. As such, Arin reveals that only she is capable of removing the barrier, so Levi and Lieselotte decide to let her handle Hijri's defense while they continue to attack. Although, Hijiri easily deduces their plan and directs her spell towards Arin. While the spell seemingly impacts Arin, Hijiri is surprised to discover Levi and Lieselotte instead, having switched places with their friend. From above, Arin uses her spell to destroy Hijiri's barrier before signaling Arata and Lilith. Fueled by Arata's magic, Lilith then shoots a magical beam towards Hijiri who attempts to block the blast. Yet, Hijri becomes surprised when she senses something from Lilith, confirming her suspicions about the Demon Lord as the explosion envelops her. After the detonation, Arata searches for Hijri until he finds and embraces her. Still conscious, Hijri comments that she had underestimated them because of Arata's state, but was nontheless startled by Lilith.

Truth of the World

Explaining the truth to Arata, Hijiri recounts the day she vanished due to the Breakdown Phenomenon where she was found herself in an empty world. Regardless, she was satisfied with her life, being able to experience her time with him. Although, as her conscience was fading, Hijrii then witnessed a vision of the future in which Astral Trinity, along with the Trinity Seven, had destroyed the world. While the girls are surprised by the revelation, Hijiri further explains that they are in a loop in which the world is reborn then destroyed the Demon Lord and the Trinity Seven continuously. Upon learning the truth, Hijiri could not forgive the world for using him as a tool for reincarnation. As such, Iscariot's goal is to erase and rebuild the world, much to Arata's relief, already realizing that she was doing this for him. Because a Magus' Thema is the opposite of their nature, she would never feel wrath for anthing related to herself. Hijiri reasons that because she did not wish for him to become the Demon Lord, Iscariot would recreate the world into one he could freely enjoy. Nontheless, Arata assures her that since his Thema is "Rule", he will control the Demon Lord and even the world as well, much to Hijiri's happiness. However, Hijiri suddenly begins to dissipate due to her body being unable to maintain in the world for long periods of time after becoming an unstable existence. Despite Arata's unwillingness, Hijiri transforms into a crystal before Master Liber retrieves her. Liber explains that Iscariot, an organization opposing the Demon Lord, cannot afford to lose their trump card against him. Regardless, Arata requests that she care for his cousin as he will definitely save her. Amused by his response, Liber promises to reshape Hijiri into the perfect weapon against the Demon Lord and teleports away. Despite the results, Arata gladly asks the girls again for their help in the future, before his clothes suddenly falls apart in front of them, much to Lilith's vexation.




  • Lieselotte, possessing Selina's body, reunites with Arata and the rest of the Trinity Seven. The former enemy was originally trapped in the Stagnant World after using her Final Crest against Arata in Last Crest & Problem Solving. However, Lieselotte would later be able to partially return in Chapter 26 when Selina allowed her sister to use her body.
  • During Arata's reunion with Lieselotte, Lugh interrupts them to complain that they are ignoring the fact that Arata touched her breast which occurred in the previous chapter.
  • Upon being defeated, Hijiri realizes the truth about Lilith which is later revealed in Chapter 30 that she possess a Demon Lord Element as well.
  • While explaining the world's nature, Hijiri also recounts her experience after disappearing due to a Breakdown Phenomenon. This is a reference to the events described in Cracker & Third Selection prior to the beginning of the story.


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