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Cracker & Third Selection
Trinity Seven ch1 cover Lilith Selina Akio Yui Mira Arata Arin Levi MA.jpg
Volume 01
Chapter 00
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)

Yen Press (US)

Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age January 2011
Release Date December 9, 2010



Administer & A Ring

Cracker & Third Selection is the first chapter of Trinity Seven, intially serialized on December 9, 2010 in Monthly Dragon Age January 2011 issue, and later compiled in first volume on July 7, 2011. 


Arata Kasuga, finding himself in a dark void, witnesses a girl reaching towards him and desperately attempts to grab her hand. However, he suddenly wakes up to find himself accidentally grabbing the chest of his cousin and childhood friend, Hijiri Kasuga, much to her embarrassment and anger. After hitting him, the two proceed to eat breakfast, although Hijiri is still annoyed by his prior action and insists on a response from him. He instead comments that her chest has grown bigger, further vexing her. Arata then remarks that she was much more honest as a child while reminiscing at a childhood drawing she drew for him to her chagrin.

First encounter between Arata and Lilith

Afterwards, as the two leave and begin walking towards their school, Arata notices that the sun has turned black, although Hijiri does not seem to find anything unusual. While still unsure over the sun's strange appearance, a mysterious girl in their school uniform passes them by, telling him to wake up immediatley or she will have to kill him before disappearing.

Unsettled by the encounter, Arata continues to deliberate over the sun's strange appearance, as well as the mysterious girl's warning during class. During lunch time, Arata and Hijiri head over to the roof where they are confronted by the mysterious girl again who still demands that he wake up. Introducing herself as Lilith Asami, she leaves before asking him one more to remove the black sun. 

Arata then remains over the roof pondering her words until Hijiri finds him alone. Asking her again if she really does not see the sun and moon turned black, Hijiri instead replies that the sun and moon has always been that color long before he was even born. Asking him as long as he has his normal life and remains with her, she will grant any of his desires. Suddenly remembering a scene of Hijiri asking him not to forget her, Arata questions if she is the true Hijiri. Despite "Hijiri's" insistence that she is genuine, as well as being able to answer his personal questions, Arata manages to reveal her deception after inquiring her once more to confirm the sun's color. After maintaing that the sun is black, Arata shows her Hijiri's childhood drawing which depicts the sun as red and demands the location of the real Hijiri. Unable to maintain the facade, "Hijiri" amusedly begins lauging before defending herself against an attack by Lilith in her Magus mode, much to Arata's confusion. 

"Hijiri" revealing the destruction of Arata's hometown.

"Hijiri" then removes her illusion, revealing the entire town in desolation and ruins. Lilith also reveals that three days ago a Breakdown Phenomenon occured and destroyed the area in a single night. Suddenly remembering, Arata recalls witnessing the black sun, as well as people disintegrating into particles and being absorbed into the sun that day. During the destruction, the real Hijiri had given him a small grimoire, asking it to protect him and grant his wish. Despite his confusion, Hijiri gives him some last instructions before kissing him and disappering, begging him not to forget her to his horror. Finding himself alone in an empty dark world, a distraught Arata demands the grimoire to bring back his normal days.

Lilith giving Arata an ultimatum.

Realizing that his wish created the fake world, "Hijrii" or the grimoire, further proudly reveals that she the one who casted the spell as per Hijiri's last command. Liltih, a magician dispatched by the Academy to investigate the Breakdown Phenomenon, was also surprised to discover the town undamaged and intact. Finding the grimoire's actons and abilities dangerous, Lilith demands that Arata dispel the grimoire, gauranteeing his life but losing the grimoire, and his memories, including Hijiri. Otherwise, he will die if he refuses. Initially unable to decide, Arata, remembering the real Hijiri, asks Lilith if she is still alive, which the grimoire confirms as her form is a projection of Hijiri. Upon learning of Hijiri's survival, Arata informs Lilith that he has decided to not to hand over the grimore, and instead chooses a third option to her surprise.

Arata arriving at the Academy.

Some time later, Arata arrives in front of a Magic Academy where he is greeted by Lilith. His previous decision to Lilith's ultimatum is revealed, choosing to become a magus instead, rationalizing that he can become one because he possesses a grimoire to Lilith's reluctant awknowledgement. Returning to the present, Arata requests Lilith to look after him as he enters the Academy.




  • In the initial print, Arin and Hijiri's hair color was originally depicted as brown. In the volume and anime, their hair colo was updated to light blue.