Bible Battle & Sweet Memory
Mira cover ch21 MA
Volume 05
Chapter 21
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age October 2012
Release Date September 7, 2012

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Chapter 22

Bible Battle & Sweet Memory[1] is the twenty-second chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on September 7, 2012 in Monthly Dragon October 2012 issue and later compiled in the fifth volume on January 7, 2013.


Ilia Hijiri Sora trap ch21 MA

Ilia holding a trapped Sora

As the two grimoires confront one another, Sora announces that she will begin, lauching several blasts towards "Hijiri". However, the demon creatures shield the Ilias Fragment, becoming destroyed instead as a result. Sora comments that elimating them makes her seem like the villain since they were once the students of Libel Academy. "Hijiri" only replies that since they are only spectres, they no longer had any purpose. Agreeing with her, Sora then decides to stop holding back her power, invoking a large crest. "Hijiri"t states that her fellow grimoire has become stronger, to which Sora notes that because of her perverted master, she has continued to grow stronger. The Ilias Fragment responds that she expected nothing less than the Demon Lord Candidate Hijiri had chosen, before Sora invokes her spell, causing a large explosion to occur. As Sora happily assumes that she has won, the grimoire does not notice a black box near her until the last moment, suddenly trapping her within. Retrieving the entrapped Sora, the Ilias Fragment recalls that Hijri used to comment that she would always leave an opening after using power magic. Returning her attention Arata, "Hijiri" requests that Arata for her since she will no longer allow him to escape anymore.

Outside the Academy, Arata notes that despite being outdoors, their magic is still sealed and Mira is unable to summon her grimoire. The two concludes that their magic cannot be used as long as they are on the school grounds. Nevertheless, they deduce the location of the barrier's linchpin would most likely be placed on top a clocktower to surround the most area. 

Arata Mira past ch21 MA

Sharing the Past

Entering the clock tower, the two decides to climb up a ladder to the top in order to investigate. Although, Mira is quite conscious of her informal attire climbing the ladder. Arata notices that she is troubled, and Mira explains that wind is causing her skirt to flip. Understanding her situation, Arata offers to climb first, however Mira questions if he will be able to detect any traps protecting the linchpin. With no other alternative, he then suggests that he ascend while carrying her. Despite her embarrassment, Mira reluctantly accepts and the duo proceeds onward to the top. While climbing, Arata begins conversing with Mira by asking of her reason for joining Grimoire Security. Mira explains that along with her immense magical power, she had entered due to the nature of her Thema Justitia. Arata recalls that a person's Thema is the opposite of their nature, then inquiries if she was a former delinquent. Mira quickly denies his notion, instead reveals that in the past, she was extremely shy with others. Due to the fear of losing control of her magic, she would always avoid contact with others. Despite Lilith's worries, Mira would continue to isloate herself. Regardless, Akio, already a member of Trinity Seven, would approach and allow her to undergo different experiences, allowing the two to form a close bond. On one ocassion, Akio would discover an unconsious Mira. Upon awakening, Mira would find herself being carried by her upperclassman. As she tried to apologize due to failing her experiment, Akio would nevertheless comment that since Mira was fortunate enough to be born with strong magic, she should use that to change herself. Inspired by Akio's words, Mira since then would strive to become someone liker her, an "ally of Justice" or a person who takes responsibility for their power. After finished reminiscing, Mira becomes embarrased for telling her past to Arata, although he insists that her story was good. Despite Mira's frustration, he is glad that she has returned to herself in spite of originally intending on distracting her. Nevertheless, Mira commands him to figure out how to escape and deal with Hijiri's grimoire since he is temporarily the second-in-command of Grimoire Security, to which he happily complies.
Ilia Hijiri moon ch21 MA

Awaiting the Destruction of the World

Upon reaching the top, the duo do not sense any traps, but instead discover Sora trapped in a box prison. Before Arata can reach her, "Hijiri" or the Ilias Fragment appears in front of them. Since his grimoire and magic is sealed, the Ilias Fragment states that she intends to eliminate Mira and have Arata remain in the barrier until Hijiri finishes destroying the world.




  • During Sora and the Ilias Fragment's battle, Sora comments that the spectres her fellow grimoire is using as a shield were once the students of Libel Academy. In Chapter 19, the academy was believed to have been destroyed by a Breakdown Phenomenon until discovered otherwise in the previous chapter to have been sealed in a barrier instead.
  • Upon Sora being sealed by the Ilias Fragment's trap, the grimoire recounts Hijiri commenting on the fact that she would always leave an opening after performing powerful magic. Sora was originally another one of Hijiri's grimoires until during a Breakdown Phenomenon the magus canceled her contract with the Astil Manuscript to allow her to form one with Arata in order to protect him in Cracker & Third Selection.
  • Arata and Mira explore the clocktower at the center of Libel Academy to search for the linchpin of the barrier surrounding the area. From the previous chapter, the two planned to find and destroy the linchpin of the barrier in order to escape. They had originally speculated the location of the linchpin to be either in the center or in multiple points in the perimeter.
  • Arata mentions that they are unable to use their magic within the barrier and Mira notes that she cannot summon her grimoire. This was confirmed when Mira attempted to initiate her magic against spectres which resulted in her clothes being forcibly removed from the prior chapter. Additionally, she is still wearing the Arata's shirt that he lended to her after the incident.
  • Near the end of their climb, Mira reminds Arata to focus on escaping and dealing with Hijiri's grimoire as he was temporarily the second head of Grimoire Security. This was referring to the event in Chapter 19 where Master Biblia appointed him the second head for the short term in order to support Mira and Akio during the investigation of Libel Academy's destruction.


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