Backstage & Chrono Gemini
Hijiri cover ch46 MA
Volume 11
Chapter 46
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age November 2014
Release Date October 9, 2014

Luxuria Magus & Heaven's Gift


Logos Mystery & Lost Master

Backstage & Chrono Gemini is the forty-seventh chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on October 9, 2014 in the Monthly Dragon Age November 2014 issue, and later compiled in the eleventh volume on March 25, 2015.


Akio Arsha Levi defeat ch46 MA

Strength of a Paladin

After a large explosion, Arsha remarks to an unconscious Levi and Akio that despite being strong, their level was still not quite as high as a Paladin. Next, the Headmaster of Akarsha two jewels that encase the defeated Trinity Seven, although Arsha notes that they never did reveal their trump card before continuing on. 

Meanwhile, Selina is being protected by Master Biblia from several Garms that he easily incompacitates. Recognizing the creatures, the Headmaster surmises that the beasts' purpose is to divert his attention from another person fighting, which causes Selina to worry.

In the infirmary, Lieselotte also effortlessly fends against the Garms, although she deduces that something happened with Arata due to the creatures' goal of confining her. However, she suddenly detects the presense of a new enemy, an armoured figure with a strong aura. Nevertheless, the Trinity Seven of Acedia uses her Logos Art to ambush the knight from behind to steal it's magic. But to her surprise, Lieselotte finds herself unable to touch her opponent due to an electrical barrier. before the being counterattacks, causing her to become quite injured. Shocked by the knight's strength, Lieselotte then notices the figure's presence and magic resembles a certain someone. Unfortunately, due to her weakened state, she is unable to continue, apologizing to Selina as the knight prepares to strike once more. 

Selina magus mode

Selina Awakens

Witnessing Lieselotte's situation from her camera, Selina becomes determined to rescue her sister, although the Headmaster reminds the reporter that there may be more powerful creatures than the Garms outside of his office. Nevertheless, despite being weak compared to the Trinity Seven, Selina continues to be insistent on protecting her family, refusing to remain actionless. The Headmaster notes that with Ligare as her Thema, her magic has changed, as well as her camera which transformed into the girmoire, Archytas Replicator. With her new magic, Selina teleports away as Master Biblia promptly eliminates the remaining Garms.

As the knight is about to deliver the final strike on Lieselotte, she is surprised to find herself being protected by Selina in her Magus Mode.



  • Lilith Arata montly dragon age nov 2014 cover MZ

    Monthly Dragon Age November 2014

    The cover of Monthly Dragon Age November 2014, the issue of the chapter, featured Lilith and Arata.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, the Royal Akarsha Academy began the Undergroaund Magical Research Tournament:
    • The Headmaster and Selina were attacked in his office.
    • Lieselotte was ambushed in the infirmary.
    • Levi and Akio confronted Arsha until they were seeminly overwhelemed by her strength.
  • Lieselotte comments that the infirmary has continuously become a battle zone. This is a reference to two separate events:
    • In Paladin & Book of Astil during her assault on Biblia where she fought against Arata before being defeated.
    • During Iscariot's invasion of Biblia from Sagas Arms & Sisters when Lugh's battle against Levi and Selina resulted in her return.
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