Baal Peor
Name Baal Peor
Creator Pythagoras
Known Users Lieselotte Sharlock
Archives Acedia

"Baal Peor" (Time Fissure) is the "Last Crest" of the Logos Art, it was devised a long time ago by Pythagoras, the mage known as the founder of the "Logos Arts."

The spell gives its user complete measurement and immensely slows down the "time" of all matter aside from the user. To put it in simple terms, it's like a pretend version of "stopping time." However the user cannot interfere with anything outside of him or herself.

There is a risk involved in using the "Baal Peor." Pythagoras, remained inside the "Ultra-High-Speed" World, and wasn't able to leave. The price of this magic is being stagnated in this world for all eternity, unable to move forward or backwards.

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