This artice is for the manga chapter. For the character, please see Lilith Asami.
Asami Lilith-san
Trinity Seven Short promo Lilith MA
Volume 1
Chapter 1
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Misaki Mori
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Release Date April 1, 2016

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Asami Lilith-san is the first chapter of the Trinity Seven-san series, released on April 1, 2016 on Niconico and later compiled into a single volume on Feburary 9, 2017. 


Part 1 - Asami Lilith-san
A brief introduction of Lilith is given. Arata then adds on saying that their first encounter started with "Hurry up and awaken or else I'll kill you", to which she replies with an exasperated look that she never phrased it so dangerously. Arata then continues, joking that if not for her breasts, he would not have noticed his discomfort, nor would he have become a mage, nor even have met Hijiri once more. He then thanks Lilith's breasts, to which she responds by covering herself up with embarrassment and asking him not to thank her with such a relieved face.

Part 2 - ChoroLilith
Arata is seen running away from Lilith after using stripping magic on her and saying that it was an accident. She then proceeds to scold him while covering herself, to which he replies with a cool face that her style was good and that she was cute, so it wasn't bad. This causes Lilith to blush, to which Selina and Levi, who were nearby, replies that it was "so like Lilith". This causes Lilith to become embarrassed and tells Arata to be careful next time while hitting him repeatedly. While this was happening, Levi made a remark that he was going to die and Selina commented about how Arata was getting beaten up while Lilith tried to hide her dere.

Part 3 -
Lilith discovers that all her underwear has gone missing when she checks her drawer. Arata then appears wearing her bra, skirt, stockings and panties as a mask and asks her what the matter was. She was about to complain to him about her lost underwear before realizing that the culprit was him. She then panics and begins to dial for the police, while Arata is seen dancing in the background and making comments about them. He then tries to make an excuse that he was trying to understand feminine emotions because many mages were female. An embarrassed Lilith then reproaches Master Biblia.

Part 4 -

Part 5 - Together with Father
Abyss Trinity is browsing through Lilith's photo album when Arata sees him looking frustrated. Arata asks what was troubling him, to which he responded that he could not see his daughter growing up. Arata tries to comfort him by suggesting that instead of seeing her in the past, he should see her grow up in the present. The scenes end with Lilith scolding Arata while wearing an elementary school uniform and running away from her father, who was trying to get her to put on a pair of bunny ears to take pictures of.

Part 6 - Together with Lilith-Sensei (1)
Lilith tries to get Arata to study, to which he groans, saying that her lectures were often very long and asked if she could teach him using pictures instead. She agrees and starts drawing, to which he pleads that she draws a cute picture. However, she shows him a picture that looks like a terrible child's scribble instead, saying that it was some kind of mascot character. To make things worse, the picture starts to come to life while she was explaining that she got her skills from her father and his divorced wife, causing Arata to scream and run away.

Part 7 - Together with Lilith-Sensei (2)
Following the events of the previous part, Arata is seen with a sullen look on his face, pleading Lilith to stop drawing while the picture from earlier is seen chewing on his hair. Lilith then comments that studying normally was easier, to which Arata shouts out that he doesn't want to because it was troublesome. He then asked if there was any other easy way to study, to which Lilith replies that there was. She then pulls out a hairy-looking magical beast and asks him to put it on his head, filling him with dread once again. She then explains that hundreds of tentacles would enter the holes in his head and easily teach him, however, it creates a bizarre noise when being removed. This causes Arata to run away again.

Part 8 -



  • This chapter was probably released as a joke chapter to commemorate April Fool's Day.
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