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Aryan Celestial
アーリアン・セレスティアル (Ārian seresutiaru)
Personal Info
Alias Goddess of Darkness
Gender Female (Goddess)
Status Active (Ceres host)
  • Gods
  • Giant Nornil Pillars
Thema(s) Evil

Aryan Celestial also known as the Goddess of Darkness, and the absolute evil itself. She is the current antagonist in the series. Because she has yet to revive, she has taken control of Ceres's body. Once she assimilated with all dimensions it is stated afterwards that it will be the end of the world. After the defeat of the Giant Nornil Pillars, she has later revived in Ceres's body, taking on as a human form.


Aryan is very dangerous, and very tricky. She managed to get close to Arata so that she can learn about "Holy" memories that he received from Hijri. She is also very curious, and very persistent especially towards Arata, since he is partially the key for her revival. Aryan has no qualms about human lives and she keeps spare plans in case something has gone wrong for her revival. However she has one weakness, which is anything Ceres feels, she feels it as well. This includes her emotions, love, kindness, which the original Ceres has for Arata. Since Ceres is her host body she cares for it as well, as if anything happens to the body she is in, she will be affected as well. She is also sometimes have doubts about Ceres's body, and regretted taking it, since she is annoyed by Ceres's inner thoughts and body.

Despite her evil intentions and her revival by the Three Giant Nornil Pillars, she is willing to wait and have patience. This is proven that she made even a promise between her and Arata that if he wins her over, it will be his win, thus saving the world. She also could've easily killed Arata when they were together in his sleep yet she didn't, despite being warned to if he let his guard down. After her declaration of war, she did give Arata some time to prepare everything, giving him plenty of time. Although this might also proves her confidence in winning.

After her revival as a human body, in battle she is merciless and sarcastic. As she purposely allowed Arata to watch her destruction, and the annihilations of the Arbitrators. As she wanted Arata to fall into despair. She even mocked Master Liber, since Ceres used to be her friend, after confining her in a black crystal she made sure to keep it, shrinking the crystal to fit her hand.

Since she doesn't care about human lives, being dangerous as it is, Aryan kills without remorse and has shown great delight in doing so. When erasing others she simply states there is no need to grief for others.


Aryan has yet to show her true appearance. Currently she is the host of the adult Ceres, whom she has long silver hair. Her right eye is blue while her left eye is red, having odd eyes. After the defeat of the Giant Nornil Pillars, she takes on a human form, in Ceres's body, her looks changed as well. Now she dons a black skirt, and the white elbow length gloves turned black. A black circle now formed, tied below her right hand that reaches above her head and ends below her left hand.



Many years prior to the main story in Heaven, there were already reigning former Arbitrators who have turned into the gods, causing disturbances in Heaven and changing into a disasters shape. Their wicked gods dominate the various worlds to summon the Goddess of Darkness who was sealed in a loop space-time by the Holy Heavenly Worlds. They continued to put people through suffering worse than death and continues to cause more pain than death, and sucks the magical power of existence from people to supply it to the Goddess of Darkness Aryan.

Aryan was called by the king of the gods whom called Deus Trinity. She is said to be sealed currently somewhere at the expense of the "Woman of the World Tree". The reincarnation of the Woman of the World Tree is within Arin. When she truly wakes up, all dimensions, space-times, and all other world goddesses in existence will fuse with her. However the Arbitrator became aware of Aryan dangerous existence, and that she's about to revive. Thus they decided to take action at any cost to stop her revival. Currently they have taken measures of destroying the three Giant Nornil Pillars, as well as choose one of them to stop her fusion with all dimensions.

World of the Black Emperor[]

Aryan has taken Ceres as her current host body, taking advantage of Ceres's last thoughts "I want to reunite with Arata". She then appeared in front of Arata in the form of a young Ceres. Arata then is surrounded by black flames somewhere, whom which Aryan observes from afar, fascinated by his strength as he overpowers the flames. As well as thinking to herself that he will be the key to revive her. Arata then suddenly is transported into a black world. Ceres then comes behind him hugging him, she explains the image that is shown. That the Ceres in the image is not her but she was invaded by the Goddess of Darkness by taking advantage of Ceres last thoughts and her feelings, which Aryan then assimilated with Ceres. Furthermore Arata questions about his condition if it's bad, Ceres tells him if that ever happened, the Goddess of Darkness will instead take Arata as her host and revive herself using his body. Arata then invites Hijri to come with him, as she appears as a thought self. Arata then gets out of the Black World whom Aryan was watching within. Aryan is shocked, and Arata informs the goddess that the flames of this world were the memory of Holy who become the Black Emperor Flame World.

Arata then arrives at the Black Emperor world where he receives the memory of Holy. Ceres then can't believe what he's done, such us if he collect such things, he will suffer not only himself but also the "child". Arata notices his hand burning, as in his thought's that even this world is painful. Ceres finds it, it's due to his Thema of Dominance to accept all that. After Arata burns the black flames, erasing all the people as well. Arata gets tired, carrying Ceres. Aryan in thought finds herself because of the existence of Ceres, her mental tolerance is weak. As well as the Black Emperor Flame World has disappeared in this world, Arata who controls the "World" will regain Ceres memory. She is asked how strong she is, Ceres responses that the reincarnation of the world tree, but she stops herself from saying the rest. Arata finds a house to rest, and Aryan wonders about Ceres's figure and attitude if it's desire and sin. After arriving at a house, Arata takes a rest in the bed, asking Ceres if it's alright to sleep with her.

However at that moment Aryan resurfaces briefly in Ceres's body, taking advantage of Arata pervert attitude, when she purposely shows him her body naked. The goddess questions that she wants to know more about him, and wonders if he can understand her body and soul. The real Ceres is aware of the current event, now that Ceres is the Goddess of Darkness but she can't interfere to return to her body. Arata tells the Aryan about the maiden of the current world tree maiden, but he thinks he only learned that thanks to Holy's memory. Aryan inquires how much does he know, Arata says how there was a goddess appearing from a little girl in the memory of Holy. So the goddess swallowed her, him, and everyone, and destroyed everything. Aryan finds it interesting, giving an evil smile telling Arata if that were the case, then the current situation is very dangerous. However Arata mentions that they are not together for no reason, he instructs her that he would kill himself and end it. He then pats on her head, apologizing to the goddess, though she gives him a warning that she will defiantly make it a reality.

Arata tells her, he will dominate all goddess before sleeping. Aryan wonders if Ceres's body is responsible for the feeling of dependence on Arata. She desires to be one with him as a goddess. Aryan thinks though it is probably Arata's thoughts and it might be the ultimate assimilation. However the destruction of all dimensions and space-time is confirmed. As now "She" has been released and the dimensional prison has been released. The Three Giant Nornil Pillars, have also became aware of the places that cannot be reached by the current responsibility.

Later, she with Arata are on the look of the edge of the town, and Ceres (Aryan) feels pain in her chest, as one of Nornil Giant Pillar has disappeared. Concerned, Arata goes to her side, finding due to Hijri's memory who has seen destruction many times, he knows that Versand Pillar has been destroyed. Aryan wants to know the situation of Hijri who saw the destruction many times, Arata tells her, there are quite few. Aryan who is still in pain, thinks over, that she doesn't know that kind of thing as she is someone who transcend time and dimension, and thinks about how a simple mage such as Hijri was able to endure it over and over again. She finds the people around Arata are strange. As Arata tells her that in the end he couldn't defeat the Goddess of Darkness. Arata is worried about Ceres's body physical condition, but Ceres ignores him, simply saying that she is the Goddess of Darkness. Arata decides that it's good because the girl is happy in front of the day. Aryan warns him that this attitude of his will be the Goddess that will reduce him. Even so, Arata doesn't mind that since the current Ceres body is important to him.

Aryan thinks to herself that, she should not become influenced by one of the emotions of the owner of her body. As well as even if experienced destruction many times, Gods people could not be defeated. Even if that's the case, she has no problem, even if one of Nornil Giants were defeated by any chance, as only God's purchase is always activated because it is the same as the work of a mage. She asks Arata once more about Hijri memory that he received from her, and that she's wary of him, telling him more about her memory, Aryan won't repeat again. Arata thinks it over, as he have no choice but to try his best. His best based on the Holy memories. Aryan thinks to herself that the Great Demon King Arata is the key to this battle.

She then says it's nearly time to say goodbye, and will allow him to leave, and show her resistance based on the memory of HIjri. Aryan informs Arata that based on the consciousness of soul of Ceres's body, she aim for the true resurrection as the Goddess of Darkness. She then stretches her hand and make a bet with Arata, that if he controls her he wins, however if he is dominated by her, everything will be one. Arata agrees, telling her that he will show her control mentioning Ceres, She tells him her full name as Aryan Celestial instead, as Ceres is no more. As well as a promise. Aryan then implants a sign of ancient magic on both her and Arata's hand. Arata then connects to the Superbia Archive, and bids Aryan farewell, as she does the same, telling him "See you in the final battle" as Aryan disappears from his sight.


At an unknown place, Aryan takes on a human form, and thanks the three Nornil Giant Pillar sisters as they did a good job, and thanks to that, she knew everything about Arata's cards and what's he's going to do next. As she looks down on his school whom she says it is his home to return to. She threatens him that she will take away all of him that he unites with and power. She then starts erasing the school.

Aryan forms a huge hand with an eyeball in it, and starts erasing people from existence. She then says there is no need to mourn, as building, and multiple schools are fusing with her, erasing them, fueling more of her power. She then sets her sights on Arata, whom he shouts her name and starts connecting to his Archive. Deus Trinity and his twelfth generals says it's the final battle. Aryan then releases a torrent of erosion, in the shape of multiple huge hands. She then lands in the middle of it, as the ground starts to erode when she steps on it. Aryan releases another torrent wave at Arata and Deus Trinity, which reverts back his connected Archive, including Judeeca and both of his Grimoires, Radix Astil is as well reverted back to Grimoire form. Deus Trinity explains it is a technique called Archive Erosion, which invades the person who is connected to the "Archive" and confine it in black crystal.

However Arata and the co. are fine due to a barrier set in advance. Giving them holy protection. Mira tries to open a communication network screen in order to to contact the Arbitrators to take measures. But notices something isn't right. Aryan moves to her next target, the Arbitrators, she releases another wave of Archive Erosion at them which surround them. They manage to protect themselves. Aetheria decides to get serious and uses her most powerful attack to attack the goddess, Producing dozens of Arsenal attacks. Harukage uses a massive attack as well. However these attacks doesn't even faze Aryan. Due to the previous released wave she released, some parts of Maris body is crystalized, as well as Aries. Finding Faunaria unaffected, the goddess suddenly moves behind her, which forces Faunaria to jump backwards.

Aryan then says it's a true beauty when both Aetheria and Harukage are being confined in black crystals, horrifying Faunaria. Aryan then looks up, asking Arata if he's watching her, mentioning she will defeat all the Arbitrators. Knowing that Mira is watching them with Arata, she interferes with Mira's communication network screen, forming crystals which attacks Mira. Aryan then creates a crystal-shaped mirror image designed especially for Arata and the rest to watch her.

Murakumo does a surprise attack on the goddess, but do to the sword infused with magic, it erodes. Master Liber informs her that Aetheria and Harukage were connected to their Cloud Sacred Chest that's why the erosion were severe. Faunaria says that she is connected but nothing happened to her, which Aryan concludes that Faunaria is a cursed child, making her immune to her erosion. Liber and Murakumo gives a chance to Faunaria to escape to the Great Demon King. After they escape, Aryan tells Liber she became kinder, and quires her name as Liber. Liber simply says that it seems fun to her. Aryan says she came to erase the important things that Arata cares about one by one. Murakumo charges at the goddess, using a different technique other than connect to her Cloud Sacred Chest, which manages to injure Aryan. The goddess, finds it interesting. Liber sadly closes her eyes, saying farewell to Murakumo. As Murakumo starts shoutes in pain. Aryan wound regenerates, and lifts up Murakumo, mentioning she will take away her Sacred Chest, as Murakumo shouting in pain, Aryan smirks and gives the Arbitrator body to one of her underlings.

She looks on both the confined Aetheria and Harukage, saying she will do the same, and looks back at Liber that she hasn't forgotten her. As Liber is starting to get confined with black crystal due to her being in her Adult form, she doesn't fight back and simply says this is good, and to go together. Aryan touches the crystal, saying it will be okay once the soul has been collected. She then shrinks the crystal size to the palm of her hand. She says that she will properly revive her as a pillar designed for her Archive. Aryan then simply says 'nice to meet you Liber' while holding the crystal in care. The goddess then decides to go after the three Arbitrators who have escaped. She releases a sphere of erosion that chases Aries.

Maris decides to confront the goddess alone then, and Maris is surrounded by a sphere of erosion. Aryan becomes happy as Maris also made a lot of friends, Maris says she's been loved ever she was born. Taunting the goddess that the Great Demon King has the potential to defeat her, asking her why not take a detour to avoid contact. Furthermore saying this is very human-like thinking for a goddess. Maris takes off her hat and takes her own Conceptual Mechanism, she uses Conceptual Collapse by crushing it. Aryan contradicts Maris own statement, that the action she just did, would be the same as her 'human-like resolve' since Maris is prepared to be human as well. Maris smiles and says having a human form was quite nice. As the Conceptual Collapse starts to explode, creating a huge explosion, which she sacrifices herself in order to defeat the goddess. The explosion area expands brightly.

Having survived Maris explosion, Aryan arrives next to Arata and Deus Trinity group whom are prepared to fight her. She says to Arata that it's finally time to settle things. Aryan furthermore adds that she wants to be one with everything she sees, but for now she wants the most to be one with him. However Arata states that he is having fun because they're disjointed. Aryan says that if she loses he can do whatever he wants, he agrees with her, that if he loses she can be one with him. Since that was their promise. As both of them ready to fight, Faunaria prays for his win, and thinks to herself that it's the silence between the duel, being nervous, she starts opening her eyes slowly, wanting to have a proper look as a great battle will be settled from now on, though something caught her eyes, requesting a tissue, which she is given by someone, Faunaria looks on the tissue, as she sees blood remains. Upon opening her eyes, she witness the death of Deus Trinity, having been stabbed by his own magic Dante Cross. As well as Lillith, Arin, Akio, Levi, Lieselotte, Lugh and Ryuhime. Mira is horrified at the sight of Arata's defeat, as he is impaled by his own sword. Aryan smiles, and declares this is her victory, and only the survivors of them Arbitrators are left. She gives them a choice to either end up quietly wound up as it is or be one with her.

As the surviving girls, Mira and Faunaria wonder what in the world happened as everyone is dead upon their eyes in an instant. Aryan walks upon their corpses, She tells them that it was not in an instant, she fought each one, one-by-one. Aryan mocks them, saying if Arata's power bring together everyone's thoughts and power, then she politely spent a lot of time fighting head-on and defeating them, to drop Arata into isolation. She boasts about her power that she is the goddess with the power to unite all, and simply goes to Arata and tells him that he lost. However much to her shock she feels that the True Demon Lord's core isn't there, and she shoves her hand into his stomach. Then Hijri's sword shines brightly, and flames surround Aryan, burning the dead bodies in the process, revealed to be Hijri's flames of Sacred World Lost World Last Crest. Aryan smiles and looks at Arata finding it interesting. Aryan tells him it's the repartition of the game.

Meanwhile Arata is in a black void, remembering his fight with the goddess, when he was stabbed in the stomach. He laments that he couldn't do anything, as he thought with Lilith and everyone including Deus Trinity he would be fine right now. He finds it this is what loneliness feels like and he is just a normal mage without them. Aryan appears in his vision with a violent smile as she prepares to become one with him, extending her hands. Although he is about to reach her, he wanted to envision smiling with everyone and suddenly appears and Ana saves him,


Aryan is the most powerful Goddess, and her Thema is Evil. She can assimilate between dimensions, all goddesses, and space-time itself, and the world Demon Kings will become her puppets. Aries herself mentioned if that were to ever happen the world itself will end. She is more frightening than Deus Trinity. As well as Arata has mentioned he can't win against Aryan. The Arbitrators view her as the absolute danger, and evil. Radix Astil also mentioned that if she were to ever to be revived, everything will disappear from existence.

Aryan has control over the Three Giant Nornil Pillars, whom can end the entire world in a flash, however she can feel their pain if one if the Pillar is defeated. Aryan can control black flames in Ceres's body, as well as she can trap someone in a black world and watch them suffer using Ceres's body. Due to her non-revival state, her full capabilities is yet to shown. However she is smart enough to take Ceres body, by taking advantage of Ceres last thoughts. Aryan also seems to know ancient magic spells as she used one on her hand as well as Arata which does never disappear.

After her revival, her true power is shown, she can erase anything, even people. All that is erased become one with her.

She possess Archive Erosion, a very lethal technique used to erode a person who is connected to an Archive, and confine them in a black crystal, as seen when both Arata's Grimoires and Judeeca reverted back. However if there is a barrier set in advance the user won't be confined in a black crystal. She as well can jam communication methods, and crystalize them, which attacks the user, moreover she can take control and manipulate it, using it as she see fit. She possess flight as well.

Archive Erosion also works on Arbitrators who connect to the Sacred Chest, which the effect is more effective and powerful due to the powerful magic they possess. As well she can trap an Arbitrator body inside one of her underlings named Revena. Aryan is shown to have control of the people trapped in he black crystal such as shrinking the crystal size, to the palm of her hands.

Known abilities[]

  • High speed regeneration - Aryan is able to completely heal from any injury in mere seconds.
  • Enhanced Strength - Aryan has displayed strength beyond that of any normal mage, she was able to lift Murakumo by the face, while the latter is unable to fight back.
  • Supernatural Speed - Aryan speed is nearly invisible, even close to teleportation, as seen when she suddenly appeared behind Faunaria in a flash, which the Arbitrator didn't even notice.
  • Keen Intelligence - Aryan is very cunning and possess high intellect, as she sets various plans ahead of her. This is shown when she took over Ceres's body by taking advantage of her final thoughts to Arata. Even though all the Nornil Giants were defeated, but thanks to that she managed to learn all of Arata's cards.
  • Erasure - Aryan unique ability as the Goddess of Darkness, she can erase anything she wishes from existence.


  • Aryan has found Ceres body as the perfect host for her, and she somehow fused and aligned with Ceres's soul so that Ceres can contain her magic power.
  • Her true appearance has never been revealed or described to anyone, except for those who managed to seal her away. Ceres is also a possibility because she is Ceres's host.
  • Her surname is Ceres's true name.