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Arles Azazel is the mother of Lilith Azazel. She was called Asami Arles in high school. She is also a former Heavenly Arbitrator, and one of the fallen angels who fell from heaven and reincarnated into the outside world.


Arles was an emotional women who often laughed and cried. She loved to do researching a lot, even building a room fully made of research materials, due to that she even calls herself a genius. Arles would even ask a Demon Candidate mage to study together. Abyss Trinity even enjoyed studying and researching with her, whom he helped her with much to her happiness. She became an Arbitrator at the age of 17. She'd go as far as to help Abyss Trinity whom he fallen into darkness, who was the Demon Candidate mage, whom she'd loved. Arles is very caring person, as she decided to stay with Abyss till the very end even after the world ended.

Abyss Trinity noted that she was very genius at the age of 10 having created many things.


Arles has long red hair, her hair grew as she aged, due to that she ties them. She used to tie them to a twin tail hairstyle when she was in school. It is worth noting she is always seen wearing necktie even after she graduated from school. Similar to Lilith she is rarely seen without her beret. Her attire after graduating from school consists of white collared blouse up until her skirt, and black-colored sleeveless collar blouse left untucked, and elbow length gloves. She also wears a dark short skirt and thigh-high sock.

When Arles was in high school she had her red hair which she ties them in a twin on both sides twin tails hairstyle. her attire was school female uniform, which used to be white collared. She wears a necktie instead, and leaves her shirt untucked, with shirttails sticking out below the blaze, and black shoes.



During high school, Arles approaches the Demon King candidate happily, with a request to study together. She introduces herself as Asami Arles then introduces him to her research room. Which he compares it to a laboratory, Arles proudly says she is genius, and the content of school lectures are boring.

Arles asks him if he is the Demon Lord candidate they should study together. She tells him she is in the process of creating a new form of Outer Alchemic called Layer Alchemic. As time passed the both of them did various research. He notes that she is already been genius for ten years and devised various research, with he also helped with.

Over time, Arles has turned into an Heavenly Arbitrator. Both of them then watch the stars, and he notes that even when she was ten she was already genius at researching magic, and she hasn't changed ever since when they were in school days. Arles informs him that she was an Arbitrator who fell from heaven, and erased her memories so she can be a normal girl, meeting new people, and being able to live as a child, which she finds it romantic. When the Demon Lord Candidate quires out of curiosity as to why an Arbitrator who was from heaven decided to come to the earth. He teases her if it's for love, but Arles tells him in order to research of a way to defeat a god, he finds it amusing. Arles says that she will kill a god and would like it to do it with him if it's possible. The Demon Lord Candidate finds it interesting, and both Arles and him make it a promise.

However one day the Demon Lord candidate met all the Trinity Seven in all worlds, he woke up as a devil known as Abyss Trinity and swallowed everything into emptiness with Vanitas Thema. After years Arles visits him, watching his appearance she notes to him that he couldn't escape his fate. Arles shouts at him that she came to help him and fulfill the promise.

Upon hearing that, Abyss left eye began to bleed and pain, Arles explains that "promises" are similar to a curse that souls engrave for a mage. He informs her even if he were to get a grip in reality this world is finished, which she agrees on. He furthermore informs her that the Invidia Archive mage placed a mage and opens a hole, telling her to escape while she has the chance.

Arles says that the research results came out, which they deciphered as destroying the Goddess of Darkness, an absolute god. Arles tells him they needed a child who carries both of their blood, since neither of them have the Lust Archive. That of which precisely why between a Demon Lord Candidate and a fallen angel lies the power to defeat the Goddess of Darkness.

Abyss then hugs her and tells her that she was her salvation from ever when he was young. Arles cries in happiness and tells him he sounded so arrogant. Abyss pleads her to stay with her until the world end. Arles finally admits that she truly loves him.

Soon afterwards Lilith was born, and they decided to send her through dimensional gate, however both of Arles and Abyss body got destroyed together with that world.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.

It is revealed that she left a gift in the shape of grimoire to Lillth


Magic Creation[]

Arles research room

Although Arles magic abilities nor Thema's were never shown, at the age of 10 when she was in school, she was very genius and was a very intellect mage. Having created a whole library room which she calls her research room with many magic items and books. She created many techniques with "Alchemy" which requires a significant amount of scientific knowledge, she used many techniques to perfect it. As well she is proficient in magic formulas. Abyss Trinity even admitted that she is genius for such a young age and they devised various techniques. She even found a way to kill a god, but the result were shown it requires someone who has the Lust Archive, meaning there are some risks in her research. The most dangerous one is Vanitas Thema. Arles is also capable of finishing and create a complete Grimoire for specific people to read it, such as Lilith as Abyss Trinity couldn't read it nor decipher it. Arles has created a spell called Black Azazel, and according to Maris it is very effective against Arbitrators, an anti-heaven kamikaze technique that specially destroys that of those who belong to heaven.

She became a former Heavenly Arbitrator. Which is above a Paladin class mage, and she achieved it at the age of 17 nonetheless.



Abyss Trinity - In school days, everyone would avoid him, due to being the Demon Lord Candidate, with the exception of Arles. She was interested in him, even inviting him to study together. He later invented and helped her with her researching. As time passed eventually she started to care of him with good friendship, and he opens up to her, Arles also quite talkative around him as she enjoys being with him, and started to show signs of love of him sometimes as she wants to be together with him forever. They both make a promise, however as years passed by she meets him again, noticing his appearance she figured he couldn't escape his fate as the Demon Lord Candidate. When his consciousness began to fade, Abyss didn't want her to die, opening a plane gate for her to escape. Refusing to do so, wanting the both of them to stay together forever since they both loved each other in the end.

Lilith Azazel - Being her daughter she loved her, but they never met. Abyss Trinity sent her to alternate world when she was born upon Arles orders for unknown reason. Arles created a special Grimoire for her, that only she can read as a gift.


  • Abyss Trinity sometimes calls her "Aru Aru" as a nickname, due to her school days she was called Asami Arles.
  • Arles hates school lectures and lessons she skips them, being the smartest one in school.
  • Arles current outfit is exactly the same as Lilith Magus Mode attire.