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Arin & Bridal Training
Arin cover ch0 BO 7M MA.jpg
Volume 15.5
Chapter 2
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Release Date January 23,2015SP

January 7, 2017SM


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Arin & Bridal Training is the second special chapter of the Seven Magician series, initially released in Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukai 2 volume on January 23, 2015 and later compiled into volume 15.5. on January 7, 2017.


Upon morning, Arin awakens within her dorm room and begins to dress herself while contemplating which of her underwear would suit her husband's taste but becomes unsatsified after evaluating herself.

Bridal Training

Afterwards, Levi greets Arin inside a bathroom who notes her change of behavior which the Trinity Seven of Ira attributes to Arata's arrival. However, Arin is unaware on how to handle her feelings, but this prompts Levi to suggest she undergo bridal training.


Later, Arin explains her goal for bridal training to a surprised Arata in his room in order to understand her feelings before Levi, Selina and Lilith also join them as well. Arin then begins her training by providing breakfast, but before serving the meal, she uses her Chaotic Rune magic to transform her clothes into an apron, while also including Selina and Lilith much to their chagrin. Nonetheless, Arin continues to transmute their clothes into different costumes such as maids, nurses and bunny girls much to Arata's pleasure. However, Lilith and Selina explain that bridal training normally involves cooking and cleaning, but Arata is nevertheless happy that Arin provided him breakfast. Unfortunately, Arin's spell eventually completes, dissipating all of the girls' clothes in front of Arata while prompting Lilith to retaliate in response. Meanwhile, Levi questions Arin if she has a better understanding of her feelings, which the young bride happily confirms towards her husband.



  • When Levi notes Arin's change of behavior, she attributes the cause to Arata's arrival, particularly after he erased a Breakdown Pheomenon, referring to the events in Magus & Nil Magic.
  • While discussing the logistics behind Arin's Raidho spell, Arata notes that the process is similar to his magic when he dispelled Selina's swimsuit from Marine Time & Error Code.