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Aries Chaldea
アリエス・カルディア (Ariesu karudia)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Race Human
Affiliation Arbitrator

Arbitrator Headquarters

Occupation Student (Formerly)
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Logos Art
Thema(s) Laziness (Sacred Chest)
Weapon(s) Dáinsleif
Manga Chapter 95

Aries Chaldea is one of the Heavenly Arbitrators. She is the Arbitrator of "Time" and her Sacred Chest is "Laziness". Her pillar symbol is "Aries". So far she is shown to manipulate time and calculate locations from all dimensions. Her abilities are much similar to Lieselotte Sherlock. She doesn't talk much and prefers to stay silent, only opened up to Maris and Faunaria, hence being with them in heaven when she was young.


Aries is quite friendly, despite her serious look. She rarely opens to her fellow Arbitrator, as most of the time she is silent. According to Liese she speaks similar to a machine. Faunaria was curious if she is interested in men, only for her to refuse to answer but Maris finds her behavior quite the opposite. Aries informed both Maris and Faunaria that she doesn't envy those with close relationships. Yet she envy Maris and Faunaria close friendship, and Aries only have one good friend which is Liese. Aries is very astute as she can calculate dimensions, she can give perceive chances by winning or losing in battles. She also knows about enemies she can't defeat or can defeat, as she does her research before so. Thanks to this she knows the chances of defeating the goddess of darkness She is as well polite, as she introduced herself to Selina twice despite Selina saw her before.

Aries has never been cruel to anyone ever she became an Arbitrator, she hasn't shown anger emotions. Despite bear near emotionless, she misses Liese to the point that she tried to find her desperately. When Maris joked to her if she could be her mother, Aries reacted that she would comply if that were possible. Now as an Arbitrator, she obeys Aetheria orders, and she was the one who informed her the chances of defeating the goddess of darkness. Aries also the one informed the Trinity Seven candidates the calculations of dimensions.


Arles has long black hair which has a pink ribbon on it, with golden eyes. She wears a white scarf around her neck. Her attire consists of a long black robe reaching till the bottom of her shoes, and a white dress underneath. Upon becoming an Arbitrator, she discarded her old uniform, only keeping the pink ribbon. As a god, everything is the same except with extra black marking that resembles her hair downwards. Her eyes also disappear beneath the extra hair markings.

In Heavens realm, she wears a white robe, and a long white scarf. Beneath her robe she wears a sleeved clothing. She keeps her pink ribbon. While overall has a waitress appearance.


When Aries was in school, she had the same Archive as Lieselotte who came from another parallel world which she calls it β-universe, thus causing confusion, rivalry, and misunderstanding which was corrected. The both of them became best friends soon afterwards.

When Lieselotte confronted Aries in the original world she didn't know her, because she was in β-universe, and only knew the Aries from that world. Until Aries used force to relieve her past memories of her, so that she can recognize the current Aries.

At some point Aries became an Arbitrator, and has lived in Heaven. She became good friends with Maris and Faunaria at everything to the point that Faunaria noted if all three of them together they can beat any enemy.


Aries observing Deus Trinity fight.

Aries is first seen observing from afar in one of the Arbitrator floating buildings, as the Trinity Seven fight Deus Trinity. Accompanied by an Arbitrator messenger, whom they chat. The messenger says how awkward the situation is, while Aries respond how catastrophic can he cause after his resurrection. The messenger mentions how the Arbitrators are also busy, she ignores his comment and stays silent. When asked if there is anyone she cares about, she doesn't give him direct answer, only says "That person and that other" . The messenger gets the idea and interests him, he inquires which demon that has the right to enter heaven. But receiving no response.

Aries with Selina and Lieselotte.

She later sneaks into Royal Biblia Academy, and finds Lieselotte with her sister Selina. As she hides and watching them, following them secretly. While both sisters are bathing, they sense magic power, and Aries breaks through. Lieselotte clashes with her attack by connecting to the Acedia Archive. Aries introduces herself, when Lieselotte quires her identity. Aries Claiming her objective is to contact Liesleotte Sherlock through a distortion of space time. Stating that her purpose is to seek out Selina who possess the lost Archive Melancholy as well as informing her that she is a user of Archive that should not exist. Aries informs Selina that she has come to invite her to become an Arbitrator. Aries then hugs Lieselotte stating that she misses her and wanted to see her. Naming her the mage of another dimension thus acknowledge her now. Just then past memories flashback through Lieselotte when she was with Aries, remembering her past. As Lieselotte screams in pain, she falls unconscious, Aries then says that she was disappointed with the attack on the synchronization memories. She tells Selina that her power is necessary, Selina had a feeling that she didn't come here to attack them, as on the contrary she is here for something very important. Just then Arata and Lilith barges in. However an unexpected reaction came from Aries as she starts to shed tears upon seeing Arata, calling him the fiendish Demon Lord Candidate. She then teleports away. Informing the group that she will leave this time but next time she will invite Selina. Arata then wonders why Aries was crying.

Aries notes on Arata fight with Hijri.

Aries then with an Arbitrator messenger come across Royal Biblia Academy when Arata was starting his fight with Hijri. She observe the fight from afar on top of the school building, she comments about how it is most important division of space-time. The Arbitrator messenger asks her if she is referring to that singularity of time. Aries notes that Arata today will assassinate Hijri Kasuga, and is captured by the Goddess of Darkness.

Aries remembers her friend Liese.

Aries later seen in one of the Arbitrator buildings, as she is approached by Maris and Faunaria, Maris then inquires if she came to pick her up and Faunaria (after their battle with Master Liber and Lugh). Instead she invites them both to a meal solicitation. They shower first, and Faunaria asks if there is anyone who likes her, but she refuses to answer. However Maris notes the reaction she showed is the opposite of her answer. Aries says how good friends are such as Maris and Faunaria, but Maris denies that Faunaria and her are friends. Aries mentions she has a good friend as well, remembering Liese with a sad smile on her face. An Arbitrator Messenger suddenly appears and inform the trio that there will be an emergency call and convocation meeting among all Arbitrator will be held, mentioning one of the Arbitrators who has been away from heavens for a long time has returned.

Aries explains the danger of the revival of the goddess.

In Arbitrator Headquarters, upon Master Biblia return, as the Arbitrators welcome him back home, she stays silent. She is later selected along with Murakumo to train the new Arbitrator candidates. Aries chose Selina, and then introduces herself. She then informs Akio of the situation they are working in, which Aries explains using her time orb. Explaining the Goddess of Darkness revival that would annihilate mankind, which all dimensions, space-time will she fuse with. But says her future is not 100% accurate. She tells Selina that her sisters can cross dimensions and if she can became Arbitrator, Selina herself can remeasure and create the best future choice possibility.

Aries reassures Selina that she has learned.

Selina then trains with Aries to become a Heavenly Arbitrator Candidate, as she teaches her different kind of books. However she suddenly notices that the 3rd phase transition of Nornil Giants the revival of three pillars, and a sudden strong shock wave blast came from afar, which knocks all the books away as well as destroying the room they were in. Even though Selina complains that she haven't studied anything, Aries reassures her that the basic idea has been researched, and there is no problem in terms of knowledge as she can master them 100%.

An Arbitrator Messenger appears before Aries informing her there will be a convocation from the Arbitrator leader. The messenger also invites Selina. Multiple Messengers then arrive and clean the area. Aries calls for a shortcut, and suddenly a portal is opened beneath her, as she descends on her Arbitrator Pillar. It is revealed that Harukage opened the portal to summon her there, as it's an emergency. Aetheria says that the Goddess of Darkness is in her Awakening Precursor, and the Giant Nornil Pillars have revived. Aetheria orders Maris to explain to the survivors of the last war. As Maris summons a sphere that project images, she start explaining about the Great Magic War and the Giant Nornil Pillars, including the Twilight Library crisis, Aetheria summarizes it's a tradition that makes the creatures of the world of predation into their own army.

Aries informs Aetheria they have 0% of winning without Deus Trinity help.

In the project sphere, Deus Trinity manages to project himself there as an astral-body speaking through the sphere. promoting to help the Arbitrators, but Aetheria has her doubts if there is a chance he will fall into the goddess side. Stating that it is dangerous when facing the Goddess of Darkness, so Aetheria turns his help offer down. But Aries notes that they have 0% win rate against Nornil Giants without Deus Trinity help, confusing Aetheria to make a decision. In the end she accepts his help. Then all the Arbitrators witness his power by destroying his Giant Nornil Pillar with such ease. Surprising Aetheria. Aries remains silent, then she mentions that the remaining two Pillars of Nornil Giants has weakened due to the disappearance of Versand. Finally Aetheria ordered all the Arbitrators to move to the Twilight Library.

Later in Heavens, Aries who was with Selina were visited by Arata. He brings cake to the both of them which was sold in heavens. Aries requests support from him for Selina's anxiety. Whom she is having a hard time understanding Thema's. Arata wonders if he can give her a hint, encouraging her that she is a strong mage, to which Selina pleads to. Arata tells her to pretend to be like Liese, which Selina becomes flustered to do so. Aries questions Arata if it is important to do so, however Arata responds that Selina looks excited about her sister. She tries imitating her sister by how much she loves Arata. However both Aries and Arata are at a loss for words. Aries points out there is a decisive difference between Liese and Selina. Selina thinks to herself how her sister always kept moving forward without stopping. Selina finally figures out the key is her memories with her sister.

Aries witnesses Selina opens the Melancholy sealed gate.

A powerful magical torrent surround Selina's body, and Aries notes that she's connecting to her Thema. Selina then sealed and released a gate of Melancholy, She is transformed with a new Thema and outfit. Aries then announces with this all the Arbitrators are ready. Arata with Aries then watch from a building the heavens place, he tells Aries that he thought that the Heavens were similar to the Sky Library, he says that it's really a big city. Aries tells Arata that the heavenly world is a foundation world. Civilizations of all worlds are selected and developed. Arata finds it a very convenient world, comparing it to a paradise. Aries tells Arata that she has encountered a different dimension isotope devil demon candidates, Chronos Trinity the Demon Lord of laziness, one that is dangerous and evil, and a horrifying demon king. However she finds Arata a natural one, whom fear does not exist, it is doubtful. She asks him that he is now the Demon King, wanting to know his condition, responding that he feels like a fool. Aries gets confused, Arata clarifies that everyone looks great and is drowning in power and grinning, he thinks of it very embarrassing.

Aries tells Arata she will help him.

Aries asks him that if being one have a devilish attitude, Arata agrees so, remembering his father Deus Trinity calling him how gentle and dignified atmosphere is rather scary yet cool. So he tells her, he decided to do the Great Demon King with the usual laughing appearance as much as possible. Aries changes the subject and thanks him for Selina's awakening. Though Arata says he needed her for what he is going to do, since her new Thema and magical power are absolutely necessary. He tells Aries him, everyone, and the Arbitrators want to have such a rule that even the goddess laughs and has a good time. She asks him if he wants complete control. Aries extends her hand, mentions to him that she will fully cooperate with him. She then becomes flustered, denying naughty things. She then shakes hand with him, informing him that the cooperation of the Arbitrators will be essential in the future. However this hand shake triggers a memory in Arata's mind, in which Aries is eating crepes, asking her if she likes them, which shocks her.

Aries determination to protect Arata.

Aries figures out it's from other timeline, which they both had mixed consciousness of the hand shake. Aries then teleports a distance away from him, and with a serious look, she tells him that this time she will definitely protect him without fail thinking to herself that even if he is the Great Demon King who controls all the even the probability world. Arata smiles and tells her that he is relying on her.

Aries, Faunaria and Maris head to battle the gods.

She is later seen wielding Dáinsleif at an heaven building with Maris and Faunaria. As Faunaria is fired up that they are all in the field as well, Maris jesting by saying Faunaria is staying, which annoys her, and Maris says that of course not since they are on the front line. Shouting, Faunaria seems to hate this lie. Aries interrupts them and says them that it's time to depart. As the trio descend the to the earthly world.

Arata saves both Aries and Faunaria and winks at them.

When the Heavenly troops are brainwashed by Skald ability, and started attacking Faunaria, Aries teleports next to her, which Faunaria confused at the situation she questions Aries about the details. Aries informs her that the three goddess remaining Pillar, Skald, has began his process of meddling with space-time. Which are the Heavenly army memories have been meddled with so they are not protected against brainwashing attacks. Faunaria understands the situation, that weaker Maguses and the Heavenly people are getting brainwashed. She asks Aries how should they proceed now that the enemy numbers are going. Aries tells Faunaria that the Arbitrator head, the allies, and the consultants of Heavenly army are biding time for them to regroup. Faunaria questions Aries about the allies, to which Aries points her finger at Arata and Deus Trinity as they destroy the enemy. After that Arata winks at both Faunaria and Aries, which Faunaria finds it annoying and Aries simply finds Faunaria reaction unreasonable.

Still observing from above along with Faunaria, in a sudden they both feel a huge explosion. Faunaria questions about it, though Aries instead couldn't believe that it's a blow from the Great Demon King being innumerable, moreover from among the soldiers who became enemies. After Arata and Deus Trinity destroy the last Nornil Giant Pillar. Aries along with Faunaria and the other Arbitrators watch as it evaporates in the air. The heavenly troops later celebrate their victory.

Aries was standing next to her fellow Arbitrator, while Aetheria announces that the goddess has appeared. They are then surrounded by a powerful magical torrent, which injures some of the Arbitrators. Aries is knocked backwards along with Maris. Aries mentions that there is a Space-time interference. Faunaria shouts for them, as she is concerned for their safety, and shields them both. The goddess arrive at their location, when she found out that Faunaria isn't affected by her attack. Faunaria finds both Maris and Aries are infected with the black crystal. After both Aetheria and Harukage are confined in black crystals. Leaving Murakumo and Liber to deal with the goddess. They leave it to Aries to go to the Great Demon King. As she take the worried Faunaria and Maris then flies away.

Maris requests for Aries to release her.

Later the goddess plans to chase those who escaped. Aries who is holding Maris, and the worried Faunaria notices the goddess sphere of influence is expanding. While Faunaria notices that Aries face has been partially infected with black crystal as well, as she starts to tear up. Aries smiles, and that she will be sure to protect her. When Maris requests Aries to let her go, she sadly does so, after she says farewell to Faunaria. Faunaria cries for her, and Aries looks away in sadness and sheds tears.

Aries managed to reach Arata, after landing she says she's sorry. She requests for him to protect Faunaria. The erosion keeps on spreading on Aries's body, and Arata questions her as to why she didn't head to Liese. She smiles and tells him that she wanted to protect her close friend Faunaria. Arata thanks her for her hard work and effort. Suddenly Faunaria hugs Aries crying, pleading her not to leave her, being her last friend left. In Aries last moments, she pats on Faunaria's head before being confined in black crystal.

Unfortunately it is later revealed that Aries reappears and has become a god who obeys Aryan known as "Pholus of the Darkness Void". Arles describes her that a void god that was carved into the goddess of darkness of eternity.

Aries stands in a temple, with pipes connected all over the place watches over a preserved Liese who is in her Belphegor form but appearing more monstrous form, with wings. Aries looks at her then comments that Belphegor (referring to Liese) which is the last key she invited to the infinitely stopped space-time continuum that she made. Noticing that Lilith is within the stopped time, Aries states that she will completely seal her of this infinite space-time. Aries takes her Mythical Armament Dáinsleif and proceeds to leave the room.


Arbitrator abilities

Time orb

Aries is the Arbitrator of Time, she can manipulate time, access dimensions, and see future visions, this allows her to choose the best course of action for future events.

  • Time orb - Aries can summon an orb that allows her to access time itself.
    • Dimensional calculating - Via the orb, she can control and access all dimensions, calculate the time estimated for the event to occur using 'phases'.
      • Future events - After going and calculating through phases she is able to see what will happen in the future, a form of precognition.

Aries is capable of teleportation, however unlike Lieselotte who can teleport small distance away, Aries can teleport without limitations. She can even teleport from the outside world to the heavens instantaneously.

Aries attribute is Laziness.

Other abilities

Aries is only able to control and manipulate time, so far she hasn't shown any other abilities. Although uniquely she has an Archive, Acedia which she can manipulate space-time as well. After graduating from Royal Biblia Academy, she doesn't use her Magus Mode anymore, and only rely on her Arbitrator abilities. However she uses her Logos Arts to teleport.

Aries can force others to relieve one's past flashback if forgotten, this is demonstrated when she forced Lieselotte Sherlock to remember the Aries in this world. This cause others to suffer from extreme pain in the brain, due to the sudden flashbacks flowing through endlessly. In Lieselotte case, their memories synchronized with each other. This however only applies to people she knows, as even a hand shake with her can cause a sudden flashback.

  • Mythical Armament Dáinsleif
Magic Tools
  • A wing-shaped flight unit glider


  • The Aries in this universe personality is very different from the β World, however they both consider Lieselotte as their best friend.
  • Her favorite food is eating crepes in β universe and the original universe, to the point that her eyes sparkles.
  • Aries is the only famous mage to have become an Arbitrator. Master Liber has theorized in her journey to find Lieselotte, she may have already became an Arbitrator.