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Arc Light & Soul Gemini
Mira cover ch50 MA.jpg
Volume 12
Chapter 50
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age March 2015
Release Date February 9, 2015

United Front & Terminus Library


Ruin Walker & Rage Walls

Arc Light & Soul Gemini is the fifty-first chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on February 9, 2015 in the Monthly Dragon Age March 2015 issue, and later compiled in the twelfth volume on August 8, 2015.


Jabberwocky Lines

As Mira prepares to fight against Arsha, she notes that the Paladin's strength even rivals that of Master Biblia. Therefore, in order to avoid losing her magic, she will need to act. However, Arsha quickly senses that Mira is hiding something using her Phantom Cross Eyes, much to Mira's surprise. Already possessing the power of the Trinity Seven, Arsha then unleashes her swords onto Mira who tries to defend herself, but the weapons easily shatters the barrier, only to blocked by another barrier to Arsha's shock. Mira states that she has never considered herself a genius, but nevertheless warns the Paladin that she should not underestimate one who was recognized by the Demon Lord. Subsequently, Mira summons a large golem using her Jobberwocky Lines spell to assault Arsha. However, as the golem is about to strike, Mira unexpectedly hears a voice warning her to escape. Around the same time, someone fires a magical blast during the battle to cause a large explosion. Mira manages to remain unharmed, but she quickly notices Arsha has disappeared. Mira wonders about the voice that alerted her, but she also recalls the magic of the one who intervened, recognizing the user as Arata to her confusion.

In a corridor, Arsha awakens to discover Astral Trinity carrying her before remembering the previous battle. After being shocked that a Paladin such as herself was defeated by a Trinity Seven, Arsha notices that she is nude due to being partially affected by Astral's intervention, much to her mortifcation. Afterwards, Astral praises Mira's strength, noting that she could eventualy become a Paladin in the future. Arsha also agrees with his sentiment, admitting that she underestimated the Trinity Seven. Astral then suggests that Arsha rest until she recovers her magic, but is nevertheless happy that she is unharmed. Arsha bashfully responds that she did not require his help which the Demon Lord Knight concurs to her embarrassment. As Arsha demands that he take her to her room, Astral notes that he should develop counter-measures against Mira. 

Second Round Begins

The next morning outside of Biblia Academy, Master Liber wonders if tommorrow the sun will rise again before addressing Anastasia-L, much to the Saint of Resurrection's surprise since she was using the spirits to hide her presence. Answering Liber's previous question, Ana states that she desires to save the world, in contrast with Iscariot's goal of eliminating the Demon Lord. Therefore, she requests that Iscariot remain neutral, which Liber complies with the exception of Hijiri. In agreement, Anastasia leaves while Liber wonders if Biblia had already calculated the course of events.

Before the second round of matches begin, Lilith is surprised to learn that Arata has joined Akarsha's side, which Mira confirms. Arin comforts Yui who declares that she and Hijiri will rescue their husband. 

Later, Yui and Arin prepares to battle against Lugh and Hijiri for the first match of the second round. After confirming that both sides are ready, Hijiri and Anna transform into their Magus Mode and begin the fight.



  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Mira followed Arsha in order to rescue Arata, Akio and Levi. However, Arsha had already seen through Mira's intention and thus the two began to fight.
  • During the battle against Arsha, Mira warns the Paladin that she should not underestimate her, as the Demon Lord had already recognized Mira's strength. This is a reference to Game Master & Exodus where a recently awakened Astral Trinity awknowledged the Trinity Seven's potential and attempted to bring her to his side.