Anastasia & Revenge Start
Lieselotte Selina cover ch27 MA
Volume 06
Chapter 27
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi Shobo (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age April 2013
Release Date March 9, 2013

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Chapter 28

Anastasia & Revenge Start[1] is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on March 9, 2013 in the Monthly Dragon Age April 2013 issue and later compiled in the sixth volume on May 9, 2013.


As Lugh is suprised by the appearance of Lieselotte, the Trinity Seven verifies that she has returned using Selina s body. Recognizing her current location as the infirmary, she quickly understands how Selina was able to connect with her. From within her camera, Selina reunites with Lieselotte who praises her younger sibling for being able to use the camera to bind their mind and body together. Lugh recalls that Lieselotte had unleashed her Final Crest, which resulted in her imprisonment within the Suspended Time. The Trinity Seven of Acedia confirms the events, however states that her sister was able to retrieve her mind at least. Meanwhile, an injured Levi also comments that certain assets of Lieselotte's had also returned as well. Lieselotte, in response, explains that is because her magic is flowing within her sister's body and Selina will continue to resemble her when she grows up, much to Selina's excitement. Suddenly, Lugh attempts to strike Lieselotte, but she easily dodges the attack using her teleporation magic.
Lugh Lieselotte fight ch27 MA

Lugh vs Lieselotte

Remarking that Lugh's magic is unsuited against them, Lieselotte then freezes Lugh using Selina's binding magic which is capable of imprinting a single moment of light into the camera. Despite realizing her disadvantage, Lugh nevertheless decides to Limit Break her Light Piercer Brionic, allowing her to escape from the sister's restriction magic. Deciding between being unable to move versus losing a weapon, Lugh states that her decision was quite obvious. However, Lieselotte notes that the thief only has two weapons now and she can continue to use the same spell. Regardless, Lugh declares that she will defeat the Trinity Seven before she can use the spell again. When Lieselotte attempts to cast the spell, Lugh reveals that she had already formed a countermeasure, moving to above and using laser beams to attack from a distance. While Lieselotte is distracted by the beams, the thief then tries to strike the Trinity Seven. However, a recovered Levi suddenly appears behind Lugh and slashes her second armament. Lieselotte explains that the earlier spell was to heal Levi by binding the injuries to allow the ninja to recover. Later, a worn Lugh comments that with only one Mythical Armament left and the other two being unavailable for awhile before she can summon them again, her chances of victory has been reduced. Although, she notes that her situation is different when she is not alone as Hijiri suddenly arrives. After apologizing to Lugh for her lateness, Hijiri then addresses Lieselotte, suprised that the former Demon Lord Candidate has sided with Arata, to which she confirms. However, Hijiri questions Lieselotte's certainty as she is already aware of the world's future, hence the reason she chose to stagnate herself. While not disagreeing and unwilling to leave Selina alone, Lieselotte recalls her friends who wished for her return, deciding that she prefers to stay with them. Nevertheless, Hijiri states that they will not let Lieselotte, a traitor, go but the latter nonchalantly claims that betrayal is second hand for those who are evil. A recuperated Levi and Yui also declare that they will support Lieselotte. As such, Hijiri proclaims that she will have to kill them first before the Demon Lord can control them. Levi becomes curious after hearing Hijiri's statement, to which Lieselotte divulges that Hijiri foresaw the Demon Lord and Trinity Seven destroy the world, much to Yui's shock.
Lieselotte Mira Akio Arin Arata Yui Lilith Levi ch27 MA

Reunion of the Trinity Seven

Hijiri then gives Lieselotte one more chance to decide, causing the Logos Art user to become uncertain. However, Master Biblia notices a vortex appear above them, commenting that Hijiri will not get the results she desires. Likewise, Hijiri advises Lugh to move away from her location when suddenly Arata unexpectedly appears and falls on her, as well as touching her breast in the process, much to the thief's embarrassment. The rest of the Trinity Seven also arrive before being greeted by Levi and Yui. Delighted by the appearance of her friends, Lieselotte exclaims that Arata is the best and once more maintains to Hijiri that she will remain with her friends, the Trinity Seven. Finally, Arata then calmly declares to a content Hijiri that they will fight once more.



  • Lieselotte returns within Selina's body which occurred in the previous chapter. Lugh also recounts the event when she was entrapped in the Suspended World after using her Final Crest against Arata in Last Crest & Problem Solving.
  • Levi's wounds from the previous chapter is healed by Lieselotte and Selina's magic. She had originally sustained the injury after being defeated by Lugh.
  • After Lugh is defeated by Lieselotte and Levi, Hijiri arrives at Biblia which she first hinted at towards Arata in Chapter 25.
  • Hijiri is surprised by Lieselotte's switch in alliance to which Lieselotte confirms after losing to her Demon Lord Candidate. Lieselotte was defeated by Arata in Last Crest & Problem Solving and even indicated a connection to Hijiri prior to disappearing.


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