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アナスタシア・L (Anasutashia Eru)
Personal Info
Alias Saint of Revival
Nickname(s) Anna
Gender Female
Age 17
Measurements B86 W55 H87
Height 162 cm
Status Alive
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Elemental Conductor
Archive(s) Luxuria
Thema(s) Terminus
School Royal Akasha Academy
Manga Volume 9 Chapter 39
Anime OVA (Cameo)
Movie M.A.O[1]

Anastasia-L is the Saint of Revival and a former student at Royal Akasha Academy. Originally the Master of Luxuria's Last Crest, her status as Trinity Seven was disrupted when Lilith Asami arrived from another world 17 years before the event of the series and caused her to disappear. With the help of Arata Kasuga, she is brought back to life. She is also the main character of Trinity Seven: Anastasia Holy Story and the Demon Lord Anastasis Trinity.


Anna's Dark Nature

Anastasia-L is a sweet and kind young woman, able to charm and attract even Arata after only meeting one another for a relatively short amount of time. As such, she is normally seen almost always smiling, as well as behaving in a polite and friendly manner towards others, even to those who are cautious of her. In these situations, Anna has been shown to remain respectful and calm, although she can equally be just as confrontational on certain occasions as well. During her first encounter with Hijiri, in spite of their tense atmosphere, Anna would praise Hijiri for her devotion towards Arata. Even in unexpected events, she is generally remains amiable and relaxed, once becoming greatly amused after Arata surprisingly lost to Arin and Yui during the Magical Research Showdown. Furthermore, Anna can also be quite playful and affectionate, particularly Arata whom she calls her enemy despite treating him tenderly. She has been described by her best friend Ayesha to be very spiritual, having fallen in love with the world itself. As such, she is determined to protect the world, willing to disappear into the "world of demise" to avoid being erased so that she may stop the Demon Lord.

However, underneath her seemingly pure exterior, Anna has been shown to have a rather sinister side, becoming hostile and menacing almost instantly. This dark nature of hers would even cause Hijiri to become wary of her after witnessing her sudden change.


Anastasia design MV.png

Anastasia-L is an attractive young woman with a modest figure and long dark hair that reaches her waist. Her hairstyle consists of a braided strand of hair on both sides each tied together with individual ribbons near the top.

Anna's main attire consists of her Royal Akasha Academy uniform which includes a white long sleeved cuffed blazer jacket with a dark short tie, and a dark plaid short skirt. Furthermore, she also wears a pantyhose and brown plaid penny loafers.

Magus Mode: Anastasia-L's Magus Mode consists of a black long sleeved cuffed blazer with a short tie, and a white short skirt.Additonally, her outfit includes a cape fastened by shoulder guards, metal gauntlets, and white thigh socks worn under thigh high leg warms and formal shoes.



Anastasia-L, a student Royal Akarsha Academy, successfully performs her Archive's Final Crest, Aeshma Deva and meeting the requirements for becoming a member of the Trinity Seven.

Afterwards, in class, Anna is approached by her best friend Ayesha who congratulates her for completing the Last Technical and reviving the Lost Thema, Terminus. Anna offers to buy Ayesha crepes although Ayesha insists that she should treat her.

Later, as the two are eating, Ayesha requests Anna that avoid disappearing from the world as the founder of her magic, Elemental Conductor, the Saint of Revival. Anna assures her friend that she will not use her Final Crest despite being the reincarnation of the Saint of Revival. Ayesha, assured by Anna's promise, then states her desire to succeed her mother as a Paladin regardless of the difficulty. She next asks Anna of her plans to search for the Demon Lord Candidate. Anna is unsure as according to Ayesha's mother, the headmaster of Akarsha, the world will end if the Trinity Seven meets the Demon Lord Candidate. Ayesha confirms her mother's statement, also adding that she wants to either kill or seal him. Anna, however, is unsure if she is alright with those actions since she considers him her soulmate. Ayesha then declares that the Demon Lord will surely fall in love with Anastasia and decide to not destroy the world for her. Anna becomes happy at the thought, wishfully desiring to meet the Demon Lord Candidate.

Promises & Farewells

However, Anastasia is suddenly awakened one night when the spirits become disturbed before discovering a Breakdown from the Luxuria Archive. Heading outside while transforming into her Magus Mode, she meets with Ayesha until she abruptly experiences a strange feeling. A worried Ayesha then discovers that Anna is slowly disappearing. Anna quickly realizes that an existence similar to hers had arrived in their world, meaning that only one Trinity Seven of each Archive can exist in the world. As such, she will vanish from existence, however Ayesha refuses to accept her friend's fate. Likewise, Anastasia assures her that she will survive and protect the world from destruction by going into the "World of Demise" along with the Breakdown Phenomenon. Despite Ayesha's protest, Anna promises her that she will eventually return before the Demon Lord destroys the world. Ayesha sadly accepts, promising in return to become a Paladin in order to support her. After the two bid farewell, Anastasia performs her Final Crest, Aeshma Deva, and vanishes with the Breakdown Phenomenon into the Farthest Realm, the Library of Demise.

Seventeen years later, upon becoming a Paladin, Arsha would reunite with Anna's spirit after breaking the seal to the Library of Demise. Ana would then make one request to her friend to support her love which Arsha accepted.


Elemental Conductor

Spirit Magic

Anastasia-L's Thema is Terminus, a "Lost Thema" from the Luxuria Archive, and her branch of magic is Elemental Conductor. Describing her magic as "borrowing their power", Ana has the ability to communicate and interact with spirits. Particularly, as beings part of the world, only those favored are able to see them such as Arata, a Demon Lord. As such, she is quite sensitive to the state of the spirits, being able to detect then they have become disturbed. Furthermore, Ana can also use them to induce disturbances, once causing Arata to faint. As long as spirits remain the source of the world, Anna has access to an unlimited magical energy supply.

Notably, Hijiri once commented that Ana's Thema Terminus would devour Arata and his friends if countermeasures were not prepared in advance.

Ana is also the reincarnation of the Saint of Resurrections, the founder of her magic, Elemental Conductor.


Since the incident seventeen years ago, Ana does not possess a physical body while her spirt continued to exist. As a result, she required the support of her spirits to maintain her form, although the duration she can remain is only several days. Notably, she cannot savor food since her body was unable to perceive flavors. Nonetheless, Arata attempted to remedy her situation by pouring all of his magic into her. Although, because of her Terminus Thema, the process failed and resulted in a Superbia and Luxuria Breakdown Phenomenon's to occur together, before causing Demise to course through her body, transforming her into a creature while corroding the world through her spirits. However, Arata would manage to rescue her and stabilize her magic, allowing Anna to remain in the world.


She was able to summon and manipulate the following spirits:

  • Fire Spirit - A spirit enveloped in flames, capable of burning objects into ashes.
  • Demon Lord Knights - As an existence desired and created by the world, the Demon Lord's existence is similar to a spirit. Additionally, after becoming the Saint of Resurrection, Ana gained the ability to manipulate and transform them into her own personal Demon Lord Knights as puppets for her to control. It should be noted that this is different from the Demon Lord Knights that Ana was friends with.
    • Astral Trinity

      Astral Trinity - Ana is capable of forcibly turning Arata into his Astral Trinity appearance, as well as change him into a spirit for her to carry around. Under her control, Anna sealed his soul in the "World of Demise" and transform the remaining Demon Lord Element into Astral Trinity, a "Superbia Knight" whom she can summon to her location and control at her discretion. As her Knight, Astral is loyal and quite protective of his master, able to withstand powerful magical blasts with his bare hands unharmed and can even cast the same spells as Arata. Additionally, Anna can increase his magical power by supplying him with her spirits energy. Alternatively she can also place his conscious into a suit of armor as a puppet for her to control[2].
    • Invidia Knight - An armored Demon Lord Knight from the Invidia Archive Anna control to attack her opponents. The Knight is very durable, able to withstand most physical attacks, but can be greatly weakened by Mira's Gehenna Scope.
    • Gula Knight - An armored Demon Lord Knight from the Gula Archive Ana can control to attack her opponents. The Knight is very durable, able to withstand most physical attacks, but can be greatly weakened by Mira's Gehenna Scope.


  • Elemental Funeral - A spell capable of forcibly awakening a Demon Lord, as well as placing the being under Ana's control[2]. The spell can also be used to supply her Demon Lord Knight with unlimited magical energy.
  • Reincarnation - Ana's ultimate spell and her last resort that will even cost her, her life. It trades life for life, the personification of the deceased True Demon Lord true core reincarnate in a new life and world. However doing so would result in Ana's disappearance from existence.
Last Crest
  • Aeshma Deva - Allows Ana to traverse to the "world of demise", the resting place of all souls. Described as the greatest secret among magic that involves world reconstruction, this spell can seal anyone or anything into the Library of Demise for all eternity; although, the spell will target those will powerful magic such as a Paladin. However, Ana risks having her existence removed if she uses all of her magic. Seventeen years ago, she mastered this spell to become a Trinity Seven.


  • Longsword - A longsword with a jewel in the hilt and a single branch. As her primary weapon, Ana can manifest the sword freely which she uses to invoke certain spells. Upon activating her magic with the sword, multiple symbols appear on the blade.


  • OVA Cameo

    Anastasia-L made her first animated appearance as cameo in the OVA, depicted with purple hair.
  • Anastasia's Final Crest, Aeshma Deva, is a reference to the Zoroastrian demon of the same name. Aeshma is commonly known as the demon of wrath that loves conflict and war and, along with Asto Vidatu, chases souls rising towards heaven. Notably, the demon Asmodeus, associated with the sin of Lust, was based from Aeshma[3].
  • In Anastasi Holy Story, she is referred to once as "Anastasia Luxuria".


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