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Altana Magnus
アルタナ マグナス (Arutana magunasu)

Altana Magnus.png

Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Race Human
Affiliation Arbitrator
Archive(s) Luxuria
Thema(s) Life (Attribute)
Manga Chapter 112 (mentioned)
Chapter 117 (actual appearance)

Altana Magnus is one of the Heavenly Arbitrator. she is the Arbitrator of "Life" and her Attribute is "Lust" Her pillar symbol is "Virgo". She has never been in Arbitrator Headquarters, and always seen observing the outside world especially Arata. It is unknown since when she has first appeared, because she's always been in the in the outside world. Aetheria has mentioned she hasn't seen her years, having even lost count.


Altana at first is a very hard person to read, at first she seems to have seemingly friendly atmosphere, and is depicted as a person who is never alert, but Pandora has described her as a person filled with horror. Such as she took pleasure in her experimenters on Ana, seeking if she can become a Demon Lord. She seems to be acquainted with Master Biblia, even though they never met but he seems to know about her. She's been out of heaven and in the outside world for a long time.

Altana, unlike all other Arbitrators, is very interested in Arata for unknown reasons, and later is revealed that she enjoys Arata's perverted attitude. At first clueless who she is, Altana immediately introduces herself, having forgotten to do so. She at first only seems to be an observer, but in truth she helps the weakened Arata. Altana also enjoys playing with him in a jokingly manner. She is never serious. She doesn't even care about her rank being an Arbitrator, and upon finding that Arata has turned into a child she guides him through the unknown world he was reincarnated to, proving she has some responsibility. However she called the scenery of the destroyed world "cute" which makes her overall personality very complicated to understand. Although no proof has shown, yet she claims to be best friends with Arles Azazel. Altana has claimed she appeared before Arata to make him stronger in order to beat the goddess. Altana has a habit of laughing quite often, at nearly everything that amuses her. She has no ultimate motive whatsoever, and simply loves to amuse herself or if she sees something interesting.

According to Harukage, she sent a letter to them heading to "Demise". Showing she does seemingly does her jobs as an Arbitrator.


Altana has dark skin, her attire consists of a veil that covers her entire body and a ring around it on her head featuring dots around and in the middle of the ring a small-shaped jewel. She has a long unsteady hair. She has two more rings on each on her wrist hand. She also has another ring on the bottom of her body, that has ten dots connected. All these rings that she wears resembles expensive accessories.

Altana has five pairs of black wings on her right side, and white wings on the left side which she uses to fly high distance. Prior to the main story, she used to have normal angelic wings, which some addressed her as an angel. However the right side turned black for unknown reasons.


Altana was only mentioned at first by Master Biblia at her whereabouts when he visited Heaven, at that time she was only referred to as "She" and not her name. Aetheria brushes his answers of by saying that she hasn't seen her for many years, even lost count, and might be playing in the outside world. However Harukage seems to know where she is, as she informed the latter that she had sent a letter to them at some point that she was headed to "Demise".

Altana is first seen observing Arata and Harukage conversation from high distance in the sky, she laughs at amusement. She finds the "memory" of the Great Demon King interesting. She mentions her curiosity about him. Then she calls him a beloved Great Demon King. She boasts about herself to him if he can reach her level.

When Pandora was speaking to Arata, thanks to his failure of defeating the goddess and the world is in a state of collapsing, Altana suddenly appears and laughs, calling that Arata's child form is rather cute. Floating above them, she remarks that the genre is Oneshota, she goes on and says that Archangel and Great Demon King Oneshota thing, and laughs. But tells him there are also misunderstanding, and so her school is ok to attack Shota, asking Arata if she can do perverted things. However all of this confuses Arata and even wonder who she is. Altana then disappears and reappears, hugging him, informing him that she is an Arbitrator, as well informing her name. She then lifts the child Arata up, and changes the subject to better get refreshed first. Arata is then teleported to a bath whom he nearly drowns due to his size. Altana comes behind him suddenly seemingly enjoying the time with him. She now naked, tells him that she is happy with a smile, hugging the child. Altana informs four mysterious girls about Arata condition, being very weak since he is just reincarnated. Saying that he is can't beat the goddess as he is right now, She tells Arata that these four will be his teachers from now on. Altana also tells him about their abilities, including Pandora. As well as encouraging him, and from now on Arata will be involved in the future gods drawn by her best friend Arles Azazel.

Finally she tells him to start the best counterattack drama that saves all dimensions rather than all the space and time of the whole world. After many days of Arata's training with the four Demon Lord Knights has, Altana appears next to Arata while he is in bath and Pandora who is there as well. Pandora notices that she has been injured with black substance. She informs them both of the terrible news that Aryan has figured out that Arata has been reincarnated in another world and managed to find him, having tracked his movements.

Harukage in a new form as one of the goddess underlings, appears before them and introduces herself. While Altana is resting in the bath to recover her injuries. Informing Pandora that she is injured and can't help her with her fight. Even her injuries hurt she laughs, which Pandora annoyed by her statement as it is not a laughing matter. Altana then continue resting in the bath, while remaining as an observer. She observe Pandora and Harukage fight, while commenting how tsundere she is to allow Arata to escape, only for her to reply that since Anna believed in him so she will too. Much later when Arata has an idea to talk to Harukage, Altana thinks that something has started or is about to start.

With everyone present including the Demon Lord Knight, Harukage and Arata start to converse with the former proposes only to ask one questions. Arata asks Harukage if she's wearing any panties, due to her always wearing a kimono. Much to everyone surprise, for the said question including the goddess itself who enters a state of shock. Altana starts to burst laughing stating that she's gonna die from laughter.


Arbitrator abilities

Being an Arbitrator she possess insanely magic power. As she was able to survive one of the goddess underling Skald Shadow attack, receiving no damage at all.

Altana is the Arbitrator of Life, She possess unique wings, which she uses for flight allowing to fly very high distance, that are always spread. It is shown that she can fly nearly one kilometer if not more in the sky, which allows her to observe what she wishes without being disturbed. She used to have both wings white, giving her an angelic appearance, and was also able to hide them at will, however her right wing turned black. This is probably due to the experiments she used on Ana to make her a Demon King, or at the cost of using her wings to use her ability to change the world in "Demise" when she managed to make a rift to open up the world for Ana and the co.

Altana has displayed the ability of teleportation, though unlike the teleportation of the Logos Arts, Altana uses a different method. She can be as quick as even teleport her own clothes without being noticed. She can also teleport others with her being along, but she needs to touch the target in order to do so.

She is able to access to other world, which is nearly impossible for any other Arbitrator or any mage. This is shown when she was able to access Arata's reincarnated world which didn't exist until Ana used her ultimate Reincarnation magic technique.

Altana also has the ability to clearly perceive the emotions of others, such as when she pointed out Pandora secret love for Ana.

Her Attribute is Lust,

Other Abilities

Altana is a great observant and smart. She has enhanced eyesight, as she was able to see Arata and Harukage from a very far distance. She also possess great hearing, able to hear Harukage and Arata conversation when she was flying above Royal Biblia Academy, at a very high distance. She is very skilled in concealing herself.

She has shown great experiments and research to make Demon King class demons, and even succeeded in doing so by experimenting on Ana.


  • Altana appearance resembles Rudou Ayushi from the Trinity Seven Game. Having even the same face, and attire.
  • Altana is the only other Arbitrator who is still alive after the goddess defeated them all, save for Faunaria.