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Altana Magnus
アルタナ マグナス (Arutana magunasu)

Altana Magnus.png

Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Race Human
Affiliation Arbitrator
Archive(s) Soul (Sacred Chest)
Thema(s) Life (Attribute)
Manga Chapter 117

Altana Magnus is a unique Heavenly Arbitrator. Her Sacred Chest is "Soul" and her Attribute is "Life". She has never been in Arbitrator Headquarters, and always seen observing the outside world especially Arata. It is unknown since when she has first appeared, because she's always been in the shadows and not only Aetheria is aware of her existence. This is highly due to her being on the earth most of the time instead of returning to the heavens.


Altana is unlike all other Arbitrators, she only seen to observe from outside world, she probably doesn't care about Arbitrator jobs. It is also shown that she's very curious especially since she set her eyes on Arata. As well she always laugh in amusement on nearly everything that amuses her considering her personality. She is also aware of all the Arbitrators. Due to her never been shown, Aetheria isn't aware of her existence. She is a very carefree girl. Her motives and goals are unknown. However she knows how to hide herself from others because she is always currently observant. As well as her laughter style makes her sound evil.


Altana has dark skin, her attire consists of a veil that covers her entire body and a ring around it on her head featuring dots around and in the middle of the ring a small-shaped jewel. She has a long unsteady hair. She has two more rings on each on her wrist hand. She also has another ring on the bottom of her body, that has ten dots connected. All these rings that she wears resembles expensive accessories.

Altana has black wings on her right side, and white wings on the left side which she uses to fly high distance.


Altana is first seen observing Arata and Harukage conversation from high distance in the sky, she laughs at amusement. She finds the "memory" of the Great Demon King interesting. She mentions her curiosity about him. Then she calls him a beloved Great Demon King. She boasts about herself to him if he can reach her level.


Arbitrator abilities[]

Altana is the Arbitrator of Soul, She never shown any of her powers at all, as an Arbitrator. She however possess unique wings, which she uses for flight allowing to fly very high distance, it is shown she can fly nearly one kilometer if not more in the sky, which allows her to observe what she wishes without being disturbed.

Her Attribute is Life, the attribute comes from her personality, which is twisted. Thus including her "Life" as well.

Being an Arbitrator she possess insanely magic power as well.

Other Abilities[]

Altana is a great observant and smart. She has enhanced eyesight, as she was able to see Arata and Harukage from a very far distance. She also possess great hearing, able to hear Harukage and Arata conversation when she was flying above Royal Biblia Academy, at a very high distance. She is very skilled in concealing herself, and can be said even one step ahead from Aetheria. While concealing herself she is able to work in the shadows, not even the Arbitrators know her nor notice her.


Royal Biblia Academy[]

Arata Kasuga - For unknown reason she finds him interesting, and very curious about him being the Great Demon King, upon observing him she laughs insanely. She also thinks if he has what it takes to beat her.


  • Altana appearance resembles Rudou Ayushi from the Trinity Seven Game. Having even the same face, and attire.