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Aetheria Akasha

Aetheria Akasha 1.png

Personal Info
Gender Female
Hair Color Yellow
Status Unknown
Race Human
Affiliation Arbitrator (Leader)
Magic Abilities
Magic(s) Arms Mastery
Archive(s) Decision (Sacred Chest)
Thema(s) Pride (Attribute)
Manga Chapter 77 (silhouette)
Chapter 112 (actual appearance)

Aetheria Akasha is one of the Heavenly Arbitrators. Her Sacred Chest is "Decision", and her Attribute is "Pride". She is the leader of the Arbitrators and the most powerful figure. Her pillar symbol is "Libra Seat" resembling a scale. She is also Arsha's mother. She used to be a Paladin mage, prior to becoming an Arbitrator.


Aetheria is a calm person all the time and can be kind despite the way she looks. She makes the most suitable decisions for everyone being the leader of the Arbitrators. She also knows all the activities of each Arbitrator. She is the one who told her daughter about the Demon Lord and the Trinity Seven. As the leader, she knows every Arbitrator abilities, this is demonstrated when she told Maris to use her projection sphere ability. She can handle jokes, but doesn't tolerate them for long. She is also very patient person, as she trained Mira by her own pace, however if there are emergency summons she would abandon the training, and return to her duties as the leader.

Due to her position as the leader she almost never leave the Arbitrator Headquarters, the only time she left was seen when she was training Mira outside (but still within the territory). She gets irritated upon any Arbitrator defy her orders repeatedly, such as Master Biblia who is carefree. She's also not above caring about a Heavenly Arbitrator missing, but still held a meeting for it. She also did allow a Trinity Seven to become an Arbitrator, however the latter she was forced to, since they were short on human resources. Just to increase the Heavenly Arbitrators. She shares some similarities with her daughter Arsha, such as being quite perceptive in both normal and rough situations, being quite cunning in battle and can predict mistakes. Harukage has mentioned that she has a tsundere side quite often.


Aetheria is women whom she rarely smiles due to her position as the leader, much similar to her daughter she has a long hair styled into drill twintails held together by dark ribbons.

Her attire consists of white long sleeved reaching till her hand which are colored white and black. She also wears a dark colored collar beneath her on her neck and on her belly. She wears a bottom skirt, keeping her dress on her chair. Her upper side of her skirt untucked and is dark short thigh-high shoes.

She also wears a pair of glasses all the time.


Not much is known about Aetheria, but at some point she told her daughter about the Trinity Seven and the Demon Lord. Before becoming an Arbitrator leader, she was a Paladin-class mage. Later when the Arbitrator system was formed till the current generation, Aetheria rose to the rank of being the most powerful mage there with everyone obeying her. She then became the leader due to her power and authority over all, as well as the Arbitrator of Decision. Making her the best suitable leader for everyone.


Aetheria welcomes Master Biblia, and thanks him for the candidate.

At Arbitrator Headquarters she held a meeting at Master Biblia welcoming to heaven, and speaks with Master Biblia when he asked about the missing Heavenly Arbitrator, she informs him, she hasn't seen her for years, and she is probably playing in the outside world. He later mentions that he only came to introduce new candidates for all the Arbitrators, as Mira, Akio and Selina show up. Aetheria then comments that since they are missing everything, she is glad that Master Biblia and Master Liber are back. She also welcomes the other three and thanks them for their entry. She then tells Mira to follow her and that her daughter told her to improve. Mira at first is confused when Aetheria mentions her daughter, informing Mira that Master Akasha is her daughter as in their world.

Aetheria explains the Nornil Giant Pillars danger.

Later in Yui's dream it is shown that Aetheria has been training Mira to improve her as a Hero candidate. Mira is later seen concentrating into her grimoire while Aetheria is reading a book. Aetheria then summons all the Arbitrators for an emergency meeting, by sending the Arbitrator messenger conveying a message. In the Arbitrator headquarters, it is revealed that the Goddess of Darkness and the Nornil Giant pillars are reviving. Instead of her explaining the situation, she orders Maris to explain to the survivors of the last war. Aetheria at first displeased when Master Liber yawns, then Maris obeys her. Maris uses her ability to summon a sphere that show images, explaining the details that one of the pillars of the Giant Nornil pillar has reaffirmed in their dimension. As well as they completed guidance to the Twilight Library against God by the world tree. At the same time as recognition more than 90% in the Twilight Library became a genus of Verzand. Aetheria explains that it's a tradition that makes the creatures of the predatory world into their own army. When Faunaria and Maris were arguing, that Faunaria can't win against them alone, Harukage mentions at the time, there was no strong human resources during the Great Magic War. As she glances towards Aetheria they both seem to agree.

Aetheria is shocked upon hearing that Arata is the Great Demon King.

As Harukage seems to know more about it, she says that there was a consultation for cooperation regarding the shortage of human resources in heaven, asking Aetheria to connect to it. Aetheria doesn't seem to like the idea as she have a bad feeling but she will listen anyway. As Maris was about to project it, instead Deus Trinity shows in the projection sphere, introducing himself to all the Arbitrators. Telling to all the Arbitrators that he will help them, however Aetheria inquires the kind of soul is his senior. Deus is at mystery by her question but is told by Radix that he once used to be the "Pride" Arbitrator. He tells Aetheria that him as a former Great Demon King, he'd help Arata who is now the Great Demon King, which shocks Aetheria. However she inquires him if there is any guarantee that he will fall into the evil goddess side. Smiling as he says that it's dangerous when facing the Goddess of Darkness, Aetheria simply then denies his so called help.

Aetheria denies Deus Trinity's help.

Aetheria is shocked when Deus Trinity destroys one of the Nornil Giant Pillar.

However Aries mentions that they have 0% survival rate for the Nornil Giants without Deus Trinity help. Confusing Aetheria to make a decision for help or not. When she glances over to Harukage she simply smiles. Though not entirely satisfied, as per her request the least he can do is to help the newcomers which he agrees. She then tells him to get rid of one of the Giant Nornil pillars, as he understands so. All of the Arbitrator witness his power via Maris projection sphere. As he easily destroys the advent of Versand waves, using Dante Cross to destroy one of Nornil Giant pillars and Nozomi-Versand. Aetheria is surprised that he was able to defeat such a pillar of god with such ease. Harukage comments that the research reports say it is possible to subdue one of the three pillars of Nornil Giants.

Aetheria orders the Arbitrators to move out.

Murakumo tells Aetheria that with only two pillars left, they can win, and beat the goddesses at once. Aetheria says though that everything is like a speculation of Master Biblia and Deus Trinity, besides she doesn't like it very much. Aetheria then finally orders all the Arbitrators to start moving to the Twilight Library, as well that the heavens will also do their best subdue the remaining two pillars of the Nornil Giants to the front.

She is later seen in the outside world with her fellow Arbitrators divided into two groups, she along with Maris and Faunaria ready to fight the gods.

Aetheria speaks to Arata.

Before the battle starts against Nornil Giant Pillar, Aetheria contacts Arata via a communication screen. She greets Arata, and introducing her identity as the leader of the Arbitrators, likewise he greets her, telling her that she looks very similar to Arsha. Aetheria thanks him but tells him that he has no modesty, as well as to leave those topics to her daughter, Arata is shocked that she is the mother of Arsha and that he is independent to her. Aetheria asks him if he knows the purpose of this battle, Arata answers after defeating the three pillars, the goddess Aryan will appear which they will fight her. She tells it's true however she doesn't know what Harukage has told him. Arata inquires that after the Arbitrators defeat the goddess a crisis will occur, upon hearing what Harukage has informed him Aetheria is not pleased, finding it as an insult to them Arbitrators and nothing more than nonsense. Arata says that he was surprised as well, Aetheria changes the topic back, informing her as for this battle only the Heavenly troops will fight, and Demon Lords don't need to interfere, he agrees so but says he will help if they get into any trouble. Aetheria tells him that she really hates that insolence of him and closes the communication screen.

Aetheria attacks using her Heavenly troops.

Aetheria later is seen ordering the Heavenly troops to attack the Nornil Giant Pillars unknown monsters, defeating them quickly. Aetheria watches from a communication monitor, Faunaria defeating them in quick succession because she can fly, however the problem lies within the kin who've fallen under water. She then requests Maris to increase the radius to 30 kilometers which Maris says that she treats them magicians very roughly. Maris then changes the ocean surface to ice by activating an ice barrier skill, making fighting on the surface should pose no problem. After the kin who have fallen under water is weakening due to the ice barrier, Aetheria orders her Heavenly troops to wipe out the rest. Then Faunaria mentions that they somehow can managed the first wave of Ulzwiad. Maris and Aetheria look up in the sky and Maris says that she's getting closer, Aetheria then is hit by a strange light along with all her Heavenly troops, Aetheria mentions that the defense mechanisms against brainwashing have been destroyed. Both Aetheria and Maris are surrounded by the brainwashed Heavenly troops, however Aetheria mentions this all falls within her expectations, she kills all of them with ease mentioning that harming her,

Aetheria warns the Arbitrators about Skald.

a wielder of the Arms Mastery, even if they are being manipulated a childish prank has gone too far. Maris assumes that as long as they are a 'thought' of weapons anyone can be freely manipulated, as she hasn't this magic in a while but rather finds it nasty. Aetheria agrees as she doesn't find it to be elegant.

Aetheria then contacts Faunaria and all the Arbitrators including their allies to tell them that one who takes absolute nothingness, the desire of despair "Skald" has begun to meddle with space-time.

Along with Harukage, she is seen fighting off the last Nornil Giant Pillar. After Arata and Deus Trinity destroy it, she along with the rest of the Arbitrators, Arin, Arata and Deus Trinity observe as it evaporates in the air. The Arbitrators troops celebrate their victory. Aetheria comments that's it's thanks to the Great Demon King Army and the Trinity Seven were a success. Harukage converse with her, saying that without them, this victory wouldn't have been possible. However Aetheria does admit that the heavenly army alone couldn't subdue the three pillars of the goddess's, and that she hates it, but she is grateful to them. Harukage teases her by calling her this is her so called tsundere attitude, Aetheria responds by glaring at her with annoyance. When Master Liber says to Murakumo that the reason why the goddess of darkness hasn't arrived yet, is that according to the concubine prophecy, there seems to be some time now. Aetheria hears this and tells the Arbitrator to take a rest, and she will contact Faunaria.

Aetheria along the other Arbitrators announces that the Goddess of Darkness has finally appeared. A sudden surge of magical power circle around them, and attacks them, injuring Aetheria. As well as the rest of the Arbitrator who managed to protect themselves, except Maris and Aries who were badly wounded. Master Liber transforms into her adult form, and protects herself. Aetheria decides to get serious, seeing the situation isn't like Nornil Giants. Harukage jokes around her, when they will be captured, which simply sighs at her. Aetheria decides to overturn the prophecy of the Great Demon King, and removes her glasses, she then connects to the Superbia Cloud Archive, using her most powerful move, to summon machines, vehicles, and airplanes. Ordering them to defeat the Goddess. Along with Harukage ultimate move. Faunaria is stunned at their moves. Suddenly the Goddess's arrive at their location, and both Aetheria and Harukage are being confined in black crystal.


Arbitrator abilities[]

Aetheria Sacred Chest is Decision, she can make the best decisions to all Arbitrators.

Aetheria Attribute is Pride, from the Superbia Archive.

Being the leader of all the Arbitrators, Aetheria has an enormous magic power.

  • Her magic is Arms Mastery, this magic allows her to control enormous amount of Heavenly troops. If they defy her she can force them to kill each other, either summoning weapons against them or use their own. She can summon infinite amount of blades.
  • Eternal Sword Conquest - Aetheria most powerful attack. It requires her to remove her glasses, and summons unlimited amount of various artillery weapons from ancient times to the future, that attacks the enemy from all directions.

Aetheria as well has the ability to open communication network to contact other Arbitrators, as well as observe them. She is also immune to mind manipulation and brainwashing.

Aetheria is the strongest Arbitrator ever there is. Having already passed Paladin-class mage and then the leader of the Arbitrators.

Aetheria can summon Arbitrator Messengers that she can send them to other Arbitrator for emergency meetings. Or use them for combat.

Other Abilities[]

Prior to the main series, Aetheria used to be a Paladin-class mage and the current headmaster, and later becoming an Arbitrator leader, meaning she is in a level beyond normal mage, it is unknown when she became an Arbitrator and raised to the rank as the leader.



Arsha - Being her daughter, she cares for her. When her daughter was enrolled in at Royal Akarsha Academy, Aetheria was a Paladin and the current headmaster, Arsha was determined to succeed her to be the next Paladin, eventually the next headmaster as well. At some point Aetheria told her daughter and Anna about the Demon Lord as well as the Trinity Seven fate (she wasn't introduced by her name as Arsha only refered to her as her "mother"). Also at some unknown point she was told by Arsha to train Mira to be a better Hero Candidate, and that she already trained her herself.


Master Biblia - Aetheria hates his company, since he is always outside playing and not doing his duties as an Arbitrator. She held an emergency meeting for all Arbitrators just because he returned to the heavens, since he was away for a long time. However she still needs him as they are short on hand even though she still dislikes him, she's did welcome him back though. He was even absent during their emergency meeting, on the other hand Master Biblia doesn't interact much with her but he is the one who brought the three new candidate, so at least Aetheria is a bit grateful of him.

Minamoto Harukage - Her Arbitrator pillar is just next to her, Harukage oftenly jokes around her. But she still gives her advices, the two of them get a long well, and Harukage never disobeyed her nor her orders. Aetheria sometimes brushes her jokes around and don't mind them. She is the only Arbitrator whom Harukage talks often to, hence both their pillar are next each other. Aetheria doesn't mind her company as well. However upon finding out that she said there is a traitor among the Arbitrators and will side with the goddess, Aetheria found the idea ridiculous for her to say such nonsense, much to her annoyance.

Faunaria Road - The both of them rarely speak with each other, but she does attend meetings and obey her orders, Faunaria almost never talked to Aetheria, but they seem in good terms as Aetheria never bothered with her, as she is doing her job well as an Arbitrator. Faunaria on the other hand only speak to other Arbitrators (especially Maris) instead because they know each other well. Other than that the two of them don't interact much.

Master Liber - Just like Master Biblia, Aetheria doesn't like Master Liber either (though not as much as Master Biblia) since she usually slacks in Arbitrator meetings but she does attend every meeting even emergency ones. She rarely speaks to Aetheria and sometimes nearly sleeps. Aetheria doesn't hate her, but dislike her attitude. Although Master Liber still obeys her orders. However because of Liber arrogance, and also one of the oldest Arbitrator, she can be considered the leader instead of Aetheria. On whims she does give advices.

Maris Stella - Maris is one of the few Arbitrators that completely obeys Aetheria's orders no question asked, Aetheria and Maris get along very well. That Maris immediately obeyed her order when she was ordered to project an image using her ability to explain to the other Arbitrators their situation. Even though they barely talk, Aetheria finds her a very useful asset to have there, she is one of the best to obey her all of her orders, even though they barely talk. But she attends all meetings no matter or where she is which pleases Aetheria.

Aries Cardia - Even though they rarely talk, Aries does give advices from now and then to all Arbitrators which let Aetheria make the best decision. She as well obey her and attend all meetings, this is demonstrated when a messenger Arbitrator came to inform her about the emergency meeting Aetheria has set for everyone, which she immediately understood and came without any delay. Her advices due to her ability is very useful to Aetheria. Aetheria doesn't mind her as with the same as Maris she is useful to the group.

Murakumo Amane - She does speak with her but it could be said that the least one, she doesn't do much there, only small comments such as "This will be fun" and getting excited upon hearing that there is new candidates wanting to meet them as soon as possible when Master Biblia came in. Since Murakumo only interested in fighting strong opponents and her lust for battle, she rarely speaks. However Murakumo does obey Aetheria orders and attend all meetings. Aetheria never talked or interacted with Murakumo, but she never said anything bad about her or mentioned her. Murakumo only commented that even with two Giant Nornil Pillars gone, they can win. Aetheria did agree and disliked it due to Master Biblia and Deus Trinity is in the plan. Other than the that Murakumo stays silent mostly.

True Hero[]

Mira Yamana - Mira is one of the candidate that Master Biblia brought with him. When Mira first saw her, she thought of a resemblances of Master Akasha, but Aetheria corrected her that she is the mother of her, much to Mira's surprise. As well she knew she is a Hero Candidate, as well as her daughter trained her to be a better a Hero Candidate. Aetheria then personally trains her herself. However due to the emergency that a Nornil Giant Pillar has appeared in this dimensioned she was forced to leave Mira, and attend an Arbitrator meeting.


  • Aetheria pillar is the only one that has a seat, designed with lions on both sides and goddess-like statue wielding a giant sword.
  • She is the only Arbitrator that never leaves her post, due to her being the leader. She only left the Arbitrator headquarters once to train Mira.
  • She dislikes those who disobey her, and likes those who obey her orders.
  • Aetheria shares similarities between her daughter Arsha and rivalry prior to becoming an Arbitrator.