Aeshma Slave & Fourth Gate
Lilith cover ch55 7M MA
Volume 13
Chapter 55
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age August 2015
Release Date July 9, 2015

Unlimited World & Theophania


Purely Emotion & Return King

Aeshma Slave & Fourth Gate is the fifty-sixth chapter of the Seven Magicians manga series, released on July 9, 2015 in Monthly Dragon Age August 2015 issue, and later compiled in the thirteenth volume on January 9, 2016.


Transforming into the Aeshma form, Lilith manages to protect Mira by overwhelming Astral's previous attack before the two resolve to continue fighting.

The commentators are surprised by Lilith's transformation into Aeshma using the Demon Lord Element within her despite the strain on her body. Nevertheless, they note that she must be serious in rescuing Arata.

Arsha analyzes Lilith's current state, detecting three dfiferent Themas: Abies, Fall and Vanitas. Anastasia-L comments that Lilith has become determined but questions her if she would leave the Demon Lord alone in the world. Lilith responds that she already understands the danger of allowing Arata into becoming the Demon Lord, dominating the Trinity Seven and destroying the world. As such, Ana desire to seal him and the Trinity Seven within the Library of Demise to spend together for all eternity. Although Lilith partially agrees, she nevertheless chooses to follow the path of magic, beliving in Arata that he will dominate even his fate, but Mira is still unsure of her choice. Regardless, the two teams decide to continue the battle. 

Levi Arin Hijiri garm ch55 7M MA

Unexpected Support

In the Breakdown Phenomenon world, Arin and Hijiri are still searching for Arata's location until Arin detects someone's magic. After using Arin's spear, the two arrive at the Library of Demise where they are confronted by several Garms. Unfortunately, Hijiri's body is at her limit, but suddenly the beasts are eliminated by Levi. Arin explains that she was unable to find Arata, but instead she was guided by another person who is revealed to be Akio in a spiritual form. Hijiri is surprised of their presence despite being defeated by Arsha, which the two explain they secretly feigned defeat:

During their battle against the Paladin, as Arsha is about to deal the final strike, Levi creates a fake body double before hiding in the shadows while Akio seperates her spirit from her body. As a result, the two appeared to have been defeated by the attack.

Arata Arin love ch55 7M MA


The two Trinity Sevens had decided to infiltrate the Akarsha's base since they were suspicious of their opponent's motives. Afterwards, the group decides to continue into the Library to rescue Arata using Arin and Hijiri's Chaotic Rune to break any seals. While venturing further, the four discuss the Lilith and Mira's match against Anastasia-L and Arsha, noting that they should quickly liberate Arata. Eventually, the party arrives at a large door which Hijiri and Arin easily destroys before discovering a sealed Arata along with his grimoires. However, the girls are then surrounded by a large number of knights, which Akio and Levi promptly begin fighting. Arin tries to continue but discovers Hijiri weakened after exhausting her magic. Nevertheless, Hijiri implores Arin to save Arata which the Trinity Seven accepts before reaching the seal. Upon expressing that everyone desires him to return, Arin declares her love for Arata which causes the grimoires to activate and release Arata from his seal. As the two embrace, Arata expresses his gratitude towards Arin before requesting the group to help him save Ana.



  • Continuing from the previous chapter:
    • During the match against Anastasia-L and Arsha, Lilith transformed into her Aeshma in order to protect Mira from Astral Trinity Seven's magic.
    • Arin and Hijiri, after arriving in the Breakdown Phenomenon world, attempted to search for Arata's seal conscience.
  • Upon arriving at the Library of Demise, Hijiri is surprised to discover Levi and Akio despite them being captured by Arsha in Backstage & Chrono Gemini
  • Arin, Hijiri, Levi and Akio storm into the Library of Demise to liberate Arata who was captured in Logos Mystery & Lost Master.
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